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  1. Half of me wants Equilibrium because I think its a great film. And the other half wants Newsies because I want to hear Pandy break out into song somemore.
  2. Mazeghoul

    Episode 303

    I was suprised you didn't go with Circle of Cysquatch by Mastodon but I was extremely happy to hear Yeti by Clutch. As well as a White Zombie song.
  3. Hey Guys, Hope the hiatus doesnt last too long, but I am glad I got to listen to the old Superman themed episode. Mostly, because it answered 2 16 year old questions I had. Back in 96, a 14 year old me got a chance to go to EdenFest in Ontario Canada. It was actually a pretty great event with bands like: Stabbing Westward, Gravity Killks, Porno for Pyros, Live, Muse (not sure if it was the same one thats around now a days), Bush (X), The Tragically Hip, ... and... the Spin Doctors... no joke and a bunch of other bands. So of all these bands, back then, I was really looking forward to see
  4. Great job as usual guys. Instead of leaving feedback like every week I figured Id take to the forums. I'm glad you liked the Type O cover of Black Sabbath. But have you ever heard their cover of Paranoid. They managed to take a song thats only under 3 minutes long and stretch it out to an amazing 7:22. Enjoy! (If I managed to do the whole embeding thing right...) <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>