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  1. Jessup all the way. Jessup utterly believes that he's right no matter what. He is an extremist through and through.
  2. I liked it, I thought it summed up the 11th's doctor time really well.
  3. Spoilers at the bottom: But I disagree with Dread, from the way I remember those post you made, you watch the first three episodes and didn't care for the show. I'll say the show has managed to improve from where it was last year.
  4. I have the novelization for The Dark Knight Rises, so here's an excerpt. "Maybe you do. But tomorrow that bomb's going off." She felt the blood drain from her face-there was no reason to doubt him. If anyone was capable of nuking an entire city for his own twisted purposes, it was Bane. Suddenly, she saw her future going up in flames, but she tried not to let on how spooked she was. "So? Get your 'powerful friend' on the case." Saving Gotham was Batman's job, not hers. She was just a thief, out to survive any way she could.
  5. To me it's least of a case of Reynolds being bankable and weather or not these are good movies. A star is only as good as the movies he or she is in.
  6. Well this is cool to me, and I will be looking forward to this.
  7. Arrow Season 2 trailer is online.
  8. I wouldn't say they stole from Batman Begins. I think that took the idea of leveling the glads from No Mans Land. Only in this they use an earthquake generator. While Meryln idea basically the same, he's coming from a much more emotional state. This plot point will most likely have lasting consequences throughout the show.
  9. I'm fairly new to the board, and a big fan of Doctor Who. I always wanted to see more of the 8th Doctor.