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  1. New season of Gintama, season 5 - Brilliant return, wonderful series, it punched Bleach, i'm happy. Also finished watching Super Robot Wars OG series 2, basically the bad guys get beat by the good guys using their super moves. Started watching Gundam 00, which is interesting so far but the dub is fairly atrocious so far.
  2. The one at Ouran High School? I'm still watching Bleach, thankfully the abominable climax with Aizen may be enough to keep me off the show for good.
  3. Interesting podcast, the picks for comics seemed a little unbalanced and odd. Two being classics seemed odd an unfair.
  4. There's at least one tekken anime and two live action films.
  5. I've been checking out the earth 2 podcats an I was drawn to this one as it covers a film I hate on principal without a need to watch. I can only say, good podcast, thank you for your sacrifice, may I suggest King Of Fighters as a film to review?
  6. Yeah, I got a little confused wen you first mentioned old enemies coming back. I don't want to think about either anymore. Been watching Baccano, haven't got far in but it looks like an interesting series. Not entirely sure what the plot will be about but it's got an interesting premise, with various imortals bording the same train for various reasons and things going horribly wrong. Also checked out another series called Eden of the East, another show which doesn't make sense yet, but has some promise.
  7. Post "Pain" arc spoiler: can't believe they brought back.those two, their ending wad brilliant, bringing hem back was just wrong. Bare in mind the nature of Aizens power and that we haven't seen his Bankai yet, I wouldn't put it past him to do such a thing.
  8. ...I still enjoy it, I'd just rather they didn't go in that direction. I do hope you're not refering to the Espada, because that would just be sad. I did the same with Naruto. 4 seasons of filler? No thanks. Anyway, Other stuff, mitsudomoe 2 had a wonderful power rangers parody with a full episode of Gatchi Rangers. SRWOG:TI had the craziest episode I've ever seen with Episode 15, the series is a very Tongue in cheek Mecha show. This episode, the Tongue was practically bursting through the cheek. It's absolutely ridiculous, but at least it knows it's ridiculous.
  9. igniz

    Episode 73

    The anime sub is available for free on Crunchyroll, tbh the anime sub may be easier to follow than the manga as it explains a lot of the references.
  10. igniz

    Episode 73

    Thinking about Shonen series (especially Jump), the need for Christmas episodes and all the raving about DBZ. I have to recomend Gintama as one you should both check out. It's a gag/parody series that's hard to explain, it parodies a lot of old manga/anime and shonen jump along with Japanese culture and some western. It features a lot of parody of DBZ, Eva, Gundam and is just amazing. If someone blended Scrubs, Samurais and Spaceships, you might get close to Gintama.
  11. igniz

    Episode 72

    Hello there, new listener Just finished listening to this episode and shuffle sounds like the kind of anime which really needs to be punched off the face of the earth with its creators kicked in the nads so they can't have babies. The Girl who could heal herself if she used her magic but doesn't want to because she wants to be normal, she sounds like Cyclops in Astonishing X-men where we learn he could control his powers but chose not to so he'd get sympathy.
  12. I did roughly the same as Knighwing, I watched upto around series 3 and just stopped when it hit the Bount arc. I've now skipped to the end with the fake Karakura town arc... Watched it, seen sone great stuff, but it's not ending and it didn't end an it looks like it could go on for another 10 years. Like Stavros, i shouldn't be watching it anymore, but I probably will at least for a bit longer, unless the anime goes into another filler arc.
  13. Thanks, After watching 100 odd episodes, there's no point quiting when it seems to be so close to a conclusion, though I do know it's not actually ending quite as soon as I'd like. Thinking about it, I would be following Naruto as well but gave up on the anime completely.
  14. But I don't even like the series that much, I just can't stop watching it for those odd great moments and just to see what happens. I like some of the characters, the plot is interesting if ridiculous, but I don't rate it that highly as a series :x
  15. Hello I'm new to Earth-2, having been informed of this places existance via the geekplanetonline panel talk and insideoutcast. I will be a listener to the animazing podcast soon. Just thought I'd jump in, this year I will be mostly watching: Gintama Bleach (sad but true) Super Robot Wars OG The Inspectors Mitsudomoe and hopefully some more mature stuff.