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  1. I tried to apply this a lot when I did my TEW booking videos, but NXT has always been really good at putting forth the idea that everyone is good at something and that everyone on the card has a purpose. The weekly show is basic almost to a fault, but it makes the Takeovers that much better since they use simple, logical booking. I'd almost recommend going back to around the Nakamura era and starting from there, since you'll see the best of a lot of guys that are being wasted on the main roster now, and you'll also get context for all of the current Ciampa/Gargano stuff. NXT and the Mae Young tournament are literally the only WWE thing I watch anymore. The rest of my wrestling time is spent on UK and Japanese women's feds, which are amazing.
  2. I'll be sure to let me from seven years ago know.
  3. Up to about a quarter of the goal after a few days. I'm very likely not going to reach it, but the amount donated so far will still be a tremendous help after I move, so thank you to everyone that's donated and shared.
  4. So.. this is incredibly weird for me and I'm ashamed I'm even doing this, but, here we go. I'm moving back to Baltimore and I've started a GoFundMe to ask for help. The details of the situation are in the link. As for how this affects my online stuff - I don't know yet. It may continue with slight delay, it may end entirely. If it does, I'll close the Patreon and get people refunds if they ask for them. I honestly won't know the whole situation until I've moved.
  5. We've basically reached a point where there's dog barking every 20 minutes or so in the house so that's fun.
  6. I'm in. Just a matter of getting the scheduling figured out.
  7. Cage is an Impact guy too, yeah. At least for the next six months until they change owners and their entire roster again.
  8. D.W.

    2017 Holiday Swag Thread

    I got a Bob Ross Chia Pet.
  9. I won't argue the Brit thing because, ever since Brexit, I have been a Canadian. Des said it was cool.
  10. We've pretty much settled on beat-by-beat for the big stuff (Transformers, Twilight) and shorter episodes for the other stuff.
  11. That's the goal, yeah. I'd have to stop doing my own stuff because all of that focus would go elsewhere. I don't think they'd mandate that I stop doing it but there'd be no point since no one visits it anyway.
  12. To clarify, I'm not going to stick a knife in the thing tomorrow. There were times in the past that I wanted to stop doing the show completely for much more serious reasons. I actually quit like, three times before but I came back so quickly no one noticed. Other times when I wanted to stop and just kept going because I had this dumb perception that it was the only thing James and I consistently got to do together and that he'd have no reason to be friends with me anymore if we stopped. As I get older, it's become apparent to me just how much of our lives we've devoted to this thing. I came up with the idea for the Tirades Wiki back when I was still living in Maryland and that was SIX years ago. That's a lot of time I've spent on the show, well, frankly, not working on other things in my life that I probably should have. I've also had to consider how badly my desire is to ineloquently curse at movies into the rest of my 30s. I can absolutely put "10 years of audio editing" experience on a job application now (and just did a couple days ago), but I don't know if I'd actually want any prospective employers to actually hear that work, especially the older shows. If I get the job I want, I have to stop the blog, the Youtube, and yes, I'll have to also stop doing the one remaining thing I still contribute to this site.
  13. I'd estimate we probably have two more episodes getting done before the end of the year. To be completely honest, no idea what next year holds. My life, in particular, is set to go through a lot of changes if things pan out the way I'd like them too, which would ultimately mean that at some point we stop doing the show.
  14. I completely forgot I made that commercial.