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  1. How about Independence Day? ... yeah, that has nothing to do with presidents. Or maybe it does. How about a Looney Tunes + Live Action movie, hm?
  2. The same thing with me. Watched a few season one episodes and I could only go "where's the fun in this". I liked Ren and Stimpy, tho.
  3. One of the SHIELD agents contained a chuckle at Artemis' comment, or at least his interpretation of it. "Well, Miss, it's simply for security reasons. There have been a lot of so-called super criminals roaming around New York in the past few years. Not to worry, you'll be safe with us." The SHIELD man said, putting the device back on his pocket and nodding towards the door. "Anything else you want to do before we leave?" (Out Of Character Comment: if there isn't anything else you want Artemis to do, you can have her arriving at the Embassy in the next post.)
  4. I just watched the seventh episode of Go On and found out it's on Wednesdays now. And I'm like... what? And How I Met Your Mother was great. Jason Segel was fantastic as always.
  5. "Before we leave, miss Artemis." The SHIELD man said, pulling out a small round and long device that looked like some sort of taser. However, it lacked the "electricity" part of a taser, and instead contained a simple blue light on the top. He held it up to Artemis' eyes, and turned on the light, scanning her retina. "Now, I'll have to ask, just for security. During your trip, did you drink or eat anything you didn't order? Did someone you don't know tried to give you anything, organic and non-organic? And did at any point you felt as you were being followed or watched?"
  6. The SHIELD officer put his badge back in his suit's pocket as a few other soldiers grabbed Artemis' bags from the airport staff. "Miss Artemis, I hope you understand: your security is top priority for us at SHIELD. There is an United Nations meeting happening today, so your presence at the Amazon Embassy is important, if not essential. Is there anything you wish to do before we depart? Any requirements? We're ready to fulfill any wish you may have." ------------------- Squirrel Girl, Ben and Thomas Wayne would all get to see very weird sights at that very moment. Squirrel Girl was the
  7. You can, of course, run the Amazons. I mean when I introduce a character, I expect to keep in control of him, understand?
  8. Very well, I'll take control of him if you want to drop out. And I'll also wait until everyone has posted to make another post.
  9. But you don't need to suddenly take control of the character in order to show that superiority. You could have still done it by only controlling Doom. This is like collaborative writing: I'm imposing a challenge (Godfrey) to you, and you're responding to it. You respond, and then I continue the challenge, making you think "alright, now what would the character do". Like, maybe I wanted Godfrey to make a certain question that would lead to a certain reaction by Doom, something he wants to record on his television show. That would be the challenge. Also, in the end, you could play the charact
  10. Hurm. Alright then. Although understand it happens like that because I bring out certain NPCs for a purpose. If you can just control them, I can't have them follow that purpose (plus, they're called Non-Playable Characters).
  11. Erhm, Dread. I hope I'm not offending you, but you shouldn't do things like what you just did with Godfrey. Suddenly taking over them. You see, I was controlling him, and you suddenly saying what he would do is kinda... wrong. Can you avoid doing it next time? Not just to my characters, but to any characters? You can do it with mooks and bodyguards, or even mooks going after Doom, but not actual characters.
  12. I really liked it. Wish they ordered a series out of it.