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  1. That's the goal, yeah. I'd have to stop doing my own stuff because all of that focus would go elsewhere. I don't think they'd mandate that I stop doing it but there'd be no point since no one visits it anyway.
  2. To clarify, I'm not going to stick a knife in the thing tomorrow. There were times in the past that I wanted to stop doing the show completely for much more serious reasons. I actually quit like, three times before but I came back so quickly no one noticed. Other times when I wanted to stop and just kept going because I had this dumb perception that it was the only thing James and I consistently got to do together and that he'd have no reason to be friends with me anymore if we stopped. As I get older, it's become apparent to me just how much of our lives we've devoted to this thing. I came up with the idea for the Tirades Wiki back when I was still living in Maryland and that was SIX years ago. That's a lot of time I've spent on the show, well, frankly, not working on other things in my life that I probably should have. I've also had to consider how badly my desire is to ineloquently curse at movies into the rest of my 30s. I can absolutely put "10 years of audio editing" experience on a job application now (and just did a couple days ago), but I don't know if I'd actually want any prospective employers to actually hear that work, especially the older shows. If I get the job I want, I have to stop the blog, the Youtube, and yes, I'll have to also stop doing the one remaining thing I still contribute to this site.
  3. I'd estimate we probably have two more episodes getting done before the end of the year. To be completely honest, no idea what next year holds. My life, in particular, is set to go through a lot of changes if things pan out the way I'd like them too, which would ultimately mean that at some point we stop doing the show.
  4. I completely forgot I made that commercial.
  5. What games are you currently playing?

    Hey, so I don't ask this, but I've run into a couple folks upset that I'm playing a gay dating sim on my channel and they're dislike bombing it already. It's not a ton, but it's enough that it'll hurt my views pretty much from the start. So if you can do me and favor and up-thumb this to counter-act that a bit, I'd appreciate it. Don't even have to watch the video.
  6. Saw VIII

    If you do it, I do it. If we die, we die in battle.... ... together.
  7. George Romero has passed away

    He'll be back.
  8. Random wrestling thoughts

    It's supposed to be a spinal compression, just like the normal atomic drop, so the belief is that they're hitting their tailbone. It really depends on who is selling it, but most of the time it just looks bad. There's a reason you never see that move anymore.
  9. Random wrestling thoughts

    http://oswreview.com/media/oswreview59/ Start at about 1:18:40 for a detailed breakdown of how awful of a babyface Hogan is.
  10. Random wrestling thoughts

    I got the audio book of the expanded version for free, but I can't really do audio books, so I'll be looking to get another hardcover.
  11. Random wrestling thoughts

    I have re-read Death of WCW at least a dozen times. One of my favorite books ever.
  12. Random wrestling thoughts

    This is probably a good place to advertise that I'm now doing a lot of wrestling booking over at my Youtube channel.
  13. Random wrestling thoughts

    With Flair, the gimmick was that everyone accepted he was the leader, and they'd be well taken care of by hanging around him. They'd settle for a US title because being US champion was still a big deal. With Hogan, Savage had a love-hate relationship with him through the years, so it eventually did boil over to challenges (in fact, every single Savage world title run involves Hogan ruining it for him in some capacity). At that point in time, it would make sense for Savage to hold back on starting shit with Hogan since they had JUST gotten back to getting along. Everyone else that budded with Hogan was typically a lower card guy that never had a chance.
  14. It's realistically the only way the show can continue now. It's how I always wanted us to go eventually because I hate when it feels like work.