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  1. Looks like it might be true. IMDB lists a future episode as being called "The Forgotten Ice". Can hope anyway. Also, she is by far the best looking modern companion. She might even be the best looking ever!!!
  2. NDCDN

    Episode 91

    Certainly there is no way to compare Billy Pipers pop career to that of Justin Bieber. Maybe someone like Aaron Cater would be closer. A few hits years before but nothing you can really remember. By the time she got this gig she was only remembered for being married to Chris Evans who was at that time a huge star in the UK. Not a fan of Rose (the episode or the character) and the final nail was when in a confidential for the season 4 finale she said she needed to watch her old episodes on DVD in order to see how to play the character. She isn't Marlon Brando. She just needs to hit her mark, say the words and smile. Can't even do that convincingly. It is ages since I saw one of her episodes and I can't see that changing anytime soon. Hard to think of a real stand-out episode. They are all a bit average and for me a big part of that is the fact that she is in them. My least favorite of the nu-who companions by a mile.
  3. NDCDN

    Episode 90

    So far I am about 1h 30mins into this epic show and thus far it has contained more than a few surprises. Can't wait to finish work in order to get the next instalement.
  4. WOW......................now your talking.
  5. NDCDN

    Episode 89

    Have to agree that it is best to pretend it never happened. Just hope I can do the same about the idea that Amy and Rory could parent a timelord just by getting "romantic" in the tardis.
  6. Really it should be an episode from the real early days. An unearthly child would be a good way to close the circle.
  7. well my Sunday is ruined. Blink babe Carey Mulligan is reported to have got married.
  8. NDCDN

    Episode 01

    The Dr Who forum does have a link for all the DW episodes available to see on the internet. Is there a similar site for B7?
  9. NDCDN

    Episode 86

    Well, amazed that something squeezed past you guys. Nicolas Courtney was in episode 1 of silver Nemesis!!! Uncredited as a Tourist. Invited as part of the Silver anniversary "celebrations". Keep your eyes open for him if you can ever bring yourself to watch it again.
  10. I know David Tennant said he would love to come back for the 50th anniversary but the return of Dr 10 is probably the last thing I would want to see. The show has a very different feel now and the first four seasons of the revived show seem to have an almost comic book feel when put alongside the last two seasons. And a return of the clone. Would give that a miss (especially if he brought Rose with him). Also Donna's character should be allowed to disappear into history as well. We have already said goodbye to her three times.
  11. I would like to see them bring back central characters that actually die when they are killed.
  12. I know I am just a noob here but it might also be relevant to note that Mike and Dan disagreed on a large number of episodes. Also that a lot of very poor episodes qualified for the "get some mates and some booze" stamp of excellence in being terrible beyond words but still essential viewing. And lastly that for every episode that was hammered there was always someone who emailed in to disagree. Best thing is to look at the "top 200" pole. It represents the Dr Who collective opinion and while it might be fair to say some episodes are ranked too high or too low it is fairly representative of what is good and what is bad. The link is..... http://nwhyte.livejournal.com/1312269.html
  13. Was bitterly disappointed by die another day. I had expected it to be great and it was just woeful. then I watched Licence to kill that I thought would be woeful and it was great. So I suppose you can never tell what your gonna get.
  14. Will definitely download this. Just got season 1, and although I thought I had seen all the episodes the debut episode was new to me. Thought it was excellent that they did not try to introduce the seven straight away. So far it is Blake's 3 and even thrn they do not like each other. Will download your show before proceding any further.