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  1. Rjoyadet

    The Doctor Who thread

    I do not know how to link Twitter posts, so I screen capped a tweet showing how exposure to the TARDIS has turned Wendy Padbury's eyes more blue.
  2. Rjoyadet

    What You've Read Recently

    I wish I knew who I wanted to thank them.
  3. Rjoyadet

    What You've Read Recently

    Hey @Dread did you write a review about Ryan Holidays Conspiracy? I remember you getting upset by it, and for that I wanted to thank you. I was curious about reading it but your warning helped me realize that I had to put my mind on guard because it will throw jabs at me.
  4. Rjoyadet

    If I Ran Star Trek, part one

    I miss seeing Star Trek as a western. I still get excited at the end of Star Trek VI when the Enterprise flies off into the sunset. If there was a Khan show I would like to see what happened after Space Seed and watch the events of Ceti Alpha. Maybe there could be a time where Khan wanted to live off the land but the earworm that killed McGyvers sent him into a rage. I am seeing him keeping the earworm in a jar near him as he is sending out orders to build weapons. Going from hunting tools to firearms to explosives to nuclear. Maybe he hears faulty information that lets him believe that Kirk is on Ceti Alpha VI and orders the bombs to go off. The disaster turns Ceti Alpha V into a wasteland and all the time he keeps the jar and blames Kirk.
  5. Rjoyadet

    RIP Jacqueline Pearce

    Rest in Peace killer queen.
  6. Sounds like a good idea. I call the s6 Episode 7 of Doctor Who "A good man goes to war" Doctor Who and the Empire Strikes Back.
  7. Every time I read how Poe has toxic masculinity I am reminded of middle school. Whenever the girl classmates were fawning over a singer or actor, a guy I knew, would always interject "I heard he's gay!" I can see a grown up version of him calling Poe toxic masculine in the hopes that it was like calling someone gay in the 90's. ... that experience clouded my judgment, all I see is jealousy.
  8. Rjoyadet

    New Tournament

    ....Ohhhhh!!! Very clever. I have a suggestion that I want @The Master to answer. Old man Hal Jordan vs. Lord Zedd.
  9. Rjoyadet

    What You've Read Recently

    Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero. If Edgar Cantero turns out to be Alex Hirsch, in disguise, I would not be surprised. Meddling Kids is not a book, it is a nostalgia gateway drug. However unlike Ernest Cline, I didn't feel like I had the nostalgia waved in front of me. You can enjoy it without knowing the references and homages. Researching the book has made me realize that I missed most of the references in the story. I was just happy that I realized the Arkham Asylum jailbreak "Werewolf" was a reference to Lovecraft rather than Batman. I was going to call this "what the Scooby Doo movie should have been" because watching those films always made me feel like the creative team behind the movie hated the series. Meddling Kids celebrates the books and shows it is based off of. Having a group of four misfit kids using elements from their childhood to battle an eldritch abomination. At the same time the characters are not the starry eyed dreamers they once were. One is a crestfallen drunk, one is a fugitive, one is committed, and the other committed suicide. The only "normal" character is the dog, who is the great grandson of the original detective team. There are unanswered questions and parts open to interpretation. Like is the crazy one really seeing the ghost of his dead friend or is he hallucinating? That only makes it fun. I really enjoyed it.
  10. Rjoyadet

    Weird Dreams

    Had a dream my father was wearing a bathrobe and slippers chasing a recycle truck (that looked like an ice cream truck) yelling at them in perfect English calling them "thumb suckers!!!"
  11. Rjoyadet

    Football - of the soccer variety

    I like how the Fifa played Ennio Morricone's "The Ecstasy of Gold" as the entrance music.
  12. Rjoyadet

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    Does the fact that I instantly understood this joke mean that I have dedicated too much head space to "Prometheus?"
  13. Thank you, Was this an actual dinosaur, or is there an ambitious potterhead pulling a Piltdown man tier hoax?
  14. Rjoyadet

    What You've Read Recently

    Long days and pleasant nights, I am currently on Wizard and Glass.