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  1. My writing issue with Morrison is that his issues and story arcs felt so disjointed. I enjoyed the characterization in Batman and Son but it felt either like a fever dream or connective tissue was excised from the book. And then I picked up The Black Glove, and later RIP, and it felt like a different series entirely.
  2. Not the easiest choice for me to see but she definitely made Orphan Black the great show that it was, so I'm looking forward to what she does with it.
  3. Spectacular Spider-Man by Zdarsky, Kubert, Quinones, et al: I wanted to like this more than I did. Zdarsky clearly has affection for the character, but his style drives me up a wall. It felt like reading a different book from arc to arc, through an occasionally memefied lens. I enjoy weird comics and self-aware writing, and I do like the themes from a macro point of view, but reading it issue to issue felt like a fever dream. Maybe that's part of the intent, but it wasn't an easy read. I love the dinner with Jonah issue, the annual was pretty good, and I liked the final issue. I hardly remembe
  4. I've only seen bits and pieces of the 2010 Karate Kid movie, but Mr Han smashing that car was immensely saddening. I'm sure part of it was them using Jackie Chan's image as the kindly uncle to shock you, but it worked on me.
  5. I read Starstruck on Comixology a while ago (probably not the best choice, since it was either on my phone or my computer) and while I couldn't make heads or tails of the story, it definitely had heart. I might be due for a reread, I'd love to take a closer look at the worldbuilding and ideas. I'd probably get the trade or read it on my tablet, Kaluta's art deserves to be seen on a big scale. And if you have Spotify, the audio drama version is on there. From what I've heard, the voice acting...sure fits the broad style.
  6. I had the same Joker thought as Don. And even if everyone joked about it from the teaser photos, this really does read as the Netflix Daredevil, from that beatdown, to the voice. I'm fine with it, though. It still has that early years, Legends of the Dark Knight vibe. Looking forward to Zoƫ Kravitz's version of Catwoman. I adore her and I've liked all the movie Catwomen so far, apart from the Obvious, so I'm sure this portrayal will be enjoyable too. I dig that Batmobile a lot. Best since the Burton movie, not saying much, though I do kinda enjoy the Batfleck Batmobile.
  7. Something Winter Soldier really does well is integrating multiple characters. Steve and Peggy were the only characters with much of a focus in First Avenger, while Winter Soldier gives everyone significant roles. If the latter didn't have the museum scene or the flashbacks, most people would've forgotten about Bucky. Even First Avenger made Bucky's "death" more about Steve's failure and not his loss.
  8. I was aware of "Are you prepared for the kind of death you've earned, little man?" through memes, but had no idea it came from TNG or Star Trek in general. Imagine me losing my mind when that scene popped up.
  9. My main contribution to this discussion. Winter Soldier is much more substantial, but it personally doesn't appeal to me as much as The First Avenger did. I'm happy with either winning, though I'm fairly sure how this poll will go.
  10. Davedevil

    DC Purge

    We might be seeing the current generation of comic fans turning on the monthly format. I've gone to digital and trade in the last couple years, after collecting monthly for almost a decade prior. Everytime I've shared news of upcoming comics with friends who are interested in the medium but aren't regular collectors, they always seem disappointed that they'll either have to pay $3.99 for a sliver of a story, or wait half a year for a collected edition, by which time they might forget. I can see the episodic format working for stuff like events, you would want there to be time to shock peo
  11. Davedevil

    DC Purge

    I don't know why there's such hate for the DCU service, you don't hear that for Marvel Unlimited, which costs more and has less features. Just odd to me. I feel really bad for those who've lost their jobs and weren't complicit in harassment in DC, and I'm very curious about where comics are gonna go from here. We are long due for alternative models, and I hope they find the right ones.
  12. Three episodes into Enterprise, and it's a pretty decent show. Archer doesn't really register with me, Bakula always has that furrowed brow expression and some really odd delivery at times. T'Pol is a much more engaging lead but so far a lot of her good material is reactive. I do appreciate how much she gets to take charge though. The bickering and anxieties in this show are something else compared to the other Trek I've watched (first season and a couple episodes of TOS, four seasons of TNG). It's hard to take in the first two episodes (counting the pilot as one thing), but I can see whe
  13. Obviously Endgame, but I have a fondness for The Incredible Hulk. I think it's the thing that seeded my appreciation for monster movies.
  14. GOTG V2 had some very annoying moments that drag on, as Don has said, but the Nebula and Gamora subplot is one of the strongest things the MCU has done, and it really began here. Ant-Man is fun and charming, but is lightweight in retrospect. The sequel has everything already good from the first and more, and less of its problems (namely, Hope being sidelined).
  15. I still can't decide if Ragnarok's humor gets in the way of the critique of imperialism, or if it enhances the piss-take. Like that bit from Korg at the end saying that Asgard will be rebuilt then saying never mind as it gets wrecked to nothingness, it didn't feel like an accident it came from the director himself. But it still feels so much like the typical Marvel humor. Either way, it's still Ragnarok that's superior, even if I did enjoy IM2 in the cinema.