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  1. TheRetreater

    PS3 news

    it just seems that the sony launch is going more and more poorly as time goes on. My current perception of it is much worse than I ever thought it would be.
  2. TheRetreater

    PS3 news

    The best buy at my house had a sign taped to the entrance reading "Yes, we still have PS3 in stock"
  3. I couldn't stand the show when it first came out, but the G4 reruns somehow manage to be on my tv as background noise as I'm doing other stuff. I am entertained by it but almost worried if I made it a point to watch it again, like when it first came out, I would lose interest again.
  4. TheRetreater

    PS3 news

    I am actually laughing. Along with feeling sad about humanity. And the dog, I'm sad about the dog.
  5. X was as much a movie as Spirits Within was. Given it was a good and entertaining movie, even more so the SW (since SW could really only show the "final chapter" of what could have been a full fledged game while still being a movie) but still, the ease and cuts and everything really made it feel like a movie
  6. YES thank you, IX is the best. people always try to tell me ten or seven. well, IX is the best of the Modern Era FF
  7. Of course, Back to Nature is the only version (i'm aware of) that I haven't played
  8. I think a wonderful life is the best HM game so far... though HM64 was better in its time. I don't understand why they made Another Wonderful Life but i still love A Wonderful Life and play it now and again. It fits in with Spider-Man 2 as games I play when I don't know what I want to play.
  9. I've just started getting into Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. I'm completely hooked and now want to play KH (even more than I already did). Of course it also makes me eagerly await KH2, so I hope my roommate or my microsoft-zombie-turned-sane gets it.
  10. TheRetreater

    PS3 news

    well, alot of sony/xbox multiplatform action but Nintendo is just starting to get a grip on 3rd parties again. I know there have been times my Nintendo Whore loyalties have been tested by games that come out on everything else. Given I feel their first party games more than make up for it, and thus I'm still owned by nintendo.
  11. TheRetreater

    PS3 news

    are there sony "die-hards?" I know there are nintendo whores, I know there are microsoft zombies, and I know that there are people who hate either one of them for various reasons, but I've never really come across someone who struck me as a die-hard for sony.
  12. Fun link I found on Game Girl
  13. its all just leading up to the next Human Torch/H.e.r.b.i.e. fiasco ten years from now there will be one for us to look back at and leak a little more soul down our pantleg of hindsight asininity of it all
  14. Exactly The Steve. Controlling a kid in that respect is completely possible. There have been many times I've had to turn off TV shows because a kid much younger than me informs me that their parents don't let them watch a show. Rugrats is always the example that stands out in my mind. yeah it is a kid show but it really did a terrible job in the educational and manners teaching side of things. Make a point to get involved and it will work on at least some level. In the same way, if you ever watch your kid play games you are bound to find them playing something in poor choice, if they
  15. I almost feel like this should end with a plug for Nintendo, especially since i'm a complete nintendo whore. And of course, in my mass experience with kids, that's the type of parent who tends to get the rowdy kid and blames it on whatever medium is handy. That is the type of woman I expect saying the quote I picked out. Points for optimism: Mad props to the clerk who tried to express his opinion.