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  1. Kenny Evil

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Bill mantlo (creator of rocket raccoon) could probably do with a few bucks if you can spare any.
  2. Kenny Evil

    The first movie you were too young to see

    Saw Alien on TV when I was 7 and the chestburster scene really got to me. Also, think I was 9 or 10 when I saw Robocop 2. Most of the violence in that film is ridiculously cartoonish but the scene where they chop RoboCop to bits and then dump the remains outside of the Metro South station really got to me.
  3. Kenny Evil

    The Doctor Who thread

    Everything that Dan and Mike have recommended so far is great. The Chimes of Midnight is a pretty spooky story. Davros is a pretty great Sixth Doctor tale that delves into Davros' history.
  4. Kenny Evil

    The leisurely comic discussion thread

    IDW is adding 9 dark judges for their Judge Dredd series. I think this is a misstep on their part. The four Dark Judges are like the original nWo and it feels like the 9 they're adding are like Buff Bagwell and Stevie Ray.
  5. I have a copy of MiracleMan: The Golden Age signed by Neil Gaiman and the Absolute Watchmen signed by Dave Gibbons. Both have to be worth a bit. Not house buying money, but certainly very nice meal and drinks money.
  6. Kenny Evil

    The Doctor Who thread

    Put this in the leisurely comics thread, but also thought it deserved a place here. Cliff Robinson commission of a Judge Dredd/Doctor Who crossover
  7. Kenny Evil

    The leisurely comic discussion thread

    Commission by Cliff Robinson, an artist who did a lot of work on Dredd in the 80s and still provides covers and strips to this day. It's a shame IDW lost the license to Doctor Who as they're the only people who could have pulled this off and I would really love to see this story.
  8. Kenny Evil

    The Doctor Who thread

    SFDebris covered it a few months ago and really nailed why I didn't like it. It's a bad story filled with seams of really good ideas. I also rewatched Children of Earth a few months ago and it sadly didn't hold up. There were some great moments and the ending was bleak and heartbreaking, but there was also a lot of crap and stupidity in it. That final episode though was superb, from Gwen's opening monologue to Jack's heartbreaking decision.
  9. Kenny Evil

    Buffy Retrospective

    Despite the fact that Bad Eggs is an bad episode, the opening is actually a perfect Buffy short film. I've always seen that as a quick way to test if someone's going to like the show or not.
  10. Kenny Evil

    Batman '66 is coming to DVD!

    I wish this was around 5 years ago, my godson would have loved it. He really loved the Adam West movie and the Nolan films were just too dark for him.
  11. Kenny Evil

    The Doctor Who thread

    Stephen Moffatt goes to the January sales
  12. Kenny Evil

    The leisurely comic discussion thread

    I think you mean "The Original Writer"
  13. Kenny Evil

    The Doctor Who thread

    Radio 4xtra is broadcasting the pyramids of mars starting tonight
  14. Kenny Evil

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    I can and I will!
  15. Kenny Evil

    The Doctor Who thread

    Also, Big finish have the Nicholas Courtney memoirs on sale for £2.99 for the next 48 hours.