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  1. Stavros

    Episode 1005

    Always great fun to record with Ian and delighted to get a chance to chat with Pandy again. Congrats on taking back the list format Ian!
  2. I buy a new game once a year. It's the one thing where I'm not at the razors edge of culture.
  3. Stavros

    Random movie and tv thoughts

    Agreed. Really liked that show.
  4. Stavros

    Episode 1000

    Thanks for bring nice about our segment guys. I'm usually so scattered by the end of a recording that I don't have the best handle on how good they were. Gonna start in on some of these soon. It's seriously a huge achievement not only to get to 1000 episodes but to put together a coalition of diverse friends who can come together with 24 hours of content like this. Well done Mike and well done everyone.
  5. Stavros

    Random wrestling thoughts

    Well she's a...she's very busy with... Nah, she's a sponge minor pseudo-celeb. At best she makes money advertising random tat to her pretty decent social media crowd. 800k on instagram.
  6. Stavros

    Random wrestling thoughts

    She came back after a year of neck and back rehab and then reinjured it when Sasha kicked her in the back. Spinal stenosis, she just shouldn't be in there. I mean, it was an off spot but nothing a healthy person wouldnt shake off.
  7. Stavros

    Random wrestling thoughts

    I was! I also saw a Tokyo Jyoshi Pro show and Noah show at Korakuen, as well as two Stardom shows. Highlights- Hoping to get into DDT this Wednesday.
  8. Stavros

    Random wrestling thoughts

    In WWE I hate that stuff because it's actually detrimental to Mickie. However in Stardom the age range of performers is about 15-40, and the teenage up and comers frequently call older talent Grandma. That's because the audience is involved enough to know better and because it's a women's promotion the older talent have a lot more respect to begin with.
  9. Stavros

    Help Influence Episode 50!!

    Point Break is a must I think.
  10. Stavros

    The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    TFA RotJ RotJ Avengers
  11. Stavros

    The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    Jedi. Means more.
  12. Stavros

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    So when they decided on where they were putting this park what they'd be doing there, not only did they fail to account for hurricanes that could knock out park security or DNA changes that made the dinosaurs able to breed, or plants they couldn't eat or the unpredictability of stuff a giant raptor with octopus DNA but they built a billion dollar theme park on an active volcano?! Dumb. So goddamn dumb.
  13. Stavros

    The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    Baby Driver easily. Bring it on it dumb fun. Baby Driver is an directing/editing masterpiece.
  14. Stavros

    Episode 1000 suggestion thread

    Jigsaw. Just kidding. Films of 2005? IE- the year of the first episode? War of the Worlds or Peter Jacksons King Kong seem simplest and lend themselves to comparisons with prior classic editions. Easy to build an episode around. Neither seems to have merited a review before.
  15. I was a fan of his since Brick which fundamentally redesigns a high school film into a hard bitten noir with its own specific dialect. Also a big fan of Looper, a genuinely original time travel crime thriller. What I'm saying is, he's a seriously talented world-builder. Not just in effects but in how the society works ground up. I'm excited. And expect Joseph Gordon-levitt to be cast.