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  1. You could also probably say that it reworks the Doctor/companion love story by having the Doctor quickly figure out what's going on and, not wanting that kind of relationship, tries to rekindle her romance with Rory.
  2. Finished this monster of an episode--great stuff, really enjoyed it. Now eagerly looking forward to the Modern era.
  3. First off, on the image for the iTunes album for this episode, two things: 1. The Tom Baker image is semi-terrifying, like those eyes are burrowing into my soul. Also, this image epitomizes that feeling when you're utterly exasperated about having to pretend to pay attention and be riveted by some inane thing someone's saying to you. 2. I came to a startling realization when I saw the McCoy image with Ace...Ace looks a lot like my mom at that age.
  4. So, the idea is that, if it weren't for this movie, there might not have been enough notice of a greater fanbase so that BBC would bring it back? ...Would it be fair then to say that this movie was for Doctor Who what Batman & Robin was for Batman? So...I take it then that FOX bungling the advertisement for a sci-fi project is a time-honored tradition? Oh GOD...I actually thought Fatal Death was pretty funny. I dunno, maybe I'm just more juvenille. One joke I'm surprised you guys didn't mention was after the old Master slowly walks away with his walker, it cuts to the Doctor and the Companion running through a corridor at least three different times and the Companion cries, "Oh, they all look the same!" Also, I almost want to see a full story dedicated to that Lady Doctor. Is that so wrong? The girl and her Cybermen fetish is kinda interesting--many jokes came through my mind. The most appropriate for this board is probably, "If you hear dubstep in her bedroom...it's probably not dubstep." Great episode.
  5. I can enjoy a master manipulator character, but I would definitely agree that it's harder to write, perhaps harder than the guys writing this at the time thought--to use the Batman example, he can usually get away with being the smartest guy in the room with all his skills and his plans, but that usually means that the villains that he has to face have to be just as smart. To keep the example going, Batman is the world's greatest detective, but the reason why Joker is so vexing is that he's in a lot of ways as smart as Batman, and with his psychosis, it's hard to figure out what Joker will do next using normal means of detecting and deduction. I mean, imagine if we had a full season of this master manipulator Doctor versus the actual Master--THAT would be interesting to see. Wait...did you guys just say that Ace takes out a group of Cybermen with gold coins and a slingshot? Because...
  6. I can get why--from the description of what the locale is, it sounds quite delightfully insane. Cannibal little old ladies, how can you NOT love that? I haven't watched it myself, but from the sounds of it, it sounds like a fun idea that wasn't executed terribly well. In fact, I just thought of something--seemingly innocent looking hotel with creepy guests run by a monster...I wonder if this was a partial basis for The God Complex last season.
  7. Oh yeah, DKR did come out in '86, not 87. Bit of a mess-up on my part. The reverse does make sense--didn't one of you say that the current script editor was into comics at that time? If he was trying to court Alan Moore, he was probably familiar with Miller. Okay, them are fighting words.
  8. You know, I just thought of something with Ace--I wonder if maybe she was partial inspiration for Carrie Kelly in Dark Knight Returns. Younger, not as punk, but she was this semi-normal teen who gets sucked into the world of an increasingly dark old man, her first attempt at "fighting crime" involved a cherry bomb, and the swear for all the young people in the story? "Aces."
  9. I didn't think about the music that much when I first heard it, but after hearing Dan describe it as a series of wet farts and then listening to the music at the end of the episode...I can't unhear it.