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  1. A History of Violence Captain Fantastic
  2. That issue is really more important than it is actually great. It's an interesting historical document, but as an actual story it's... fine. I've been doing some reading myself, finally... Fantastic Four by Matt Fraction Omnibus: Collects Fantastic Four vol. 4 (the 2013 series) #1-16, FF vol. 2 #1-16, and a couple of one-shots. While I understand collecting these together as they were tied into each other (The FF goes away for a while (Fantastic Four) and leaves a new team in charge of the Future Foundation (FF), composed of Ant-Man, Medusa, the She-Hulk, and a new character called Ms. Thing who's basically "what if Taylor Swift got a hold of one of Ben's old Thing exoskeletons"), it's actually a jarring read as the tone of the two series could not possibly be more different. Fantastic Four is a fairly straightforward FF book with art by Mark Bagley, and it's quite good. FF, on the other hand, is drawn by Michael Allred, and it is awesome. It is pure Allred Silver-Agey wackiness from beginning to end and I loved every page of it. Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! #1-10: Post Marvel Divas Patsy, written by Kate Leth and drawn by Brittney Williams, it's adorable and fun. The Unstoppable Wasp vol. 1, #1-8: Nadia's setting up shop, becoming an American citizen, recruiting teenage girl supergeniuses for a think tank she's setting up, and generally being superhumanly cheerful all the time. Also very cute, even if "Nadia instantly wins over everyone she encounters" gets a little much after a bit. However, the back pages have interviews with real women in STEM who talk about how awesome science is and why girls should study and find careers in engineering, that that's amazing. Ant-Man and the Wasp #1-5: Mark Waid writes a surreal trip through the microverse with Scott and Nadia, made more awkward as Scott is literally the only person on the planet Nadia doesn't like. Gorgeous artwork by Javier Garron, Beautiful covers by David Nakayama, and Waid in goofy banter mode? I'm in.
  3. Back in April, they announced that David Harbour was signed for an undisclosed role in Black Widow. A month later, he confirms this at a London convention where he said,
  4. It's true. Allie Goertz confirmed on Twitter that there will be another two issues, then it's going all-reprint.
  5. There's been nothing official from the publisher, but according to Evan Dorkin, MAD Magazine is shutting down, so fuck today.
  6. ... are you explaining racism to Donovan, Jack?
  7. I do dig the Rorschach-inspired fascist morons. This series apparently understands that Rorschach is not someone to admire, which was not something I always felt Snyder got.
  8. It's always wild when you look back and realize these things. The town I grew up in is about halfway between Boston and Providence, and when I was a kid the head of the Providence Mafia actually lived less than a mile from my house. As a result, there were a number of businesses in town that turned out to be mob-owned, although it was mostly kept relatively quiet (it wasn't until I was an adult that I found out a certain dry cleaner and a couple of restaurants were fronts), but it was well known that they owned what was one of the most successful strip clubs outside Boston's Combat Zone, right down the street from my high school. (Incidentally, having a club like that in your small town is a lot less awesome than you would think. Going in for the first time gets very awkward very quickly when you realize that dancer named Chantal is actually named Rachel and she was in your English class last year.)
  9. This, possibly swapping out Toy Soldiers for Encino Man.
  10. Wait, Joel McHale is Starman in this?