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  1. World of Warcraft, thats right, I am a huge nerd.
  2. TheSteve

    PS3 news

    I am current PS2 owner. But honestly, I am looking at switching loyalties to Nintendo when the revolution comes out. I don't have the money to drop half a grand to a grand for a video game, I have trouble getting myself to buy games for $50 instead of waiting six months so they are only $20, and even then I buy them used. Sony is nuts if they think ANYONE is going to pay that much. None of the gamers I know can afford it, and no parent is going to shell out a grand when next to the PS3 on the shelf is a $200 Revolution and a $350 360. Especially since most games are multiplatform these da
  3. Awesome link. And awesome Blog post.
  4. So let me get this straight... if it happened in a video game that I play its not my fault? If we can equate video game reward systems to real world crime and punishment I suppose we can also equate it to other things... after all by the same reasoning used in the court case the makers of Paperboy should be recieving pay for job training. It all comes down to one thing, people are responsible for THEIR actions. Video games are not a mind control device, they are entertainment. If you are not able to discern between actually shooting a police officer and aiming with a directional pad and
  5. Kudos for Logan for being a better parent than the people who gave birth to the kids.
  6. I totally agree with carding people for video games, especially if it is done universally. If the ratings are going to mean something besides an advisory, make them mean something. Who cares if you have something rated M if anyone can purchase it, its not going to hurt sales. From a gaming industry point of view the M rating is probably a good thing because it makes them look edgier and makes kids want it more, expecting a GTA experience. If nationwide there are laws about how old you need to be in order to purchase a ticket for a movie, or purchase a movie, or smoke cigarettes, or drink
  7. Been doing a bunch of Warcraft III on Battlenet. And although it makes me a total tool, I have been doing a bunch of the custom games on there with building uber heros and the like. As well as getting my butt whooped as Humans. Also periodically looking over at the PS2 and being so torn by what to play that I end up playing Warcraft III.