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    Episode 09

    You are not alone!! Hi Ian, Frando back to tell you I am still enjoying your podcast. I am sure I am not the only one. "Weapon" is such an all over the place story that it is hard to take. "Horizon" is a much better realized story. As always you and Dave do a great job. I sent some feedback to you and it never arrived for "Orac". So if you want offical feed back, might want to reply here with offical feedback address so I can get through. regards, Frando
  2. Frando

    Episode 06

    Thanks for the nice reply Ian. i am a bit (I suspect) older than your average listener. I am 58 and have been in comic and sci fi fandom since the seventies. I live in Denver Colorado. One of my fondest memories is a Doctor Who Convention I attended here in Denver way back in 1982 where Jon Pertwee and Liz Sladen (God rest their souls) were the guests of honor. The convention was a marathon and the two of them were almost required to be on stage the whole of it. They managed to remain friendly and approachable through it all. The succcess that Doctor Who had on the local Public broadcast station at that time was the reason the same station decided to broadcast Blake's 7. I somehow never picked up on Blake's 7 being shown till a good friend of mine mentioned it to me. By the time i actually got to see the show, the station was in fact showing the last two episodes of season 4! Luckily for me, the response to the show was so favorable the station reran the series again from the beginning about 6 weeks later and I thus had a chance to watch the whole thing. Blake's 7 has always been one of my all time favorite series as it is unique in that it is really the only science fiction series I can remember that focused on the characters and how they related to each other as the primary focus. The fact the series was character driven made up for the often bad (even by Doctor Who standards) special effects. Opps I am rambling on here LOL..regarding the DVDS i have, alas they are a set i bought on ebay and are a Canadian printing which i am not sure is still available, as you noted the series has never been released on DVD on the US. warmest regards, Frando
  3. Frando

    Episode 06

    Hi Ian and Dave Thanks for your great Blake's 7 podcast. I appear to be a unique listener in that I am an American who not only has seen the series, but has all the episodes on DVD. It has been a good ten years since I last watched the show and am having a blast watching them again as you review them. Looking forward to hearing the big season one wrap up next time. Keep up the great work. Frando (My first email to a podcast!)