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  1. Well, it wasn't quite as good as Hoop Squad or Kareem's cameo in Airplane, but I still have defend Kazaam as the best movie starring an NBA player as a genie. Anyway, it was a lot of fun reminiscing about the Power Rangers and learning about Zubaz.
  2. I really enjoyed Action Comics #1 because I am a college student and found this Clark very relatable. I think if I had his powers I'd act just like him. The one thing that bugged me was the fact he didn't have a laptop. I'm a journalism student and everybody has a laptop, even the poorest of us. Nobody "calls in" stories anymore, it's all on computers now. Other than that, it was a fun and refreshing comic and I'm excited to watch Clark grow into the Superman we know and love.
  3. I wonder if Green Lantern will make a giant lawn mower in JL #2.
  4. It's working now! Thank you! Can't wait to hear about the Great Brain Robbery!
  5. So I'm late to the game, but I've almost finished World's Finest Podcast. I'm on episode 97, but I can't download or stream it through iTunes or this site like I used to be able to. This is so sad because I was so close to finishing!
  6. I actually couldn't make it through the whole podcast. I love Harry Potter and I love the idea you have here, but please try to speed things up. You don't need to quote every single line from the film — everyone's who's listening has seen the movie a hundred times already. But anyway, please keep it up! I'm looking forward to Chamber of Secrets!
  7. I guess you could say Magneto is selfish and doesn't want to share his awesome helmet with anybody else. But you really can't take First Class too seriously as a prequel to X-Men because of all the continuity errors. Like Xavier explaining how he and Magneto built Cerebro, when really Hank McCoy built the whole thing by himself. He's also surprised to discover that Magneto had found a way to block him in X-Men. I guess you could explain this by saying Charles accidentally wiped some of his memories when he was erasing Moira's. That's not too big of a stretch, is it? I did have one question, though: Why did Shaw explode after he was killed? He absorbed a butt-load of energy and that energy has to be released somehow, right?
  8. Yes, I do smoke cigars while I brush my teeth.