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  1. The Tabletop Game Thread

    You might still help. Is the emperor of man in suspended animation or is the throne a sort of life support system.
  2. The Tabletop Game Thread

    Hey Will do you play Warhammer 40K? You referenced it on Tranquil Tirades and there is something about the story that has been bugging me.
  3. I really enjoyed it. The first time I saw it I thought Warburton was doing the voice of Serafinowicz, a reverse Darth Maul. I liked the character of Overkill. I had the idea for a character named Overkill but it was more based off of the Joel Schumacher Batman and Robin and how they were always changing costumes with new toys and vehicles.
  4. Mike's list of crazy ideas

    I actually can picture that.
  5. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    I won't be surprised if that is the closest to how I felt about the Justice League movie.I remember watching "Lion and the King" or one that was close to it when I was 12. My verdict would be the same. Recently I saw films directed by Rene Laloux Le Planet Sauvage (Fantastic Planet) : An interesting film, people could have different interpretations of the aliens keeping humans like pets. To someone who has been spoiled on Studio Ghibli, Toei Animation and Studio Madhouse it was a change to see animation that resembles a puppet show. Les maîtres du temp (Time masters) : I was told this movie was originally meant to be a T.V. show. I can believe that because what is supposed to be a rescue ends up taking too long and going in different directions before the twist ending. Nevertheless I loved this movie, because of the art by Moebius. All throughout the movie you see his handiwork with the colors and the architecture. Gandahar - Like Time Masters the plot was meh but the world building was interesting. I like the design of the mutant creatures as well as the deformed humans that the protagonist befriends. Even the villain (a giant brain) had an interesting design with drawing the blood cells and vessels.
  6. JLA movie news

    I had to leave halfway through the film, due to poor planning and my shift at work starting. But I really enjoyed the first part. The opening song made me cry.
  7. Episode 33: Godzilla (1998)

    Is there a Hollywood producer who listens to the show?
  8. Episode 1000 suggestion thread

    How about interstitials where listeners can give elevator speeches about either how they came to Earth-2, their favorite episode, least favorite episode, or just what they would like to see in the next thousand episodes. Where and how could they give their feedback?
  9. Episode 35

    I used to have similar beliefs, subscribing to the ideas of Rev. Thomas Malthus. Since then I have come to realize that there have been a few times in history where the human race should have been too large to sustain itself, but there comes a scientific breakthrough. There is also the trend of seeing most countries having a smaller birth rate once they become more developed. I noticed that people from less developed countries have many children in the hope that at least one will take care of them in their old age. People from more developed countries hope that the thing that will take care of them in their old age will be their : retirement plan, investments/business/assets, or social security. That last one is if there are enough younger people paying into the system so that it could keep going. That is what I thought Mike was talking about when he mentioned health care. I agree with Mike that I would not know how to control population. Especially when you factor religion. I have also noticed that throughout history the people who advocate for having fewer children often end up with many children. Tolstoy encouraged people to have less children yet he fathered 14 children. Ted Turner has 5 kids (that we know of) yet he has been preaching for decades about how everyone needs to have fewer children.
  10. Thor: Ragnarok

    I have not seen it yet, but was surprised when I went to my grandparents. We were all watching a football game and my mother commented that one of the players long blonde hair looked gross. I said that maybe he wanted to be Thor. She just interjected with "But in the new movie he has short hair!" I wonder if she is a closet Thor fan.
  11. Episode 35

    I was curious about your views on population. I agree that the subject of population is something that can take a different perspective every twenty years or so. You briefly mentioned population and healthcare but then moved away because you did not want to go into a political tangent. If I were given the topic of overpopulation the first thing that would have come to my mind would be the memory of watching the Captain Planet episode where rats were used as an allegory for too many humans being a problem. Then I would just start thinking of other bad or really awkward ways people have tried to control population.
  12. Episode 35

    Mike, I found your conclusion to "The Mark of Gideon" to be interesting. My perspective on population and control is much different from yours and would like you to share more. I realize there may be a good chance I would vehemently disagree but I still want to know and understand your perspective.
  13. What are you watching and enjoying?

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: I have only finished Phantom Blood and saw a little bit of Battle Tendencies. This feels like one of those stories that shouldn't work but it does. Futurama may be the show that has had the most memes but JoJo is a strong challenger for second place, one of their memes seem to be re-drawing a franchise JoJo style.
  14. The "I need to vent" thread

    She was playing Little Red Riding Hood (who was also a werewolf). She would go around asking children if anyone had seen her grandmother. Apparently someone asked her "What color is the grandmothers skin?" She just responded with "white." Even though she is white and she played a 18th century German Little Red Riding Hood, the man who asked her the question was outraged and told her she was racist for not having a black grandmother. By that logic, shouldn't all the anime, Godzilla and kung-fu movies I own be racist?
  15. Episode 15: Masters of the Universe

    Hey Dan! Since this episode established that you are Earth-2.net's resident expert on He-Man, I wanted your opinion on who had better costumes: the movie or the money supermarket adverts?