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  1. Rjoyadet

    Weird Dreams

    I have had that come up in dreams, except it is not an office but a wooden mansion and when I go inside the floor gets creakier until I am on a narrow stairway over deep falls.
  2. Rjoyadet

    Super Smash Bros. 2014

    I wish the Skifree monster was a playable character.
  3. Rjoyadet


    All the best.
  4. Rjoyadet

    The Doctor Who thread

    I agree with you.
  5. Rjoyadet

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    I cannot remember.
  6. Rjoyadet

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    I remember in "Better in the Dark" Tom and Derrick mentioned that the disaster scenes were so elaborate that they would hum Raymond Scotts "Powerhouse."
  7. Rjoyadet

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    Halloween (2018) : I was hoping for it to be good. I did not expect it to be that good.
  8. Rjoyadet

    The Doctor Who thread

    The last ten minutes of that episode was amazing. I wish Roy and Elizabeth Peratrovich were mentioned.
  9. Rjoyadet


  10. It is so confusing that when A coworker gave me Halloween 3: season of the witch, 4,5 and Curse of Michael Myers made more sense. My head cannon asked what if Colonel Cochranes megalithic microchip magic massacre was stage 1? Stage 2 was to bring Myers into that world, which also brought Loomis by extension. That is how he went from being an escaped maniac to being this almost diety figure to that weird cult.
  11. Rjoyadet

    Star Trek: Discovery

    As much as I appreciate S.T.D. replacing Mister Spock with a bearded Paul McCartney, All it does is give me a nasty reminder that it will be a cold day in sheol before my dad will enjoy an episode of Star Trek with me. I won't be surprised if the red angel somehow is connected with the CBS access show about Jack Parsons.
  12. Rjoyadet

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    I wish they included the money supermarket ads. https://m.imgur.com/Qac08DZ
  13. Rjoyadet

    Weird Dreams

    I rarely have night terrors but an episode ruined my sleep last night. A loud noise woke me up. I felt too terrified to move. I remember trying to tell myself it was all a waking nightmare. That didn't work so I began to pray and got my Bible and read a verse I had underlined. I could sense the ... eh whatever it was that was terrifying me nope out of my room. That gave me enough confidence to see if the loud noise really was an intruder. I used a trophy as a weapon, bad choice, good thing nobody was there. Sometimes I write or illustrate my dreams on index cards. I looked at mine and they were illegible scribbles. My memory of writing them made me decipher the following "Night" "Exploding head syndrome" "Why does this (illegible) obscenity terrify you" "it's (illegible) unstoppable" "fear the night mare" "night man"
  14. Rjoyadet

    The Doctor Who thread

    I do not know how to link Twitter posts, so I screen capped a tweet showing how exposure to the TARDIS has turned Wendy Padbury's eyes more blue.
  15. Rjoyadet

    What You've Read Recently

    I wish I knew who I wanted to thank them.