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  1. Episode 973

    Teaming up with Kelly once again, Pandy and Christian survey the damage and death wrought by fictional disasters, as well as the rescue efforts inspired by the havoc. [ 1:57:05 || 58.3 MB ]
  2. Episode 525

    This week Darryll and Desmond talk about a little-known film you probably haven't heard of: It. Devil Dinosaur Jr. gives us a Stay Scary of Fender Bender. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews the exploitation film Mr. No Legs. On top of that, there's not one but two giveaways, one clown-related and one creepy-doll-related. Songs included: "What If I?" by Pennywise, "Captive Bolt Pistol" by Carcass, "Hell Bent for Leather" by Judas Priest, "Shake a Leg" by AC / DC, and "The Chylde and the Clowne" by Owl. [ 1:36:20 || 46.5 MB ]
  3. Episode 524

    This week, Desmond and Duane review the 1973 underground cannibal film Death Line (AKA Raw Meat). Then, Devil Dinosaur Jr. gives us a Stay Scary on The Alchemist Cookbook. Finally, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews the other Stephen King adaptation that's not setting the world on fire right now: The Dark Tower. Songs included: "Underground" by Medication, "Cannibalistic Invasivorism" by Cattle Decapitation, "Run Away" by Smoking Popes, "Paint it Black" by The Rolling Stones, and "Tainted Empire" by Perturbator. [ 1:11:17 || 34.4 MB ]
  4. Episode 523

    As Monty Python used to say: "And now for something completely different!" This week, Dread Media helps take a stand against those who would put children in danger. Greg Lamberson joins Desmond for a discussion about Victor Salva, director of the upcoming third installation of his Jeepers Creepers series. In the discussion, they wonder why, when there are so many other thriving independent artists struggling to make films on pocket change, theatre chains like AMC and Regal Cinema, as well as producers like Francis Ford Coppola, continue to wholeheartedly support a convicted, unrepentant pedophile. Then, just so things don't drag the entire episode into an abyss of real-world horror, Devil Dinosaur Jr. gives us a Stay Scary on Green Room director (and upcoming True Detective mastermind) Jeremy Saulnier's early film Murder Party. Finally, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews War for the Planet of the Apes. Songs included: "Silver Rocket" by Sonic Youth, "The Ape's Shuffle" by Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle, and "Could this Be the End" by Brendon Small. Whatever the battle, Dread Media sides with the people trying to keep children safe. Anyone else is the enemy. [ 1:24:29 || 40.8 MB ]
  5. Episode 35

    The Riddler chases down a political dissident, with Kirk and his crew trapped in the middle ("Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"). And a childhood illness might hold the key for an ever-growing / never-dying population ("The Mark of Gideon"). [ 1:14:57 || 36.4 MB ]
  6. Episode 522

    This week, Dread Media once again travels to the world of childhood terror: children we should be afraid of, things children should be afraid of, and the power that some children can have and the world that hates them for it. First, Desmond and Duane look at the young life of a fascist ruler post-World War I in The Childhood of a Leader. Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid gives us a review of a prequel to a spinoff about a children's toy: Annabelle: Creation. Finally, Devil Dinosaur Jr. watches a girl with strange powers hunted by the forces of good and evil in The Visitor. And we've got songs as always: "Obedience School" by Dead Cross, "Little Bastard" by Ass Ponys, "Creepy Doll" by Jonathan Coulton, "Oppression" by Satan, and "Death Whispered a Lullaby" by Opeth. [ 1:20:25 || 38.8 MB ]
  7. Ian and Dave try out a new viewing format as they take their first trip to the 1970s with The Persuaders. In "Overture," Millionaire playboys Danny Wilde and Lord Brett Sinclair find themselves blackmailed into helping a retired Judge named Fulton into helping him to investigate the sister of a European crime kingpin. In "The Gold Napoleon," Danny meets a nice woman at the airport who is then shot by a sniper. With the press speculating that Danny was the intended victim, Danny resolves to discover the truth. In "Someone Like Me," Brett is kidnapped and kept in a fake hospital. Upon getting back home he becomes convinced that someone has created a doppelgänger, but truth is much more sinister. They also discuss the impressive stunt prowess of Tony Curtis, the good and bad things that come with 70s TV, and are reunited with the writer that brought them together as a podcast team to begin with. [ 2:18:53 || 54.9 MB ]
  8. What better way to celebrate the twin accomplishments of Ian's impending house ownership, and Burt Reynolds' entire film career than having a Pandy editing special? The Brother's Wilson investigate three films around the pinnacle of his popularity: the sexy rootin, tootin musical The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas; the banjo and sodomy classic Deliverance; and the mothertruckin' Smokey and the Bandit. Listen in to hear some of Reynolds' amazing pithy one-liners, discover Pandy's deep history with one of the films, find out how Ian would use Emmett Brown to improve a film, and hear The Brothers saying they don't want to speak ill of the dead despite speaking ill of the dead. [ 2:38:27 || 76.5 MB ]
  9. "If you were going to give the United States of America an enema, you'd stick the hose right here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!" Yes, this week Raw emanates from the Steel City as the build to SummerSlam continues. Sable finds herself next to a stack of cash as Vince struggles to connect with his audience, Shotgun is missing and presumed miss-able, the Godwinns are in a real love / hate situation, and we catch up with The Undertaker at home prior to his match with The Hitman. [ 1:54:38 || 55.1 MB ]
  10. Episode 972

    The sun was blotted out, and there was nothing to do but watch. Nope, not the 2017 solar eclipse, but DC Comics' 1996 four-issue event: Final Night. [ 50:00 || 26.1 MB ]
  11. Episode 521

    It's a week of cinematic oddities this week on Dread Media with two weirdo Japanese films and a tribute to the late George Romero sandwiched in between. First up, Desmond and Duane try to go in depth on Sion Sono's bizarre film Tag. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid talks about his love for Romero's labor of love: Knightriders. Then Devil Dinosaur Jr. goes back to 1973 to review the dreamlike rape / revenge animated Japanese film Belladonna of Sadness. Keep Dread Media weird! Songs include: "All of Our Lives Will Get Tried" by Superjoint Ritual, "Tag, You're It!" by Alice Cooper, "Neon Knights" by Black Sabbath, "Sadder than You" by Fig. 4, and "She Lives in Color" by Shooter Jennings. Enjoy! [ 1:08:45 || 33.2 MB ]
  12. Episode 971

    Nearly 40 years ago, Nicholas Hammond debuted as a certain wall-crawler in the live-action television program The Amazing Spider-Man. Today, Dan and Mike discuss the first feature-length episode, but they also diverge into Spider-Man: Homecoming and the oddity that is the Rocky franchise. [ 1:06:20 || 34.9 MB ]
  13. Episode 520

    Welcome to the first post-Europe podcast for Dread Media. It's been at least six weeks since Desmond has recorded a podcast, even though it's only been a week since the last Dread Media. Desmond kicks off the show by running down the Europe trip and then telling a story about the time last night his little dog fought a cougar. And not a fun cougar. A real one. Then, having enough with reality, the show veers into science fiction as Desmond interviews authors David Agranoff and Edward R Morris about their collaborative epic, dirty sci-fi novel out now from Grand Mal Press: Flesh Trade. The guys discuss their influences and their process for collaborating, as well as other projects in an hour-long interview. Then, keeping the sci-fi going, Rich the Monster Movie Kid tells us his thoughts about Luc Besson's return to the genre in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Some cosmic tunes for you: "Enslaver" by Ram, "Slave New World" by Sepultura, "Space Oddity" by David Bowie, and "Space Police" by Edguy. [ 1:48:10 || 52.1 MB ]
  14. Episode 970 and collide in this Qo'noS-sized edition of List and Shout! This time, Pandy and Christian are joined by Peter and Anne-Marie Organ of the bOrgcast! Together, the four discuss the aliens they'd most like to meet (RE: go to the pub with), their favorite alien worlds, and the lamest aliens overall. [ 1:44:05 || 51.7 MB ]
  15. In this episode, where we look at House of Mystery #157, Robby Reed ricochets around the place, melts a bridge, and goes blind. (Get your mind out of the gutter!) [ 9:39 || 11.8 MB ]