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  1. Chris-El

    Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Sounds good. Just wondered as to why they're putting mortal kombat characters in already when there are loads of dc characters to chose from, i know that its from the same development team as "mortal kombat vs DC" but thought they wanted injustice to stand completely apart. I though darkseid could be good, but looking forward to Martian manhunter, I hadn't heard they were looking to put him in
  2. Chris-El

    Injustice: Gods Among Us

    I thought that for a fighting game, the storyline was pretty decent. Was also quite impressed that the developers managed to make even aquaman believably formidable. If anyone else has got the current extra characters, are u confused by the choice of the odd one out? I thought it seemed a bit strange who they decided to add
  3. Looks like I need to start my anime education

  4. Cant believe it took me so long to find

  5. Sucks to be the New Guy

  6. I know that I am extremely behind on this podcast, seeing as how it’s finished now, but I’ve only recently discovered it, I used to watch these “Cartoons” (animated shows) as a kid and thought they were great. As an adult I can enjoy them even more as I now understand all of the more mature themes behind certain lines and stories. I’m continuing my way through and loving every minute. All of that to say this, Thank you to Mike & James for putting in all of the time and effort that it must have taken to review all of these episodes. It’s reignited my love for these shows and has made me go out and find them on DVD (sadly not all are released in the UK, so I’m importing them with the help of Thank you again for the hours of enjoyment. Chris P.S. Sorry if this makes me sound like a gushing fan boy (but in this case I believe I am)