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  1. That's it. That's definitely a sign that Monarch is in the 50th Anniversary. He's gonna steal all the silicon in the universe.
  2. You leave Four to Doomsday alone It was my second story. I know it's not great, but as soon as I finished watching it, I knew that I couldn't back down from watching Doctor Who if it was gonna be that batshit insane. And I love the cricket ball in space.
  3. I'm ashamed of you two for forgetting that the floating cities were a reference to The Mutants. Have you forsaken Cotton and left him to fade into obscurity? Tut tut.
  4. Attack of the Clones is, along with Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, the only movie I remember next to nothing about.
  5. Stovepipe here, just to prove that I do listen to other Earth-2 shows. And now the one thing that took me out of the otherwise excellent Genesis of the Daleks. I couldn't unsee it and now you can't either: Anyway, I was only a 9 years old when The Phantom Menace came out. I think my only reason for seeing it then was "it's Star Wars. It's popular." I think I liked it then(????), but... yeah, I'm just gonna flat out admit that I listened to the show hoping that you guys would tear the movie a new one, and you certainly didn't disappoint!
  6. When you've been on Tumblr as long as I have, you become numb to "feels". The word, that is.
  7. I regret to inform you guys that Colin Baker was just voted off I'm a Celebrity after acquitting himself so well for two weeks. He was truly the best part of an otherwise awful show.
  8. Homestuck's a pretty big pie to chew and, as some of my friends can attest, has a pretty fervorous fandom.
  9. I'm gonna kick the Reaper in the nuts.
  10. I knew I should've sent in an email. Until then I guess I'm still standing alone in the I Like The Smugglers Club.
  11. You can count me in as thinking The Curse of Fenric is a classic. What version did you guys watch?
  12. I dunno who said it, but I think Pertwee was actually told to play the Doctor as himself. Before Doctor Who he was more known as a comedic actor. I think.
  13. Just curious: Why isn't Pertwee a very good actor? Because I remember you saying he was at least once.
  14. Worzel Gummidge is awesome.