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  1. This is quite eery
  2. Hey, I've got a crazy theory here. I know that they'll probably get rid of the Ganger Doctor, but what if the doctor we saw die in The Impossible Astronaut was the Ganger Doctor? It's Plausible enough that the Ganger Doctor would be able to Regenerate.
  3. SILENCE! If you don't want to crap yourself in fear (or don't like spoilers) DO NOT CLICK THIS!
  4. Has anybody heard about this happening? I live in NYC so i'm definitely gonna try to get into this!
  5. Not sure if i like that materialization. It's a bit to fast and it doesn't seem like there's gonna be enough time for that beautiful "wruuur wruur wruur."
  6. Wow, they're definitely going for something a lot darker this season. I'm excited. I can't wait to watch 11 interacting with Nixon, that'll be awesome. Also i was about ready to hear that little kid say, "Are you my mummy?"
  7. I saw it and i must say i was disappointed.
  8. Was that a new coat i spotted on Matt Smith?
  9. in the spirit of what was posted earlier i thought i post this link A fine chap! all of them
  10. They called her Georgina in that article.
  11. wow thats cool the doctor is engagd the doctors daughter!
  12. yeah i know that they didnt actually mean that you are my father, just saying what if