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  1. I like it, just as I liked the first one. Her being the one helping Steve who is the fish out of water is a nice idea. I feel like it could be more 80s though. Kinda wish Wonder Woman had gone with some big hair ala George Perez. No idea what to make of Wiig though, not enough to judge. Why do I feel like Pfieffer Catwoman will be and influence, dorky girl to cat person etc.
  2. Ian!!!! Look, I persevered. Because I have a taste for stuff that's basically trash sometimes. The Supergirl Lex Luthor is...hes just awful. And I've enjoyed a wide range of portrayals. So actually Tom Welling completely no-selling his ridiculousness was the best thing in this so far. Smallville Luthor was SO much better. Close second is the Brainiac 5 character from Supergirl. I love Brainiac 5 in the DCAU so to see him reduced to some weird autistic genericharacter is miserable. Upsides- Kevin Conroys voice still gives me chills. And I'm glad they felt they could use him in a spot less beholden to continuity, evil insane Batmen is a thing in DC right now and I don't mind representing it here. Brandon Routh still looks the part as Superman and hes still representing the overall movie continuity which is a nice nod. Between him and Kevin Conroys segment theres a lot of nods to Kingdom Come. KC Superman is a favourite of mine, his run as past of the JSA was excellent. Wondering if they'll do more with Burt Ward.
  3. Thoughts so far. -The acting is just terrible. -The effects are worse than that. -Love the full Supergirl suit, hate the bangs. -Kryptonians need to stop building baby-only rockets. -The whole thing just has an air of cheap tackiness that ignores the Golden age of television. This is like a tv show from a universe where HBO never existed. This might not be for me....
  4. I'll be watching that. I stopped with Arrow in season 3 and Flash in season 1 but the sheer crossover love they're putting into this makes it must-see.
  5. I guess I like her in Despicable Me? And I like Bridesmaids. I don't have anything against her I just dont remember her being in much stuff, even things I've seen that shes credited in. She was in The Martian? I literally dont remember that.
  6. Eh, most of that is just SNL cameo stuff. I'm talking featured actress in a movie that made cinemas. I look forward to you review of her performances as Vicki St Elmo in Macgruber, Katinka in Zoolander 2 and Brenda in Sausage Party.
  7. I think Evangeline Lilly has been in more films.
  8. I wonder if it wound up on Wesley's record going into Starfleet academy that he got drunk and blew up an Oberth-class starship.
  9. Bridesmaids. That's all there is right?
  10. This stuff always makes for a better tv show. I'm sure WWE will want to continue the deal but I doubt the talent would be that thrilled. Aside from guys like Dolph, who makes half a million a shot on these tours.
  11. I like them, but that might just be my DS9 bias sneaking in. I really like the Grey dominant uniforms where Sisko and Picard get their captains waist coats as well, although nothing quite beats the suede jacket Picard blatantly had made for himself. There's no way that was uniform. Kind of like how there's so many admirals uniforms that they blatantly just get to have their own made like third world dictators.
  12. Re the uniforms, I believe the reason why Voyager went with the DS9 era outfits is they were made for higher definition TV. The old TNG suits apparently looked much ropier especially on film hence the 50/50 split in Generations where it's mainly extras in the old uniforms, but with Voyager the idea was they'd be able to trade stock with DS9 and keep costs down without remaking an entire stock of OG TNG style uniforms that didnt look as good. They worked it into the story a little with Sisko starting in the TNG uniform and transitioning once he was on the station, but for Voyager it was pretty much just a cost saving deal.
  13. Re the ship design, I'm not as big a fan of it as you guys just because it feels too much like an 80s art piece, like Worfs chair or something. It's very definitively this flowing finished article when to this point the Federation ships feel very practical and modular, infinitely upgradable like the Miranda or Excelsior that remain in service for at least 90 years in-universe. Like the red uniforms that last from Wrath of Khan to Picards early career. Now the fact that I don't love it doesn't mean it doesn't fit the show and the narrative of Trek overall, that the federations flagship is this indolent space-liner. They are a society that feels like they are at their peak and make this crown jewel to capture this one moment in time. Once the Borg knock them on their ass it's not surprising they completely reevaluate and go back to tough practical designs. You can probably build 6 defiants with the resources it takes to build one Galaxy class.
  14. I'm really enjoying this guys. The level of detail each of you adds is fascinating. I'm going to have to read along with each episode. One point, and I don't know if the panels contradict this at all, but I always figure that part of Rorsachs plan would be to get the name Edward Blake out there, send terrified lowlifes out with word hes searching for the killer. It's a very Daredevil thing to do. Then again, maybe back when Dan and Rorsach used to investigate Dan suggested that sort of action and it just became habit for Rorsach, he doesn't really remember why they did it it's just an automatic reaction. Find crime = Terrify bar, that kind of thing.
  15. He beat up Gable after though. Might as well have won.