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  1. Dan

    Everything DC

    That needs to be better known for many reasons, not least of which is the utter meltdown a certain corner of fandom is certain to have. In all sincerity, though, it's awfully good to hear that. I'm pleased he's in a place where he can be open.
  2. Dan

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Not even kind of. He has another mega-franchise in Jurassic World, but they've given him the "beloved cinematic icon with a decades-long career" credit. He must have a hell of an agent.
  3. Dan

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Loved it, can't wait to see it again and drag Wendee to it. One big question I had:
  4. Dan


    SIM-bee-oat and SIM-bye-oat are both considered correct, although Marvel properties have only ever used the former.
  5. Dan


    ... sym-BUY-ote?
  6. Dan

    2017-2018 Television Season

    The only show I can think of offhand that I don't see there is iZombie.
  7. Dan

    Every comic you've read in 2018

    I wouldn't mind seeing Justice League Quarterly collected in there somewhere.
  8. Dan

    Every comic you've read in 2018

    I got this for Christmas, and it's still in the shrinkwrap. I'm dying to tear into it but this thing is fucking enormous and intimidating as hell. As for a second volume... yeah, Jones' stuff is going to be very quietly buried for a long time. If there was any way DC was ever going to try to figure out a way to rerelease his stuff, the recent announcement that he's agreed to plead guilty squashed that real quick.
  9. Dan

    The Doctor Who thread

    Apparently someone finally cut a check big enough for him to get the hell over himself, as it was announced that Christopher Eccleston is attending his first ever convention. I am seriously gobsmacked.
  10. Dan

    Every comic you've read in 2018

    Is this the one-shot from the late 80s-early 90s? I never read this but the hype around it was ENORMOUS for some reason.
  11. Dan

    Episode 1000

    Yeah, this is what happens when I decide to check in on the forums before opening Twitter. The timing sucked, and I certainly hope he feels better.
  12. Dan

    Episode 1000

    Short version: he's a hack who's fundamentally incapable of working on a project without inflating it full of references to his past work so that his fanboys can point and remember that Mallrats was a thing once. He's more intetested in selling himself as a brand than in directing, insulated himself from any actual criticism and never made any effort to grow as a writer and has become, at best, a technically competent TV director. All of this is supremely frustrating, as Clerks was legitimately gamechanging.
  13. Dan

    Animaniacs Thread

    I would seriously be shocked if they didn't all come back. Paulsen, especially, would start work tomorrow if he could.
  14. Dan

    2017 Holiday Swag Thread

    What'dja get? Wendee went WAY overboard and I have reaped the result. Twelve Doctors action figure set Annotated Watchmen Justice League International Omnibus Art of Atari Wolfenstein II Blu-ray set of all six TOS movies