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  1. Think "American McGee's Batman '66". You will like it. I'm not familiar with the actor but if I'm being 100% honest I won't miss Rose all that much. This opens the show up to some new avenues to go down and I'm here for it.
  2. The novelization by Alan Dean Foster (*cough*, sorry, "George Lucas") spent a lot of time on that scene. In the days before VHS it was very easy to convince yourself you had just forgotten about it.
  3. I saw this the other night and was absolutely fascinated by it.
  4. Again, not a lot going on there but please add it to BWP also.
  5. FFS. Say something if you need any help with any of this.
  6. DC Universe's series are doing alright, but not "prop up a streaming service all by their own" levels of success. The curious decision to stagger the shows so they air separately from each other means there's really only one show, maybe two, airing at any given time which makes it hard to justify the expense if you aren't super interested in reading old comics or catching up on old episodes of Superboy. Moving the shows that work to HBO Max or the CW makes a huge amount of sense.
  7. It wasn't Friends/Seinfeld level popular, but it was reasonably well watched and people knew who you were doing when you imitated Drescher. It was a bog-standard three-camera sitcom with a laugh track but it could get a chuckle every now and then.
  8. You can't underestimate what Christopher Lee brings to the party. His just being there brings this up a couple of notches.
  9. Turn Loose Our Death Rays And Kill Them All!: The Complete Works of Fletcher Hanks: Exactly what it says on the box, this hardcover collection from Fantagraphics puts together everything created by outsider comics artist/bugfuck angry nasty crazy person Fletcher Hanks during his brief career. For two years, between 1939 and 1941, Hanks churned out story after story of bizarre violence and weird vengeance, mostly for Fox Syndicate (Stardust the Super Wizard, an omnipotent alien who metes out ugly ironic punishments for evildoers that Michael Fleisher's Spectre would look at and say "Hey, not cool, man") and Fiction House (Fantomah, a jungle goddess who also spends a lot of time making various treasure hunters and poachers wish they'd never been born, and Big Red McClane, a lumberjack who never met a face he didn't want to punch), as well as a fleet of Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon ripoffs virtually indistinguishable from each other (Space Smith, Whirlwind Carter, Yank Wilson, son and so forth). These stories are absurd as fuck, clearly created by someone with a lot of anger at the world, and are a very bizarre blend of clean and cartoony while also being fascinatingly ugly. Most of this material was covered in two previous paperbacks, I Shall Destroy All The Civilized Planets! and You Shall Die By Your Own Evil Creation! As per usual, the actual book is a thing of beauty from Fantagraphics. Sturdy paper, beautiful design, just an incredible piece of work.
  10. Is this the one where Liefeld busts out his Todd McFarland impression?
  11. "Spoiler! It's not a real table!" is something I say nearly every day.
  12. Yeah, this felt like "we didn't give him an Oscar for Benjamin Button/Moneyball, it's his turn".
  13. Marvel Comics #1000 hardcover: Collects Marvel Comics #1000-1001. So #1000 was pretty good. 80 single-page stories celebrating the company year-by-year, all by a different team of creators, with a throughline from writer Al Ewing trying the history of the Marvel Universe together and reintroducing the concept of the Masked Raider, a minor Western character from Marvel Comics #1 that Mike and I spent a not-zero amount of time bagging on back in episode 750 of The Show, as a cosmic entity of vengeance that sounds like it might have the potential to be interesting if done right. Lots of good stuff in this. Issue #1001, not so much. The loose story is done away with entirely and this feels like an issue cobbled together out of the unused pages from the previous issue.
  14. Raiders of the Lost Ark: I haven't seen this in a very long time. I've always really liked it. This time I loved it. C'mon, it's Raiders. Also, this is the first time I was really struck by how gorgeous Karen Allen is.