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  1. Rjoyadet

    Every comic you've read in 2019

    I am sorry, as well. Mighty Jack and the Goblin King (Ben Hatke) - A retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk. In this version Jack went to the Giant to rescue his kidnapped sister. He does not get a fortune from the giant nor is he the one that kills the giants (could have been the girl that followed him). The epilogue was just like a after credits stinger from an MCU movie.
  2. Rjoyadet

    Every comic you've read in 2019

    Dragonball Z : That time I got reincarnated as Yamcha - The credits list someone named "Dragongarow Lee" as the person that did the story and art but I am convinced the art was Akira Toriyama (or some very brilliant copycat). I like how the unnamed protagonist (U.P.) was in a universe that was drawn in a different art style than the DBZ universe. "Yamcha" cheats by anticipating future events in the story, giving him a power level of over 10,000, but never got into a relationship with Bulma and still loses her to Vegeta. The ending is a bit of a cop-out and you don't feel like the protagonist is any better off. However there is a moment where U.P. is in his universe and gets a moment of confidence when he thinks he has the strength of Yamcha.
  3. Rjoyadet

    What You've Read Recently

    Paperbacks from Hell, Grady Hendrix: This was very similar to his blog Freaky Fridays where he would talk about strange paperbacks. I enjoyed the new things he brought, like the story about the book that won him over (which sounded a lot like the movie that was covered in Tranquil Tirades: 63). I especially like how the book is regularly segmented with sections showcasing artists and the wonderful artwork, that was often the best part of the paperback. I found his conclusion to what caused the bubble to burst to be believable.
  4. Rjoyadet

    Happy birthday Koete!

    I hope you had a happy birthday.
  5. Rjoyadet

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    I agree. I enjoyed it immensely. Saw it twice already. I know I would not have enjoyed it as much as I did if @dc20willsave didn't share the story of the disaster that was the Chinese Avatar knockoff "Empires of the Deep." I wonder if the production crew took some ideas from the trailer.
  6. Rjoyadet

    The Doctor Who thread

    I hope that they continue with the joke of the doctor being suspicious of sheep. I hope there is a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover where Graham and Ryan meets Ensign Riley.
  7. Rjoyadet

    The "Good news, everyone!" thread

  8. Rjoyadet

    Episode 27: Santa's Slay

    I want to add a Thank you as well. I remember listening to this episode while taking a walk in a snowstorm, with the cold and the wet I still found listening to it being a respite from the low I was feeling at that time.
  9. Rjoyadet

    Weird Dreams

    I have been having frequent ocean dreams. One time I even stood on the beach and summoned a large wave. The trailers for Aquaman are infecting my subconscious. And I couldn't be happier.
  10. Rjoyadet


    I thought I saw Daryl Hannah in the trailer but I think it was just Nichole Kidman. I showed this trailer to my sister and she loved the look of Jason Momoa "much more than the prissy look the old one had......no offense."
  11. Rjoyadet


    A few days ago, I was told it was the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor. An event I never learned about in school.
  12. Rjoyadet

    Happy Birthday Hannah!

    Hope you had a happy birthday.
  13. Rjoyadet

    Favorite alternate costumes

    yes, they wanted to be Spider-Man but not a Spider-Man who was mainstream. It wouldn't surprise me if that kid becomes a full fledged hipster in a couple of years.
  14. Rjoyadet

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    You're right.
  15. Rjoyadet

    Happy Birthday Hannah!

    Have a Happy birthday.