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  1. Welp, they just confirmed Shulk on the web site. So looks like the leaks are true....... DUCK HUNT DOG!!!!!!
  2. I really don't want to give my hopes up for this as I know there's still a very strong possilbity it's fake, but the idea of playing as or beating up the Duck Hunt dog is just so awesome. I really hope it's true.
  3. Wasn't sure if I should post just the trailer or the kickstarter web site of this, but this is suppose to be the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness if it receives the funding it needs. I kinda hope it does, although that would mean I'd actually have to buy a Wii U just for this game as I usually don't buy PC games. Either way I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this?
  4. For any former Oratory folks on here who use to participate in their RAW threads, they're having an old school RAW thread this Monday and are giving out all sorts of prizes just for being in the thread. In case anyone around here wanted to know.
  5. Tetris on the Nintendo DS. I can't Online going on it right now, but it's still so much fun to play.
  6. Dead Rising. I enjoy the game, but never know what to do thanks to the stupid small dialogue letters and everyone always calling me when I have a zombie munching on my tail.
  7. I remember Dubs doing a listed column with that game making number two. Nice to now see what he was talking about.
  8. World of Goo: Got stuck on a stage awhile back and came back to it recently. Mostly played some of the earlier stages on OCD and messed around with the Goo Factory. Will try to beat that difficult stage later. Lit: For eight bucks, definitely a fun little game even for all it's annoying little flaws. Resident Evil 5: Thankfully I tried the demo before hand, otherwise I might really have been disappointed by this. The games still good, but no where near as good as RE4.
  9. I think I'm finally gonna give up on trying to beat a Ninja Gaiden game(NES versions). I keep giving up and coming back to it later, but I always get stuck on one of the last stages.
  10. Got my hands on both Siren and Fatal Frame 3 off of a gamefly subscription. Am really enjoying Fatal Frame. HATE Siren.
  11. Dead Space- Not sure why I never went for this game sooner since it's got similar play mechanics as RE4, which I absolutely loved. Stomping on creatures(and human) limbs is really fun to do and the different types of weapons you can use are really cool. I also love being able to aim & walk, which I wish they had implemented into RE5.
  12. Not sure if it's really that good. But it's certainly unique(to me anyway).
  13. Ah man. I started a new game in Castlevania and decide to take a different pathway. Only to find out they reroute me back to the same path I went before. Oh well. Least I got the speedy guy instead of Alucard.
  14. Castlevania 3- Man, Alucard sucks in this gane. I don't remember much about this game, but I'm hoping I can run into one of the other characters and discard him quickly as I can't stand his attacks. Games still fun though and I'm sure the branching pathes wiill have me playing it for awhile.
  15. That was a great game, but I could never get past the fucking grim reaper in the second to last stage. :grumble:
  16. World of Goo on wii-ware. I can't believe I'm enjoying the downloadable content on the Wii more than most full priced games.
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  18. About to beat Castlevania 2. After this I'm either gonna jump into Silent Hill 3 again or one of the few Wii games I haven't beaten yet.
  19. Mega Man & Bass:(GBA) Christ this game is hard. Anyone ever beaten this before?
  20. On a huge SNES kick right now with the following games. Soul Blazer: The story is pretty bizzare, but it's still a pretty entertaining game. Super Punch Out: I use to adore this game. Now it's so easy that it's kind of dull. Legend of the Mystical Ninja: Always had a soft spot for the Mystical Ninja games. However, it made me wish I had Gradius with the mini game you can play of it. UN Squadron: I still suck at this game.
  21. Wow, most of what I've read about NMH has been pretty good. I demand a review of it. The reviews are very mixed actually. I personally really enjoyed the game, but I can definitely see where a person would flat out dislike it.
  22. I've been playing a ridiculous amount of old school NES and SNES games. Started playing Super Metroid, which I finally beat. Then I played Link to the Past, got stuck and stopped. Punch Out, but keep getting whooped by either Bald Bull or Mr. Sandman. Now I'm playing Soul Blazer for the first time really. Which my older brother has owned for awhile, but I've never really had the chance to play. It's actually not that bad of a game.