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  1. This week on Dread Media, Desmond and Tom take in a double feature of disappointing dark superhero movies. Up first, Superman's origin story gets an uninspired spin in Brightburn. Then, things get worse when they review the Finnish vigilante film Rendel: Dark Vengeance. At least there are some great music: "One of You" by Silvertomb, "Superman" by Duff McKagan, "Out for Blood" by Sum 41, and "Vengeance (The Pact)" by Blue Oyster Cult. [ 1:01:44 || 29.9 MB ]


  2. This week on Dread Media, Desmond is joined by Adam, Brittney, Jeff, and Scott to review a Mick Garris production: the anthology film Nightmare Cinema. Then, Tom Deja stops by to take a look at Without Warning. Songs included: "Nightmare" by Brendon Small, "Friends Forever" by Zack Attack, "Without Warning" by Dokken, and "Someone Else's Nightmare" by Early Man. [ 52:05 || 25.2 MB ]


  3. Possibly the least likely subject for Hey, an Actor! in its history, our hosts nevertheless take one of the few female actors to grace The Year of the Rings, which is Evangeline Lilly. Ian finally gets to watch Real Steel, whereas hidden gem Little Evil graces Pandy's eyeballs for the first time, and The Hobbit is revisited with middle chapter The Desolation of Smaug. Along the way, we find out that where these films cross over with start-up wrestling promotion AEW, which staffer has a brief history with Evangeline Lilly, and how a fellow Leicestrian basically prolongs the Hobbit trilogy by being a b*stard. Also, we discover how often Tom Hemmings gets name-dropped on a typical episode of HAA, and The Brothers Wilson are once again haunted by their former Emailbot. [ 2:40:57 || 77.6 MB ]


  4. This week on Dread Media, we do a double feature of a rebooted Wes Craven series as Desmond and Duane review The Hills Have Eyes and The Hills Have Eyes 2 from 2006 and 2007 respectively. But first, a state of the podcast address! And of course there's music: "Earth AD" by The Misfits, and three songs titled "The Hills Have Eyes" by The Meteors, LoudLion, and The 69 Eyes. [ 1:01:22 || 29.7 MB ]


  5. Ian and Dave are back reviewing their most recent series to date: 2016 UK show Crazyhead. In "A Very Trippy Horse," Amy is a woman who works in a bowling alley and is dealing with her mental health. One day her world is turned upside down when she meets Raquel, who tells her that the things that she can see aren't hallucinations, demons are real, and they can both see them. In "A Pine Fresh Scent," Amy and Raquel have to deal with the fallout from an exorcism, and the demons send a problem solver to take out their one demon ally. They invent the "Jake Gauge" to track the likeability of one character, and Old Man Wilson shakes his fist at the kids. [ 1:37:19 || 71.3 MB ]


  6. This week on Dread Media, Jeff Goldblum smolders in an obscure film that is better left obscure in Desmond and Tom's review of Mister Frost. Rich the Monster Movie Kid props up the show with the only good movie being discussed as he talks the Vincent Price film From a Whisper to a Scream. Finally, Tom regrettably goes back to school to follow up last week's review with Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp. Sorry for the horrible audio on my end. Songs will make it better: "Die for the Devil" by Enforcer, "Sympathy for the Devil" by Motorhead, "From a Whisper to a Scream" by Elvis Costello and The Attractions, "School's Out" by Robben, and "Diagnosis" by The Wildhearts. [ 1:20:58 || 39.1 MB ]


  7. This week on Dread Media, the George A. Romero classic finally gets its due on the show as Darryll and Desmond review Dario Argento's European Cut of the original Dawn of the Dead. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews the obscure Vincent Price-starring anthology film Escapes. And finally, Tom reviews the Korean horror film Death Bell. Songs included: "Consumed of the Dead" by Occultist, "Zaratozom" by Goblin, "Escape" by Metallica, "Incubus" by Walking After U, and "The Last Rager" by Municipal Waste. [ 1:12:21 || 35.0 MB ]


  8. This week on Dread Media, Desmond and Tom take a look at the Weird Western cosmic horror film Dead Birds. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid takes a look at the obscure Vincent Price film Bloodbath at the House of Death. Then, Tom is back to discuss RV: Resurrected Victims. And there are also songs: "Controlled by Fear" by Toxic Holocaust, "Golden Bough" by Sleep of Monsters, "House of Death" by Manowar, "Victims" by Lacuna Coil. [ 1:16:22 || 36.9 MB ]


  9. During the course of a routine murder investigation, a semi-retired superhero's identity is unearthed. As thread upon thread is unraveled, a broader conspiracy is revealed. But maybe not the one an amateur detective has concocted. And thus begins the world of Watchmen. [ 1:54:37 || 55.5 MB ]


  10. Before the official launch of 12 Minutes to Midnight: The Watchmen Podcast, Dan Toland and Michael David Sims take some time to discuss the origins of Watchmen, how they came to the series, the portions they've skipped over in the past, and Rorschach's status as a hero. [ 51:35 || 25.2 MB ]


  11. Before the official launch of 12 Minutes to Midnight: The Watchmen Podcast, Dan Toland and Michael David Sims take some time to discuss the origins of Watchmen, how they came to the series, the portions they've skipped over in the past, and Rorschach's status as a hero. [ 45:38 || 22.4 MB ]


  12. This week on Dread Media, we face some hard truths. In the past, Saint Keanu could do no wrong, so what did Desmond and Duane think of Eli Roth's Knock Knock? And, will Tom Deja finally find a neo-grindhouse film that he enjoys? Let's listen to his review of the Korean film Revenger to find out. There are, of course, songs: "Don't Come Back Knockin'" by Buddy Holly, "Knock Knock" by The Hives, "Revenge of the Batmask" by BAT!, and "Last Man Standing" by Sturgill Simpson. Please got to and to help out a Dreadite in need. [ 53:12 || 25.8 MB ]


  13. "Captain! There be whales here!" Those five little words perfectly sum up the whole of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Listen in as Dan, Dave, and Mike have a blast talking through what is the strangest but also the funniest entry in the Star Trek movie catalog. Also: Please subscribe to Dan and Mike's new podcast, 12 Minutes to Midnight: The Watchmen Podcast.



    [ 3:09:15 || 91.3 MB ]


  14. Prepare for trouble, and make it double. To protect the world from devastation. To unite all peoples within our Nation. Its Week 43 of The Cure, and the Nation of Domination are seeking revenge on the Harts for a racist attack, Bret is challenged by Ken Shamrock for the title, Mankind pledges revenge on Kane, and The Boricuas get their rightful main event spot. Oh, and Shawn Michaels tries to ruin everything. Team Rocky blast off at the speed of light, surrender now or prepare to fight! [ 1:42:30 || 49.3 MB ]


  15. Blistering barnacles, Batman! This time on List and Shout, Christian teams up with Donovan to open the gush-gates for their all-time favorite sidekicks and henchmen, as well as pour scorn and derision on the shoddiest examples of each. But, before that, Mike makes a huge announcement regarding a brand new podcast called 12 Minutes to Midnight. To follow this new show, please copy these two links: [ 2:46:30 || 81.8 MB ]