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  1. and now getting one in time for a change heres the dastardly villians of team paradox.... FACTION PARADOX....
  2. did you chaps catch the radio version which was on during christmas with benedict cumberbatch as angel islington?
  3. pretty sure I suggested crime travller for Twice as Bright, Half as Long
  4. I will let stavros decide if he wants the crime travelling two as his villians and announce my final official heroic pick as H G welles from time after time
  5. that sounds hilarious enough I may consider removing them just so you could use them stavros
  6. I am hoping I can abuse the system with this one since these two do not work without each other...I will happily penalise a pick for these two... Jeff Slade and Holly Turner
  7. So we'll be going from the original series to the duchess mccrazypants era....(watch sfdebris vids if you don't get why I am referring to Archer as such) covering the movies too I assume?
  8. If you ever do judge dredd (the stallone one) you need me....I WILL SHOW YOU TRUE RAGE the rage of a judge dredd fan seeing his favourite comic ripped to bits on film
  9. Next up is the leader of the PARADOX devision of the League PARADOX originally a scientist from 1952 who discovered special properties in quartz crystals and received government funding to work on breaking a hole in the Space-Time Continuum, code-named the Paradox Project, with his assistant Hugo at the military base Los Soledad during the Cold War. But a slight miscalculation caused Paradox to get sucked into the Event Horizon, where he remained displaced from time for a 100,000 years. Losing his mind and regaining his sanity, he gained a complete understanding of the Space-Time
  10. The shining knight top 7s an interesting experiment to pick one from each season Top seven Favourite episodes (in order of season) 1: The puppet show: A fun little episode but the reason for its appearance on fave lists is it has my favourite line from snyder in it as he witnesses the gang on stage with a dead demon and a no longer souled sid on stage. "What is this? avant garde?" Hm: out of sight out of mind: only lost its place in this list because I am still pissed Marcie never returned 2: Passion: Angelus at his most dickish. What he does to Giles is still heartbreaking
  11. I say go with it mostly as my time to do my other partner char has passed (It would have been ishmael cord Max winwoods partner from indigo prime)
  12. Second pick Dr. Emmett Lathrop "Doc" Brown, P.H.D Founder of the institute of future technology. Emmett brings to his expertise (and a time travelling train) to the group
  13. Okay first pick Max Winwood Winwood is an agent of indigo Prime an organization which works to protect reality from incursions outside our understanding, but is also willing to manipulate time and space in the services of very rich clients. Its agents, under the jurisdiction of Major Arcana, tend to be almost shockingly amoral. All Indigo Prime agents are chosen, upon their death, based on the presence of a certain gene (the "Rembrant IndexTM") that occurs in one in twelve million people across the multiverse; given a new body, and then trained in a range of abilities reminiscent