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  1. bobobob_100

    The Legend of Korra

    Just because it's in production doesn't mean we'll get it. Nick cancelled Zim even with episodes being ready the next day. I am hoping we see it though.
  2. bobobob_100

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    Why did reading that physically hurt me so much?
  3. bobobob_100

    The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    bobobob100 My hardest so far, Life of Brian vs. Dr Strangelove
  4. bobobob_100

    The awesome video thread an interview about doctor who that asks none of the hard questions
  5. bobobob_100

    First time you felt old

    it happened in such a short span of time i feel my life is moving like crazy.
  6. bobobob_100

    First time you felt old

    I've lived in georgia for 3-4 months, got a job, made real friends, and got married.
  7. bobobob_100

    What are you watching and enjoying?

    And a naked Laura Prepon, if only for one shot.
  8. bobobob_100

    Random video game thoughts

    Jet Set Radio is free on Playstation Plus members.
  9. bobobob_100

    The Lone Ranger

    Great piece, and just from this i think i will see it on dvd.
  10. bobobob_100

    Random video game thoughts

    I was weary of this game at first, after playing only a little of the third because i just got it, it didn't seem to bring much more to the table. Now however now O.O
  11. bobobob_100

    The "Good news, everyone!" thread

    In two weeks i will be moving to Georgia, I will be starting fresh, and I hope i will be happy.
  12. bobobob_100

    Episode 616

    So at the end of the "Revenge of the Sith" show are the two of you announcing the start of a new podcast covering the clone wars tv series?
  13. bobobob_100

    Happy Birthday, DW!

    Happy Birthday DW
  14. bobobob_100

    The Doctor Who thread

    Is it bad that I'm okay with waiting till December?
  15. bobobob_100

    The Doctor Who thread

    Well thank you for clearing that up Dan, i have been proven wrong on that.