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  1. Ian and Dave conclude their look at The Persuaders with three more episodes. In "The Morning After," Brett wakes with a sore head to discover that he is married, while Danny's investigations lead him to Brett being used to derail international peace talks. In "A Death in the Family," someone is killing off Brett's relatives one by one and suspicion falls on other members of his family. And in "To the Death, Baby," Danny and Brett decide to step in when a known con man attempts to inveigle his way into the affections of a young heiress, but things are not what they seem. They also discuss the number of guest stars who have been in Doctor Who, marvel at Roger Moore as a master of disguise, and stumble across an odd IMDB biography. Statistician Ian also returns to inform them what they will be covering for the next episode. [ 2:23:14 || 56.0 MB ]

  2. This week, we try something a little different. You see, Desmond and Duane planned on reviewing the Netflix original horror comedy directed by McG: The Babysitter. Then former Married to Movies cohost (and Desmond's wife) asked to watch it with him. Not one to turn down watching a horror film with his non-horror fan wife, Desmond obliged. So, Desmond and Duane review the film, with Megan interjecting throughout. Then, Devil Dinosaur Jr. gives us a Stay Scary on the Aussie revenge film The Horseman. Songs included: "Innocent Blood" by Ringworm, "I Just Want to Make Love to You" by Foghat, "Revenge" by Archers of Loaf, and "Justice Keepers" by Bad Brains. [ 1:07:57 || 32.8 MB ]


  3. Spock finds love 5000 years in the past ("All Our Yesterdays"), and Kirk is body-swapped with an ex-girlfriend ("Turnabout Intruder"). Not only do the guys look back at the whole of season three of Star Trek, they reveal the upcoming The Edge of Forever / Bigger on the Inside schedule, and eat tasty treats. They also dive headfirst into the pure, unmitigated misogyny of one of the episodes. And Mike kills any chance of gaining a particular sponsor thanks to the outtake. [ 1:32:30 || 44.9 MB ]


  4. This week, Dread Media is proud to present an interview with actor and professional wrestler John Hennigan (AKA John Morrison, Johnny Impact, and Johnny Mundo) about his new films, Never Leave Alive and Boone: The Bounty Hunter, as well as his work with Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling. Then Devil Dinosaur Jr. gives a Stay Scary segment on the film The Zero Boys. There are songs as well: "Slam Anthem" by Gama Bomb, "Bent (Sudden Impact)" by Propagandhi, "Civilization's Dying" by Zero Boys, and "Night Prowler" by AC/DC. RIP Malcolm Young. [ 57:23 || 27.8 MB ]


  5. In this edition of Earth-2-in-1, Dan and Mike tackle two... interesting issues. First, a mind-controlled Thor attacks The Thing and his teammates (Marvel Two-in-One #9), then Superman and Batman tell off their super-sons after the boys make a few errors in judgment (World's Finest Comics #230). [ 58:51 || 31.0 MB ]


  6. This week, Darryll and Desmond return to the oeuvre of Dutch action-horror maestro Dick Maas by taking a look at two of his killer elevator movies. First up, the 1983 understated Dutch flick Der Lift, and then his own American remake in 2001's Down. Actually, they only like one of these movies so they end up talking about it a lot. Then, Devil Dinosaur Jr. invades your home with his Stay Scary of Torment. Tunes included: "Going Down" by The Creepshow, "Waydown" by Catherine Wheel, "Wild Rabbit" by Sean Spillane, and "As the Worm Turns" by Faith No More. RIP Chuck Mosley. [ 1:02:18 || 30.1 MB ]


  7. Redheads aplenty as Hey, an Actor! profiles one of modern cinema's more acclaimed actresses: Nicole Kidman. The Brothers Wilson chart her starring role in Baz Luhrmann's love-letter to his nation, Australia; her dark comedy career steppingstone, To Die For; and her Oscar-winning performance in The Hours, opposite previous HAA subjects Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore. Our hosts spend time reminiscing about a teacher's wall, and bracing themselves for the return of sound effects brought on by covering a film co-starring Joaquim Bottom. Plus: Pandy fails to immediately recognize actors who have had roles in Game of Thrones, David Wenham drops in for a chat, and one host embarrasses himself by concluding that a real-life author once had superpowers. [ 3:03:39 || 88.6 MB ]


  8. This week, Dread Media presents an interview 10 years in the making! Filmmaker Joe Lynch is here to talk about his brand new movie: Mayhem. It's awesome and it comes out this Friday, so go see it. Listen to the interview first. There's also a Stay Scary where Devil Dinosaur Jr. uncomfortably talks about ridiculous sex moves and even sings a song in his review of Donkey Punch. Then, we still don't have all the details on what crime Rich the Monster Movie Kid committed, but we know his community service was watching and reviewing The Snowman. And of, course, there are songs: "Abyss of Woe" by GWAR, "Motherfucker" by Faith No More, "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John, "Snowblind" by Styx, and "This Ends Now" by Steve Moore. [ 1:23:26 || 40.3 MB ]


  9. During a medical crisis, Kirk and Spock find themselves battling an oppressive society ("The Cloud Minders"). Then the duo teams with Space Lincoln and Vulcan Jesus in a battle of ultimate good versus ultimate evil ("The Savage Curtain"). (Note: Mike mistakenly said "Kahless of Vulcan" when he meant "Kahless of Qo'noS.") [ 1:06:10 || 32.2 MB ]


  10. It's Previews time! In this episode Mike visits The Planet of the Apes, reveals a McCarthy-era take on Snagglepuss, and crosses dimensions as the Battlestar Galactica takes on the Battlestar Galactica! (Note: Mike mistakenly called a Dark Horse series Kitchen Nightmares: Hungry Ghosts #1. It is, in fact, Hungry Ghosts #1.) [ 35:44 || 19.8 MB ]


  11. In this jam-packed 12th anniversary episode of The Show: Dave and Mike discuss recent geeky media, including trailers for The Punisher and Runaways, as well as some Doctor Who casting; then Mike asks if USAvengers #11 and Wonder Woman #33 are good jumping-on points; he then reviews the forthcoming film My Friend Dahmer; and, lastly, it's the spoooooky return of 1st Issue Special! [ 2:37:56 || 78.0 MB ]


  12. Animezing Podcast returns for its annual Halloween tradition as Kellen Scrivens and James Trenchard (nominally) provide running commentary for Hellsing Ultimate OVA IX. In between observations, catch up with the two as they cover the last year of happenings in anime, including clubs, shows, and Kellen's return to Ai-Kon. [ 52:06 || 24.1 MB ]


  13. This week's episode celebrates Halloween in the only way we know how: talking about movies. And, of course, no Halloween season is complete without a chat with our friend Greg Lamberson. As such, he's the runner of the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival which starts this week, so we talk about a lot of movies. Also, Devil Dinosaur Jr. wants to get nuts, so he gets nuts with Blood Rage. We also pay tribute to two musicians we lost this week. RIP Scott "Daisy Berkowitz" Putesky and Martin Eric Ain. Songs: "Get Your Gunn" by Marilyn Manson, "Beyond Electric Dreams" by Bad Religion, "Institutionalized" by Suicidal Tendencies, and "A Dying God Coming into Human Flesh" by Celtic Frost. [ 1:39:17 || 47.9 MB ]


  14. Dave and Ian cover three episodes of The Persuaders as voted for by listeners. In "The Old, the New and the Deadly," Danny finds himself targeted by evil Nazi Patrick Troughton due to a case of mistaken identity. In "That's Me Over There," Brett's investigation into businessman Thaddeus Krane leads him to being kidnapped, and Danny must impersonate Brett in order to get vital information. And in "The Man in the Middle," Brett doing a favor for Judge Fulton leads to a case of mistaken identity as they try to uncover a mole in British intelligence. Danny and Brett's third cousin, Terry-Thomas, must stage a rescue. They also discuss Roger Moore's superhero alter ego, Brettman; characters regularly reaming unnamed on screen for most of the episodes; bring down the imagined legal wrath of the Association of Tennis Professionals; and are delighted to be reunited with two actors from Blake's 7. [ 2:24:06 || 56.3 MB ]


  15. This week, three reviews of three very different films. First up, Desmond and Duane review Phil Stevens' hypnotically grotesque and nasty extreme horror film Lung. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid takes on a lesser known Vincent Price film: Cry of the Banshee. Finally, Darryll and Desmond review Sandy Collora's aquatic creature feature short film Shallow Water. And, of course, there are tunes: "Breathe (In the Air)" by Doom Side of the Moon, "Zodiac Lung" by Monster Magnet, "Spellbound" by Siouxsee and the Banshees, "Breathing from the Shallows" by Yob, and "Behind the Fall" by Black Mountain. Enjoy! [ 1:21:05 || 39.1 MB ]


  16. First, Mike takes a look at Batman #33 and Doctor Strange #26. Specifically he asks one question: "Are these good jumping-on points?" Then Dan and Will are back for more untitled fun as they take a look at the animated adventures of Flash Gordon, covering The New Adventures of Flash Gordon, Defenders of the Earth, and 1996's Flash Gordon. Also: Why Will should be in charge of King Features Syndicated Cinematic Universe. (Note: Mike said Joëlle Jones colored Batman #33. This is an error. Jordie Bellaire colored the issue.) [ 1:16:30 || 39.8 MB ]


  17. A mere three months before the first Blade movie changed the course of comic book cinema, Fox premiered Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD. Thanks to an odd combination of gritty cinematography and campy acting choices, Dan and Mike have much to say about this mixed bag. Before all that, however, Mike promotes the renewed Patreon page: If you have the means, please consider supporting The Show by becoming a monthly patron. [ 1:00:45 || 31.3 MB ]


  18. This week, Desmond starts the show off announcing the debut of Dread Media's Patreon page. For a decade, Dread Media has given you free weekly content without fail. Please see fit to visit to check out the tiers and rewards available to see what's right for you. Every little bit helps! Now, this week's episode deals with all disappointing films. Thank goodness the reviews are good! First up, Desmond and Duane review The Ice Cream Truck, a film that didn't know what it was even though both Des and Duane knew and wanted it to pay off. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid doesn't have as much fun as the title implies in his review of The Deadly Bees. Then Devil Dinosaur Jr. wants more in his review of Small Town Killers. Want some songs? I got yer songs right here: "When All Your Fears Collide" by Propagandhi, "Satan's Ice Cream Truck" by Strapping Young Lad, "That's All I Need You For" by The Birds, "Love Goes on Forever" by Love Shop, and "The Great Disappointment" by AFI. [ 1:18:11 || 37.8 MB ]


  19. This week, death does a lot of stuff. Some good, some horrible. First up, death stalks the Red Light District and the canals of Amsterdam as Darryll and Desmond review Amsterdamned. Then, Devil Dinosaur Jr. tries to get a handle on what death does in a double feature of the giallos Death Walks on High Heels and Death Walks at Midnight. Before I get to the music, I also wanted to say that death also happened to pull Tom Petty away from us this week. RIP Tom Petty. Songs included: "Joy Through Death" by Grave Pleasures, "Canals in the City" by Year of the Flood, "Strutter" by KISS, "Living After Midnight" by Judas Priest, and "Supernatural Radio" by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. [ 1:20:12 || 38.7 MB ]