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  1. Super Puzzle Fighter HD Remix... still... and i keep getting my ass kicked Madden 08' Can't wait for Mass Effect!
  2. Madden 08' Super Puzzle Fighter 2 HD Turbo Remix Fantastic Happy Wish Time Can't wait for Mass Effect!
  3. Looks like the they are looking towards "Lost" and "Heroes" for writers.
  4. DS - Theme Park (great sim... I love that micro-management stuff) 360 - Marvel Ultimate Alliance (great game... button mashing, but pretty cool story wise) Dreamcast - Marvel vs. Street Figher 2 (went old school here, but when my 360 was in the shop this came out of the closet and I haven't stopped playing it... I've unlocked almost everything) Hmm, looking at this I should really focus on work more... ah "F" that.
  5. I'm on Kil'Jaden. I feel the itch, but I don't think I'll get back into it... at least not for another month or 2.
  6. What relm are you on? I quit like a month ago. I needed a break.
  7. Gears of War Fables FF1 By the way my Game tag is Bent0 (that's with the number zero at the end)
  8. YouTubes comments are always interesting.
  9. Just suspended my WoW account and am playing Contact for the DS. Pretty fun game, kinda short though.
  10. Bento

    PS3 news

    Same thing happened to my friend, but he had two 20 gigs. Put them on Ebay and couldn't sell them. We chalked it up to the fact that they were the 20 gigs, but I guess it's happening with the 60 as well.
  11. Bento

    PS3 news

    I'd like to know if those places had stipulations on the purchase. Just like the store I went into that had the PS3.
  12. Bento

    PS3 news

    Here is my take on it. If Sony crumbles and follows the way of the Dreamcast (which it won't)... it was their own fault. I understand you want to drive up the hype factor by releasing a limited shipment, but then you get a sea of capitalistic pricks ruining it for everyone else. The way I know it is, in the first few years, the consoles do shit for them... it's the games that bring in the money. So, here we have the everyday business man, buying up all the consoles, selling them at prices that prevent the buyers from purchasing games. If you think about it, the man (Sony) is actually sticking
  13. World of Warcraft and the awesome Pheonix Write for the DS lite (very linear but really fun).