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  1. it wasnt bad but.. A) the CGI 'tash was terrible B) Snyder's wonder woman ass shots (my wife made a few comments) C) the Flash was fun but I just didn't see Barry I saw someone else that ran fast but not Barry. not even Wally really which was a bummer as Flash is my DC character oh well here's hoping 2 will be better still
  2. Great episode guys I was 23 when the movie came out. so I remember the show being off and those weird human/darlek things when Spielberg was supposed to be making the film. I remember the hype for the tv movie was insane over here in the UK. I never really got into the books or Big Finnish audios so I missed a lot of the controversy over mcgann being in or out of cannon etc.
  3. Thought i'd post this
  4. So Kat what's happening with the podcast is it available now or are you girls still working on it
  5. ooo anyone seen this yet???
  6. my brain has stopped working do i just go to the donate button at the top i remember something about adding PHP to the url but ive gone totally blank! help!
  7. Yeah i still have my vcrs i just don't have a player any more i bought the widescreen and my mother for some reason bought me the pan and scan versions for christmas, that was an awkward conversation christmas morning especially as i turn 40 this year
  8. Arrgh now i've had to go back and listen to all of your star wars eps (they're all great BTW) when i promised i wouldn't subscribe to more of your podcasts, i'm running out of hours in the day! and does anyone know if the original versions are still about?
  9. Great episode guys i'm half way though so far but thought i'd share this as you two obviously need more t-shirts
  10. this is from wikipedia so not sure if its 100% but makes sense "Filming Several scenes from this episode and "Silence in the Library" were filmed at Swansea's Brangwyn Hall. These include the library reception area where the TARDIS arrives, and the staircase where the Doctor and Donna look out over the empty library. The climactic scenes of the episode (in the library core) were filmed in an electrical substation of a disused Alcoa factory in Waunarlwydd, Swansea.[7] Other scenes were filmed at the Old Swansea Central Library[8] Scenes set with CAL's Databanks were filmed at Dyffryn Gardens, St Nicholas.[9] The wedding dress Catherine Tate wears in this episode is the same dress she wore in "The Runaway Bride".[7]"
  11. Ah ha its seems to have stopped did you find out what happened?
  12. Great episode again guys i found this thought you'd like
  13. Arrgh i cant attach it (im not very good on forums )but the url is hope that helps
  14. Hi All sorry if this has been posted but i wasn't sure where to put it or even if its something to do with you guys but i have a shortcut to the BOTI forum on my google homepage and when i click it i get a strange page about then if i close the tab and click the shortcut again it opens fine. Any ideas?? Thanks malcolm