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  1. No, Dan and I are right . X-men was bad. No offense.
  2. Does any one know if there is a difference between the two systems? With iBooks does it go panel to panel? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the kind words everyone that has posted so far :-) The show was really good. Welcome to the board by the way Rob, but I have to disagree. Extreme Ghostbusters in my opinion wasn't that good. It was the PC version of Ghostbusters and what I remember of it it made my feet sad. BUT I will give it another look, just and keep a open mind :-)
  4. Thanks a ton! I am really happy to be here :-)
  5. What does people think of Silver Nemesis? Is that a good pick up?
  6. I have a very very tiny collection. I have Rememberance of the Daleks, one of my all time favorite classic Doctor Who stories, and most of the rest on VHS, I am trying to get my brother to post his collection. I also have all of Tennant, and of course the 9th doctor as well. The 7th doctor was really my doctor, so I am trying to get all of his stories. Other then Daleks does anyone else have any other DVD suggestions? -Jonathan
  7. I just wanted to say, that I love the show, and that clip show was amazing. I used to work in editing and I know how hard it is to do, so GREAT JOB!!!!!!! -Jonathan