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  1. Get ritualistic with us this week. Whether your supernatural conjuring is done with just a prick of blood, a lengthened sequence of self-mutilation, or whether your ritual is meant to keep something away, we've got it all this week. First, you may want to rethink trying to conjure the Goddess Ishtar after listening to Desmond and Duane's review of American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice. Then, don't be a dummy and try on random masks in a movie theatre! Rich the Monster Movie Kid knows that now that he's seen Lamberto Bava's Demons. Finally, wrestling fan metalheads try to rescue a poor girl with symbols carved in her body, but are they doing the right thing? Read Adam Howe and James Newman's Scapegoat to find out. All that, plus some great music for your pre-ritual get-together: "Body and Blood" by Ghost, "Accept My Sacrifice" by Suicidal Tendencies, "Save Our Souls" by Motley Crue, "Sin and Sacrifice" by DevilDriver, and "The Ritual" by Testament. [ 1:27:56 || 42.4 MB ]


  2. In his effort to rehabilitate Missy, The Doctor drops the TARDIS into an unwinnable predicament. And Bill pays the ultimate price ("World Enough and Time"). Then, to save Bill and a handful of Mondasians, The Doctor attempts to persuade Missy and The Master to join him in one final battle ("The Doctor Falls"). [ 1:14:05 || 35.8 MB ]


  3. If you ever pine for the "good ol' days" of Dread Media, then enjoy that this week your host speaks through a tooth dangling out of his face. If that's too extreme for you, maybe this isn't the episode for you. First, Tom and Desmond review the brand new horror film that is trying desperately to be disturbing: Extremity. Then, Devil Dinosaur Jr. gives us a brand new Stay Scary segment on a film that is actually disturbing: Angst. There are songs as well: "Extremity Retained" by Napalm Death, "I'll be Careful, You'll be Dead" by Perdition, "Plans" by Bloc Party, and "Extremities" by Killing Joke. [ 1:05:30 || 31.7 MB ]


  4. Spock, Uhura, and Sulu are held prisoner by a race in search of a devastating weapon ("The Slaver Weapon"). Kirk, Spock, and McCoy become exhibits in a zoo ("The Eye of the Beholder"). And a D&D party is formed to prevent a galaxy-spanning war ("The J-"). [ 58:10 || 28.4 MB ]


  5. This month Pandy and Ian go toe-to-toe with The Muscles from Brussels himself: Jean-Claude Van Damme! In Pandy's front room, The Brothers Wilson chart the rise and fall of everyone's favorite kick-ass Belgian, focusing on recent low-key comedy Welcome to the Jungle, self-indulgent twaddle Double Impact, and amazingly bad / terribly brilliant video game adaptation Street Fighter. Questions also raised in today's episode include: In which of these films was JCVD coked out of his mind throughout filming? To whom will the brothers send either flowers or a pencil? And, what do the next two years of Hey, an Actor! have in store for Ian and Pandy? All this, plus Pandy has to blow his nose throughout the episode. Happy October! [ 2:19:44 || 67.5 MB ]


  6. We here at Dread Media hope your post-Halloween hangover is going okay. To help you out, we have three reviews of three very recent horror films. First up, Desmond took a special trip to go see Mandy with Darryll in Vancouver. Then, Devil Dinosaur Jr. returns for a brand new Stay Scary, in which he reviews Summer of '84. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews Halloween (2018). Of course, there are tunes: "Forging the Beast" by Johann Johannsson; "A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh" by Celtic Frost; "Suburbia" by Press Club; "Don't Fear the Reaper (Instrumental)" by Tribunal; and "Halloween Theme" by John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies. [ 1:18:26 || 37.9 MB ]


  7. The 13th year of The Show is celebrated with the return of The Flickchart Forum. Ian Wilson is joined by the host of that very first episode of The Show, Michael David Sims, and the Hypnogoria head honcho, Jim Moon, as they rank the pre-2018 entries of the Halloween franchise as the latest installment is in cinemas. From Carpenter's classic to Rob Zombie's remakes, with Paul Rudd, Michelle Williams, and Busta Rhymes somewhere in the middle, the trio offer up the most varied lists The Forum has yet to feature. Hey, an Actor is referenced to demonstrate why Pandy Wilson was not invited to appear, whilst alternate versions of certain films are discussed, Ian notes why Rob Zombie is significant to his Flickchart, and one particular host makes a vastly baffling choice. [ 2:45:26 || 81.4 MB ]


  8. After 10 years and 178 episodes, Animezing Podcast was down to only one remaining project to complete. Today, with Kellen Scrivens and James Trenchard's review of the tenth and final episode of the Hellsing Ultimate OVA, that project is completed. Join the two longtime friends as they finish up a tale of vampires killing Nazi's while reminiscing about the last 10 years of life, podcasts, and the evolution of animation in that time. Thank you, one and all. [ 1:12:10 || 34.7 MB ]


  9. Ian and Dave cover another two episodes of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). In "Painkillers," Jeff and Jeanie are sent undercover by the government to investigate the enigmatic Colonel Anger who has discovered a pain delaying drug that Wyvern says could cause chaos for the spirit world. In "Marshall and Snellgrove," Jeff and Jeanie get a high paying case but discover that their client's brother has hired the rival detectives who work in their building. When one of their rivals is killed, Marty must help him avoid the spectral authorities until they can solve his murder. They also discuss subgenres of Buckaroo and discovery why Dave is podcasting from his bed. [ 2:02:48 || 89.9 MB ]


  10. It's all of our favorite holiday season, so my Halloween gift to Duane is that we're reviewing an anthology film together. An anthology film based on holidays called Holidays. Get it? And that's not all! Rich the Monster Movie Kid finishes The Bloodthirsty Trilogy with a review of The Evil of Dracula. How about some holiday carols? "Halloween" by Mastodon, "Holiday" by Duff McKagan, "Nosferatu" by Electric Food, and "Halloween (Video Edit)" by Helloween. [ 1:14:56 || 36.2 MB ]


  11. A PPV from Manchester, England and the first ever weekly TV show to emanate live from the World's Most Famous Arena are the highlights of Week 38 of A Cure for the Common Podcast. The dos and don'ts of how to handle a popular wrestler's homecoming, the match Bret Hart has deemed his last great WWF contest, the continuation of the worst tournament in the history of professional wrestling, and something about Vince McMahon and Steve Austin you might have heard about are all covered this week. [ 4:45:23 || 137.1 MB ]


  12. 'Tis the season to be spooky, and Skyler Queen and Will Ackerman are ready to celebrate by looking at a classic 1990s slasher movie: Scream! Along the way they discuss queer-coding in horror movies, some killer fashion, and why some rules are made to be broken. [ 2:58:25 || 86.8 MB ]


  13. As of this writing, Halloween (2018) has netted over $100 million in its opening week. On a budget estimated to be no more than $15 million, the $85 million gross all but guarantees a sequel will be in the works before you finish reading this sentence. But what it also guarantees are more continuations of horror franchises from the 1970s and 80s. Not remakes, mind you. We've already had remakes of A Nightmare on Elm Street, which went nowhere as a fresh franchise. Friday the 13th, which was a rather solid Jason movie, also failed to spawn a new series of movies. And Halloween itself had the two Rob Zombie movies, but that remake series seems to be dead now. What we're talking about here are continuations of the original movies. While that might seem like a cynical takeaway, Hollywood is well-known for not being able to resist a trend. Or, starting one when they see the potential to make money hand over fist. Considering how little money it takes to make a horror movie, the financial investment is hardly a risk, so you can't really blame them.


  14. This week on Dread Media, a psychiatrist specializing in PTSD has her limits tested in Desmond and Tom's review of Clinical. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews the second film in The Bloodthirsty Trilogy: Lake of Dracula. Of course there are tunes: "A Masters in Reverse Psychology" by Murder by Death, "Therapy" by The Damned, "Mark of the Vampire" by The Coffinshakers, and "Shrink" by Dead Kennedys. [ 1:01:37 || 29.8 MB ]


  15. This week on Dread Media, Darryll and Desmond help Chuck Norris roundhouse kick Satanism in our review of the very regrettable Hellbound. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid classes the place up with his review of the first film in The Bloodthirsty Trilogy: The Vampire Doll. Of course, there are tunes to help us ring in the best season of all: "Little Demon" by The Chuck Norris Experience, "Hellbound" by Pantera, "Haunted" by Evanescence, and "Northern October" by The Northern Ontario Black Metal Preservation Society. [ 59:23 || 28.7 MB ]


  16. This week on Dread Media, close relations go to a secluded place and terrible stuff happens. It's exactly what you think it is, but with a twist! First, Desmond and Duane review the bizarre, emotionally driven cult film The Invitation. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid discusses a cabin getaway gone wrong in the brand new monster film Exposure. There are some songs too: "Dead With My Friends" by Iron Reagan, "All My Friends Are Dead" by Turbonegro, "Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace, and "Beastland" by Author & Punisher. [ 1:07:16 || 32.5 MB ]


  17. Shawn goes into business for himself, Bret verges on losing his professional edge, Taker is trapped in a steel cage of his own making, and Austin is doing Looney Tunes skits with King. And the Pillman storyline is messed up. What can save us this week? Any wrestler under 200 pounds. Have fun with this as we discuss whether we had fun with this! [ 2:23:34 || 69.0 MB ]


  18. Having garnered feedback as to which Hollywood actors the podcast community would be uncomfortable with The Brothers Wilson tackling, this episode sees our hosts cover the people's choice from the previous Tomlinson awards: the decidedly unproblematic Tom Cruise! Always mindful of the podcast's legal budget, this episode covers the respectable Michael Mann crime thriller Collateral; the film Ian forgets he's reviewing by the end in Top Gun; and the film for which Pandy reveals far too much about himself in the quest for the perfect review, which is Eyes Wide Shut. Also on the docket is a frankly shocking Harvey Keitel impression, thoughts on James Nesbitt's film career, inspirations for Wilson baby names, and the fundamental debate as to whether Stanley Kubrick is, in fact, rubbish. Finally, our hosts put up the 2019 future of the podcast to a vote. What say you, listeners? [ 2:57:29 || 85.1 MB ]


  19. It's been 34 years in the making, but our old friend Greg Lamberson has finally been able to make his 1980s heavy metal horror film, Johnny Gruesome. It's out in two weeks and he's already completed filming on another film: Widow's Point, an adaptation of Richard and Billy Chizmar's novella of the same name. He's here to chat about the making of both films. Bookmarking our conversation is a trio of gruesome tunes: "A Gruesome Time" by Mercyful Fate, "Gruesome" by Dean and Giasone Italiano, and "Gruesome" by Gruesome. [ 1:08:24 || 33.1 MB ]


  20. The guys discuss the forthcoming Star Trek: Short Treks micro-series, the return of Jean-Luc Picard, the awesomeness of Harry Mudd, and the possible loss of Chris Pine as Captain Kirk. Then Kirk and the crew are shrunk in an effort to gain their attention ("The Terratin Incident"), they're trapped in a space Bermuda Triangle ("The Time Trap"), and turned into fish-people for reasons ("The Ambergris Element"). [ 57:15 || 27.9 MB ]

  21. This week on Dread Media, we thought we'd counter all the good news about the Catholic church that's come out lately by discussing brighter things. Well, not really. Lying is a sin. I should be careful with that. First, Tom Deja and Desmond have some very strong words for William Friedkin in their review of his recent documentary The Devil and Father Amorth. Then, in a review of a more believable film, Rich the Monster Movie Kid runs down The Conjuring series and its most recent iteration, The Nun. We've got some rosaries and Hail Marys for you as well: "I Don't Wanna Be No Catholic Boy" by Dead Boys, "The Exorcist" by The Hellacopters, "Heresy" by Nine Inch Nails, and "Catholic Blood" by Scott Kelly. [ 1:05:10 || 31.5 MB ]