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  1. For your pilot/driver, where is Michael Knight, Ace Rimmer, and the Duke Boys?
  2. Where is the Supermobile? You may be asking: What is the Supermobile? The Supermobile is a vehicle that is specifically designed for Superman. It is indestructible. When he has to go to a star system that has a red or orange sun, he can take it and still be at his full power. He can use in a yellow sun system it will amplify his powers. Sure it has not been used lately, but I think that it is so cool and should be used more
  3. Granted That I am getting this from Marvel Age Comic, but at one point in time Bruce Banner did have total control of when and how he changed into the HULK. They way he did this was that he invented a machine which would dose himself with an unspecified amount of Gamma Rays. Also, as I understand it, the more he used the machine, the greater the dosage which would be needed to the point where it went back to the use of adrenaline.
  4. What's next on the spreadsheet for you and Dan when this unnamed segment return? There was a Power Pack movie, if you can find it. I would like your comments on Hasselhoff in the role of Nick Fury. not her but in the official segment. If you do the Trial of the Incredible Hulk (Hulu) You should get Ian to come on a talk about Rex Smith and his master acting classes.
  5. Name: Marvel Action Universe.
  6. What about looking at the Hulk Properties?
  7. Waiting for Dan and Will to take a look at the Spider-Man properties. I definitely have comments on Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
  8. Try this one:
  9. There are several shows that come to my mind which fit what you talked about in the fact that they had characters which were not likable ones. The Shield, for instance, is a good example. The main characters are supposed to be protecting the public but the crux of the show is the main characters are trying to cover up the fact that they murdered one of their own. Archer is, simply, not a likable character. To quote the Thing., "Nuff Said." Look at many of the early TV shows on Fox. They littered with unlikable characters who are supposed to be the heroes of the series. Married
  10. Constintine couuld also fail because other than the average at best movie of a couple of years ago, he has not been used at all. He was never used in the Superfriends, the DCAU, Batman the Brave and the Bold, The Batman, Beware the Batman, or Young Justice. It might have been better if they had chosen one of the Zataras' or Jason Blood. Another reason why Agent Carter is going to be interesting is that they will be doing it as a period piece. If it is a Mini-Series, that makes sense because period pieces usually take a lot of money to put on. I have watched the first few episodes o
  11. Mike: Let me give you a history of how I became a huge fan of Doctor Who. It started with the fact that I became a fan because I was a huge fan of the Star Wars and Star Trek movies. I met a guy who was in the Scouts with me and he told me that if I liked Star Wars, Star Trek, and comic books that I would like Doctor Who. I had to watch it on PBS. I did not mind it because they would play episodes back to back on weekday afternoons from six to seven. From 1979 to about 1992, I got to see the vast majority of the classic era. Thanks to Doctor Who I was introduced to a lot t
  12. Will, on this site, you basically have the podcast version of MST3K with the Tranquil Tirades. I find miself wondering if James and Dubs were inspired by MST3K.
  13. Marvel Animated week. Covering everything from Spider-Man and HIs Amasing Friends Through X-men The Animated Series, and Avengers: Earth's Mightest Heroes.
  14. I have a few more examples of a myth arch. 1. The Incredible Hulk TV Series from the late1970s-early1980s. In this you had a very well know mytharch of David Banner who was the totured soul because of the accident that turned him into the hulk. Also put into this the fact that you had an investigative reporter who was chasing him to "help bring him to justice." The series gave us the phrase that was mentioned at the end of the Ang Lee film, "Don't make me angry, you would not like me when I am angry." After the end of the series, in the later 1980s and early 1990s, there were several
  15. If Arrow remains successful and Agents of S.H.I.E.D. is successful, then there might be a glut of superhero TV shows, like there are with the superhero movies. I know they are trying to set up a back door pilot series for the Flash on Arrow.
  16. check this out:
  17. You were wrong about a show not having Multi-part story lines. Spider-Man: The Animated Series did. admittedly, the series finally did little to help the show but some of the story lines were awesome. My favorite was and remains to be The Six Forgotten Warriors.
  18. The thing in One Piece with the Lollypop, reminds me of what cartoon netword did with DBZ and the character who was shown sucking on a pacifier. I am assuming that that was supposed to be something else and I don't think that it detracted from the show one bit.
  19. You wer correct about the Juicer and pasta maker which Hulk did endorse but he also did a grill called the Hulk Hogan Grill.
  20. I agree with you about the final fight in Supergirl. The whole thing about the Superman family having a weakness to magic was poorly realized in the movie. We saw it in Justice League Unlimited when Superman got hit with a magical weapon and it Injured him. We also saw it in STAS when that magical staff not only injured him but it also took his powers.
  21. Even though I really like scene of Superman catching the plane scene from Superman Returns. I also like when he throws the island into space. It shows how Superman needs to get rescued sometimes. In the throwing the island into space, it actually shows how strong Superman reall is and how strong he should be partrayed as being.
  22. The Last Starfighter Flight of the Navigator Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Shawshank Redemption What's Eating Gilbert Grape Clueless Scent Of A Woman Sleepless In Seattle The Core The Devil's Advocate Point Break Enemy Of The State The Net Glory The Favulous Baker Boys High Anxiety
  23. The Child Seve on married with children. He just went up the stairs in the house and was never seen again.