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  1. Which State/Province do you live in/come from? Ontario, Canada What makes your state special/different to others? Ontario is one of the thirteen provinces/territories of Canada, and is the province with the largest population (13.5 million), and is known for a variety of diverse landscapes that encompass the province's one million square kilometres (415,000 square miles). Ontario is home to the city of Toronto as well as the national capital of Ottawa, but also vast forest ranges and over 250,000 lakes. Ontario is connected to four of the Great Lakes, and is home to Niagara Fa
  2. Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling (Directorial Debut) Blue Collar See No Evil, Hear No Evil That being said, I would be just as excited to hear discussion about Superman III.
  3. Good episode guys, and apologies for the lengthy feedback. Regarding my question about your favourite of the film scores from last month’s roster, Ian recapped the scene from the Holiday, where Jack Black’s character (a film composer himself) performs a rendition of the “Driving Miss Daisy” theme, and recounts its importance in the history of film scores. Well, I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t point out the irony of this scene, as Composer Hans Zimmer wrote the music to Driving Miss Daisy, (something Black’s character points out), and Zimmer actually scored The Holiday. Zimm
  4. This was fun, thanks for this guys. I used to watch this as a kid, and (even then) I have always found that this show felt incredibly rushed. Upon rewatching it all these later, I’m realizing that this is probably because these episodes have pretty much wall-to-wall music. For a 20 minute episode there is probably 17-18 minutes of music, which is pretty outrageous. Especially when you compare this to other animated Superhero programs of the 90s, specifically STAS and BTAS. Speaking of BTAS, I always felt a large influence from that show on this Spider-Man series. Especially this fi
  5. I'd second this recommendation, and think it would be a nice change of pace for you guys. It is very recent, but I don't know of any TABHAL rules against that. Also, not that it is any incentive, but I too would provide feedback if you covered it. And I most certainly do not mean Email-Bot; that bit is tired.
  6. 'No Time To Die' release delayed from April to November Oof.
  7. Hop Fuzz The Doctor and the Devils The Beautician and the Beast
  8. Dalton as well - because he is simply the best.
  9. Favourite Featured Actor: Andy Serkis Favourite Review: North (Elijah Wood) Worst Movie Covered: Well, Wilsons, I had to think a long time to pick my worst picture of 'The Year of the Rings'.. about a tenth of a second. And, believe it or not, its the same one you chose.. its North. Favourite Jingle: Bob The Train "We Go Song" Most Anticipated Subject for Next Year: Michael Keaton or Daniel Day Lewis
  10. The Skeleton Twins, Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters. If you find the latter two too similar, you could throw in Welcome to Me.
  11. That definitely seems to be the case and is a great (and somewhat frightening) real world connection. And seeing as the episode plays out as it does, it can be assumed that the Watchmen universe is a universe without Donald Trump, as he now could not have been born in 1946.
  12. The Veidt characterization is very suspect, but I was willing to get on-board with it so long as we would eventually figure out what is going on and where exactly he is in time and geography. I do feel it has gone on too long, however. Now that we know he is Speaking of Lady Trieu, I like her inclusion to help represent Vietnam as part of the United States, but I will admit I find her plot and scenes to be fairly boring. Most theories about the show all circle back to her, however, so I am curious to see just how involved with everything she was. Regarding the representation of
  13. Okay, I'm glad someone else is watching the show now, because I am dying to talk about it! Some minor details you and Dan have pointed out in TMTM have come back in major ways.
  14. I did a double take, because I thought that was John Glover reprising his role as Lionel Luthor. But he looks great, along with everyone else in the photos
  15. I've been made! Okay, don't be mad... in my defence, the last episode was very late! Barely alive, and it didn't quite work. Apparently the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service (yes, thats a real thing, lol) and the local Police really don't appreciate 6 blood-filled balloons arriving and then promptly exploding in the local post office... The gesture is appreciated, but apparently Bio-Terrorism is not something you would want to be accused of. Which I now am. I'm currently in the waiting room for questioning at our Police Department (its in the back of a Tim Hortons). 01001001 0
  16. TMTM has quickly become my most anticipated show! Now, this could be because it is weekly and every Saturday I get a new fix, (whereas the Brothers Wilson string me along for a month), but I think more importantly it is because the subject matter and attention to detail is so thorough. This show is greatly helping me (a child of the 90s) have a greater understanding of some of the themes and their context that I may have never truly appreciated. I've always enjoyed Watchmen, but after listening, I can better understand why it is considered THE classic comic. On an aside, I have been watch
  17. I never would have thought of Paul Dano for The Riddler, which is annoying... because it makes perfect sense. I am very excited and interested by this! This is some clever For Better or Worse level casting. As for Jonah Hill; it was an interesting idea and he is a very talented actor, but the fact he may be out doesn't make me sad. Judging by the rest of this cast, they clearly are heading in a great direction.
  18. I agree. Especially regarding Margot Robbie's screen presence and abilities. I'm just unsure if the execs at WB agree that Harley deserves and can carry her own film without the safety net of a team or the Joker.
  19. As expected, this is looking like "Harley Quinn: The Movie". Granted, her name is in the extended title, but the Birds of Prey look they don't even need to be here. Makes me think they had a Harley Quinn solo movie script in the works due to her popularity after Suicide Squad, but they felt she wasn't strong enough to carry her own film, and therefore gave her a team (again) by merging it with the Birds of Prey script that was floating around. This is further driven home by the teaser posters released all featuring exclusively Harley. Visually, it looks very interesting though. Love the H
  20. Gods and Monsters Mr. Holmes Emile (or substitute for Apt Pupil)
  21. A History of Violence and The Road
  22. I really enjoy this series, and the rotating guest line-up! It was great to hear James again. Looking forward to the next one (whenever that may be).
  23. I really liked the first one, and this looks really promising.
  24. Good episode guys! I think my favourite fact about Armageddon is the fact that it is available on the Criterion Collection. An organization "dedicated to publishing important classic and contemporary films from around the world". Lol. Looking forward to next month guys.