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  1. ... are you explaining racism to Donovan, Jack?
  2. I do dig the Rorschach-inspired fascist morons. This series apparently understands that Rorschach is not someone to admire, which was not something I always felt Snyder got.
  3. It's always wild when you look back and realize these things. The town I grew up in is about halfway between Boston and Providence, and when I was a kid the head of the Providence Mafia actually lived less than a mile from my house. As a result, there were a number of businesses in town that turned out to be mob-owned, although it was mostly kept relatively quiet (it wasn't until I was an adult that I found out a certain dry cleaner and a couple of restaurants were fronts), but it was well known that they owned what was one of the most successful strip clubs outside Boston's Combat Zone, right down the street from my high school. (Incidentally, having a club like that in your small town is a lot less awesome than you would think. Going in for the first time gets very awkward very quickly when you realize that dancer named Chantal is actually named Rachel and she was in your English class last year.)
  4. This, possibly swapping out Toy Soldiers for Encino Man.
  5. Wait, Joel McHale is Starman in this?
  6. Shazam!: Early screening through Fandango. It was all right. Most of the best stuff was in the trailers. Zachary Levi is pretty funny, and the actors playing Billy and Freddy were great.
  7. This. I've been thinking this was the way to go for a while now. Seriously, think about the insanity if out of nowhere there's a post-credits scene in Endgame that has an early 60s rocket crash and John Krasinski and three other people climb out in blue jumpsuits.
  8. Captain Marvel: Agreed with Mike that this belongs in the higher end of mid-tier. Brie Larson was terrific, Mendelsohn was much more engaging than I expected, and overall I had a great time. Some sequences absolutely felt lifted straight out of a mid-90s action blockbuster; they nailed the aesthetics. EDIT TO ADD: In the credits for the art team, one name I noticed was Eli Katz, which was Gil Kane's real name. Kane created Mar-Vell's classic red-and-blue costume. I wonder if that's a co-incidence or a cool nod, especially since Kane's name was notably missing from the list of creators in the "special thanks to" section.
  9. For this performance of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the role of Barry Allen/Linda Lee Danvers will be filled by Oliver Queen.
  10. I can't stress this enough: the 2005 FF movie is Not Very Good. However, the stuff it gets right, it gets so right. I watch it every couple of years.
  11. There's a small moment when Sam successfully curves the mug of beer around the bar, signifying that he has his juju back, where Ted Danson can visibly be seen taking a step back from the edge. It's a little thing, but it's a great visual moment of acting that ranks up there with THAT MOMENT in The Good Place season one in terms of reasons why Danson is a very, very good actor.