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  1. I approve, he's been awesome on Supernatural.
  2. How is that game. I just got it for my birthday but can't play it because I need to keep my wii unplugged for the night. Anyway is it good? I mean Lego Harry Potter. I forgot to specify. It is about the same as all of the other lego games.
  3. Yeah I'm very much looking forward to this.
  4. I love the idea of that, but it just didn't really work for me.
  5. I'm currently playing Advance Wars:Dual strike for the DS, and helping my son play Lego Harry Potter for X-box 360.
  6. Give up the dream people there will never be a deadpool movie...
  7. Holacik


    That picture is friggin awesome.
  8. This Friday is an absolute must watch episode. It;s called Blink and Doctor Who dosen't get much better.
  9. Yeah Blink is awesome, you don't have to know anything about Doctor Who to watch that show. Jekyll is already showing on BBCamerica but since I missed it's premire, I watched all six episodes on dailymotion great show.
  10. Spoilers for you americans who arent on the ball. The turning point was Human Nature, the episode where he becomes human to escape the family of blood. Every episode from that point is great. Yeah when I first saw Blink, it had become my favorite ep of the new who...until The sound of Drums. I really like who they got to play the Master, and I like the whole Joker/Dr. Doom mix of a character he is. The season finale looks great!
  11. I agree with everything you've said. But it leans towards the good or me as long as it means that Lucas is staying away from writing duties. A show with the Star Wars universe centering around minor characters can be fun, especially since they won't be handicapped by trying to make it about the major players who are pretty set in their mythology.
  12. I thought I'd resurect this thread instead of making a new one. Does anyone watch the show as it airs in The UK or should I just wait untill the show airs here in the states? There is alot of stuff i'd like to talk about but I'll wait if i'm the only one.
  13. I picked up Marvel UA, I'm enjoying it but eh it's not as good as I thought it would be...
  14. What exactly is Guitar Hero? I've never heard of this gamme before the best of the generation threads.
  15. I'm currently playing Dynasty warriors 5 empires for PS2. I know its a button masher but it's fun to me...