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  1. Otaku0115

    Resident Evil 5

    I did not got the hole 'Resident Evil' thing when I watch a let's play of 4 so I do not feel like people should be making a movie about the shit like story the games/movie have to give me (please do not hate this is just my opinion if you feel different let me know).
  2. Otaku0115

    Top 10 Cartoons...

    When I think of cartoons I think of 'Ben Ten' and 'Total Drama Island' the only 2 I can think of how sad but I do not watch a lot of TV my top 2 (Ben Ten is number 2)
  3. Otaku0115

    Every comic you've read in 2012

    I do not read comic books the only one I have is 'TUROK dinosaur hunter' I have not read it but it's in bad condistion, so if any one knows any good comic books please tell me. THANKS (yes I can finsh the sentence with the old man)
  4. Otaku0115

    What games are you currently playing?

    I was playing 'Call of Duty' for the PS3 but now I have slowed down my gaming time to watch more Anime but I feel like play.... you got it Minecraft and the techno kitty game. people if you read this go on the chat room plz it gets sad with no one there (it told me so).
  5. Otaku0115

    Episode 98

    I love the podcast
  6. Otaku0115

    Are Priates Bad?

    Are priates bad you tell me