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  1. World of Warcraft. A whole lot of World of Warcraft.
  2. Yes, sadly its true. The day Pong came out people around the world slapped their foreheads when they realized that they too could shoot somebody in the face. Even if you were a hitman it took you 2-3 years before you realized that was an option. </sarcasm>
  3. I'm not really getting this, how would they catch you to make you pay the $25 fine? Would the store just let a minor buy the game then say "Gotcha!" and make them pay the fine? I mean, if a store is lax enough in security to let an kid buy an M or AO game, they aren't going to be vigilant enough to keep track of the age of customers. And I do like the idea of retailers putting up signs explaining the rating system.
  4. Kingdom Hearts 2 and Metroid Prime: Hunters. Life is good.
  5. Tales of Legendia, which is pretty good, and a bit of Guild Wars again to get ready for the release of Chapter 2 in April.
  6. Its terrible that he would send this letter out to people that are grieving over the loss of somebody. I saw it on the news postings on ctrlaltdel-online.com the other day and it's even worse than just this. off of gaminghorizon.com... Another case of a tragic event being twisted into an attack. And at the top it says he took his life due to complications with school and finance. Shouldn't Jack Thompson be attacking those much larger "cultures of death" instead of video games?
  7. Animal Crossing Wide World, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney I'm just about finished with Phoenix Wright, and it is just a great game. I would literally kill for a sequel.
  8. Nice to see him getting in trouble for being a jackass. I can just see him telling the Blank Rome attorneys that they have half a frontal lobe.
  9. Yeah, it was pretty outlandish. Anyway, its good to see a story from our side. And one that shows a good aspect of gaming. The guy uses games as a way to do things he normally can't do, and he came out and said it. Here is cold hard proof that games do good.
  10. I knew that Jack was hugely misinformed and not as elequent as a lawyer should be, but after reading those reply's from him, I find he reminds me of those people online who act like little kids when you try to tell them something. YOU: Hey, try not to rush in next time, OK? THEM: NO, u r teh n00b!!1! I mean, who responds to a list of interview questions with "kiss the gaming industry goodbye," As a side note, I wonder if this is really Jack Thompson replying to these. He could be plotting some evil scheme where he passes out his email address to everyone, collects all the hate mail and
  11. I'm currently fading out of Guild wars, which ate up a couple hundred hours of my life...But I'm hooked on advance wars duel strike and We Katamari when I get it later today.