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  1. Ready Player One

    I actually think it was a good thing that they pushed back the release date.
  2. DuckTales

    Who do you think Mark Beaks is supposed to be a parody of?
  3. Randomness

  4. The First Purge

    I remember when the last one came out they had the "Keep America Great" slogan. I thought they only way the creative team could be more obvious about what their political views were, was if the movie abruptly stopped and Michael Bay talked directly to the audience. "Listen guys, I put a lot of money into this movie.....just vote for Clinton, Okay!!!"
  5. The assault on video games

    I first got interested in Warhammer 40K when I heard someone comment on this story.
  6. How I will miss the woman who taught me the terrible secret behind the happy people of Omelas. Or got me to think about property in a new way from "The Dispossessed" and even the stories about the winged cats whose stories made me smile as well as tear up.
  7. Randomness

    If Wayne Enterprises introduced a new cryptocurrency, would you invest in Batcoin?
  8. What You've Read Recently

    Since it has been nearly a year since you posted about reading The Handmaid's Tale I wanted to know why you thought this was so foreboding? Have you noticed anything different from then and now?
  9. I do not think I can express in words how flattered I am so let me try to put in in gifs. But the truth is I haven't drawn dinosaurs in a while. I am currently drawing backgrounds for my friends superhero story. How about this? you give me an assignment I will work on it during the week. At the end of the week you can decide whether or not you like it without worries of payment, commissions or credits, or even hurting my feelings if you say "no."
  10. I do not but that sounds amazing. If I ever go to Philadelphia I would have to try to set up a time to talk with him. That and visit the Mutter Museum.
  11. Happy Birthday Koete!

    Happy Birthday.
  12. I always look forward to your posts. Could you please list some books, websites that could be good reference to artists who would like to draw dinosaurs?
  13. 2017 Holiday Swag Thread

    - Doctor who and the Daleks t-shirt - Cassian Andor action figure - Anime DVD's (Wolf Children, Summer Wars, In this corner of the World) - Time with the family spent watching Moana - An orange Balaclava - The top half of a Salad Shooter set - A microwavable lid Could we talk about any successful things we gave? or any gift misadventures?
  14. Randomness

    After seeing the engines of the Falcon Heavy rockets I am convinced that Elon Musk is a fan of the Mean Machine from Wacky Races.