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  1. JackFetch

    SPOILERS: Elsewords

    I'm trying really hard not to nitpick the stupid things from the Supergirl episode, but overall it was pretty fun. My favorite line was Barry whining "but I just came from the Fortress of Solitude".
  2. JackFetch

    Everything Marvel

    We are supposed to get a Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer this week. They already showed it in Brazil and descriptions are out there.
  3. JackFetch

    SPOILERS: Elsewords

    I was a little disappointed that she didn't do more. It's hilarious how they kept saying "Batman" like they should have been looking at the camera while saying it. It was a little much.
  4. JackFetch

    SPOILERS: Elsewords

    I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. That theme song brought up so many emotions. Mainly because it came out of nowhere. I kind of wish they would do an alternate Earth cameo with everyone from Smallville as their old characters.
  5. JackFetch

    Everything Marvel

    From Spider-Man: Far From Home
  6. JackFetch

    Everything Marvel

    I think that would be the lazy way to do it. Carol just happens to come across Tony in all of space? That scene with Banner looking at the pictures of the missing really gets me. I think in that scene he is realizing that he is now the smartest scientist in the world(as far as he knows Tony is gone). You see Peter and Shuri on the same screen so I think he's searching for other scientists that can help. Does he make a deal with Hulk to keep control so they still have a scientist? Could this be a way of introducing Reed Richards?
  7. JackFetch

    Everything Marvel

    Well Scott is listed as missing as well and he survived so it's not 100%, but probably.
  8. JackFetch

    Captain Marvel

    I expected a pussy joke from Fury.
  9. JackFetch

    Everything DC

    Arrow. I couldn't give less shits about the villains on that show. I can't even remember most of them. Also, the side characters are terrible. Team Arrow ruined that show.
  10. JackFetch

    Everything DC

    The worst thing about the show is that every time they introduce side characters, I want to know more about them than I do the main characters. That even goes for the villains.
  11. JackFetch

    Everything Marvel

    A representative from Sony told IGN a currently "untitled Sony/Marvel" film will hit the big screen on July 10 of 2020, and an "untitled Sony/Marvel sequel" is set to arrive in theaters on Oct. 2, 2020.
  12. JackFetch

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    So I was watching something about what happened on the Lethal Weapon tv show. If you don't know they fired the Riggs actor and leaked audio from the set that made him look bad. Anyways I was watching an interview where he told his side of the story and said they had blackmailed him the whole second season with this audio threatening to release it. He brought up that the same thing had happened to Christian Bale and pointed out that both projects were McG sets. Why is nobody talking about the fact that most likely McG is blackmailing his stars with audio that could ruin their careers and releasing them when they don't play ball? He said on set you wear a mic all day so there are a lot of private conversations that would get recorded. If this is true McG is a scumbag.
  13. JackFetch

    Deadpool 2

  14. JackFetch


    Pratt is supposedly a huge Christian. That itself means nothing. I just didn't know that for a long time.