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  1. JackFetch

    Live Action Avatar: The Last Airbender Series

    I'm actually going through the original series now so this is good news to me.
  2. JackFetch

    Captain Marvel

    I'm not that familiar with Brie Larson. Does she never show any emotion or is that a thing they went with for this movie?
  3. JackFetch

    Everything DC

    All I know is that I want that shirt.
  4. JackFetch

    Everything DC

    Now he has confused everyone with this post.
  5. JackFetch

    Everything Marvel

    This is something I never thought I would see in a movie.
  6. JackFetch

    Everything Marvel

    Another one.
  7. JackFetch

    Everything Marvel

    The production of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is being put on hold for the time being as Marvel and Disney regroup on the project, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/guardians-galaxy-3-production-hold-james-gunn-firing-1137400
  8. JackFetch

    Everything DC

    HBO also released a detailed cast list, including previously announced cast members like Regina King (“The Leftovers”), Jeremy Irons (“Dead Ringers”), Tim Blake Nelson (“O Brother, Where Art Thou?”), and Don Johnson (“Book Club”), as well as as Jacob Ming-Trent, Dylan Schombing, Lily Rose Smith, and Adelynn Spoon. The rest of the cast includes Louis Gossett Jr., Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Adelaide Clemens, Andrew Howard, Tom Mison, Frances Fisher, and Sara Vickers. Here’s the official logline from HBO: Set in an alternate history where “superheroes” are treated as outlaws, “Watchmen” embraces the nostalgia of the original groundbreaking graphic novel while attempting to break new ground of its own. “Watchmen” has been slated for a 2019 release date. https://www.indiewire.com/2018/08/watchmen-hbo-series-cast-release-date-1201995838/
  9. JackFetch


    Bootleg Deadpool ad team.
  10. JackFetch

    Picard CBS Access show

    This is a great way to get people to get CBS Access. Obviously Discovery isn't doing it.
  11. JackFetch

    Black Panther

    I don't think there is any other reason other than it being a movie making decision. They were already taking a chance on a big blockbuster action movie with 90% black actors set in Africa and they probably didn't want to push their luck by having a ton of dialog in subtitles. I don't think it was ever addressed in the movie itself.
  12. JackFetch

    Random wrestling thoughts

    It happens all the time. My dad worked in the prison system his whole life and came across a lot of attempted suicides. Sometimes he got them in time and sometimes he didn't. A person that is determined to die is going to find a way to do it and you can't watch someone all the time no matter how hard you try. It literally takes less than a minute.
  13. JackFetch

    Everything DC

    There is a whole culture of people that thrives on drama. There are tons of Youtube accounts that make money from this kind of thing, and today's youth love gossip and drama. If you want a good example, search "tanacon" on Youtube. The good thing is these things don't last long before the next thing takes over the news. Most controversies like the She-Ra thing only last a week. The real problem is the culture behind it. These people are always looking for the next thing to exploit. That includes finding the one or two people on twitter being racist assholes and making a whole story about it as if it is widespread. I never even heard anything about Starfire being black. All I heard about was how terrible the whole thing looked and the fuck Batman moment.
  14. JackFetch


    Nobody knew it was a sequel until they watched it. It wasn't marketed that way.