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  1. This week, Dread Media takes a look at films with multiple slashers in them. First, Darryll and Desmond give an in-depth review of the 2001 French-Canadian film Slashers. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid opts for something more modern, with a classic twist in his review of 2016's The Barn. We also give away an Arrow Video copy of Lucio Fulci's Don't Torture a Duckling at the top of the show! Songs to slash to: "Slash N' Burn" by Manic Street Preachers, "Slasher Hysteria" by Aborted, "The Scarecrow" by Avantasia, and "Code of the Slashers" by Cannibal Corpse. [ 1:25:25 || 41.2 MB ]


  2. On Monday Night Raw, Rocky Maivia cuts his first promo as a heel, and in the main event two first-time pairings collide as The Undertaker and Mankind face Shawn Michaels and Hunter Hearst Helmsley. What seemed like such an inconspicuous week at the time, in fact, laid the groundwork of the wrestling industry for years to come and Tom and Kellen break it all down. [ 2:27:31 || 68.2 MB ]


  3. Dan and Mike return to The Edge of Forever to look back at all things from the original series of Star Trek. They cover favorite guest characters, best episodes, reality versus perception of the show's tropes, the cultural impact of the three-season show, and more. But what's this? There's more! As an added bonus, they begin their dive into Star Trek: The Animated Series right here! That's right, Dan and Mike cover "Beyond the Farthest Star." [ 1:48:39 || 52.6 MB ]


  4. They said it couldn't be done. They said it shouldn't be done. But The Brothers Wilson have defied expectations to present the 50th episode of Hey, an Actor! Dedicating this milestone episode to Lebanon's greatest actor, Keanu Reeves, the hosts look at 80s comedy classic Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, modern action-revenge classic John Wick, and seminal sci-fi action special effects showcase The Matrix. All your favorite features are here: jingles, The Heather Graham Moment, a Pandy parody, Joaquim Bottom! Also: The debut appearance of Evie Wilson, Ian introducing Pandy to the nadir of 21st century WWE gimmicks (The Boogeyman), and Pandy's unique method of making everyone's name smutty. And the show even finds the time to plug a good cause, if that is a truly adequate description of Pandy's singing society: [ 3:15:14 || 94.1 MB ]


  5. Dave and Ian have a fine old time watching another three episodes of Wonderfalls. In "Karma Chameleon," Jaye meets a shy woman called Bianca who has a stutter. The animals tell her to "get her words out," but it turns out that Bianca is not all that she appears to be and that Jaye's instructions turn out to have an altogether different meaning. In "Wound Up Penguin," Jaye and Eric find themselves helping a cheese-loving nun who has lost her faith, and a penguin tells Jaye to "bring her home to him." Eric finds himself having to confront his unhappy past, and Jaye's instructions turn out to have an altogether different meaning. And in "Crime Dog," Jaye and Aaron find themselves in trouble with the law after their housekeeper is deported to Canada. A cow creamer tells Jaye to "bring her home," so Jaye, Aaron, and the cow creamer go to get Yvette back. Sharon has a showdown with her siblings at the boarder, and it turns out that Jaye's instructions have an altogether different meaning. Ian is overjoyed at Aaron finally getting screen time, Dave struggles to recap a scene where everyone's name rhymes, and they find out what Lee Pace's middle name is. [ 2:13:23 || 50.8 MB ]


  6. This week, Dread Media dabbles in a little bit of the Left Hand Path. First off, Duane and Desmond take a look at the incredible period piece from 2016: The VVitch (AKA The Witch: A New England Folk Tale). Then, Desmond has a different kind of problem than last week's Top Five. This time, he had to limit his Top Five Witch Films to movies that feature witches using witch powers as a main character in the film. Look elsewhere for your lies and treachery and witch hunters in New England. We also have a lot of witchy songs and not one of them is by Eagles: "Malleus Maleficarum" by AFI, "The Witch" by Black Sleep of Kali, "Hammer of the Witch" by Ringworm, and "Witchwood" by Blood Ceremony. [ 1:04:41 || 31.3 MB ]


  7. This is it! After nearly 13 years worth of podcasting, The Show has finally hit its 1000th episode! In this 24-hour beast, you'll hear 22 segments covering all sorts of team-up and unexpected crossovers, as that's the theme of the show. Without everyone who's here today, as well as those who've come before, and The Show wouldn't have come close to this milestone. So what's inside this monster?

    - Intro by Mike (0:00:00-0:12:49)
    - Birth of DC Comics' Multiverse by Dan and Mike (0:12:50-0:59:34)
    - The Expendables by Donovan and Harrison (0:59:35-2:33:34)
    - That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana by Will and Skyler (2:33:35-3:29:31)
    - Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet by Dan and Mike (3:29:32-3:49:49)
    - The A-Team's Body Slam by Kellen and Tom (3:49:50-5:06:18)
    - Person, Place, and Thing: A Game by Shana and Mike (5:06:19-5:48:10)
    - Freddy vs. Jason by Ian and Will (5:48:11-6:50:36)
    - The Punisher Meets Archie by Mike (6:50:37-7:20:32)
    - Metallica's S&M by Kellen and James (7:20:33-9:06:34)
    - The connected Stephen King novels by Cole (9:06:35-10:13:14)
    - Worlds Collide by Donovan and Christian (10:13:15-11:21:34)
    - Nine micro segments by Will (11:21:35-11:57:35)
    - The Incredible Hulk Returns by Dan and Mike (11:57:36-12:50:29)
    - Kingdom Hearts and More by Hannah and Jim (12:50:30-13:55:57)
    - Cartoon Crossovers by Dan and Will (13:55:58-15:27:51)
    - The Adventures of Batman and Sherlock Holmes by Donovan, Chris, and Christian (15:27:52-17:09:21)
    - Them Crooked Vultures by Pandy and Cole (17:09:22-17:49:42)
    - Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds by Donovan (17:49:43-19:40:09)
    - The Universal Monster Extended Universe by Des and Chris (19:40:10-20:18:01)
    - Star Trek / X-Men by Dan and Mike (20:18:02-21:06:38)
    - King Kong vs Godzilla by Donovan and Harrison (21:06:39-22:36:15)
    - Crisis on Infinite Earths by Dan and Mike (22:36:16-24:04:57)
    - Outro by Mike (24:04:58-24:07:33)

    [ 24:07:35 || 697.8 MB ]


  8. This week, Dread Media gets a little sexy and a little funny by servicing a rarely made and even more rarely publicized sub-sub-genre: genre sex comedy. First, Darryll and Desmond take a look at the recent film from Bandit Motion Pictures: Space Babes from Outer Space. Then Desmond provides his Dread Media Top Five genre sex comedies, which turned out to be a lot harder than he thought. Innuendo! Songs included: "Love Tyger" by Edguy, "Sexy Space Bitches" by Accidente and "Sex Kittens Go to College" by The Browns. [ 1:01:19 || 29.7 MB ]


  9. Only 498 episodes late for episode 500, Hey, Gurlfriend returns with Hannah, Will, and special straight male guest Chris Johnson discussing Smallville! Episodes are discussed, one of the original cast is reviled, and rants occur. So many rants. Longingly look at that cape in your closet for 10 years and take a listen. [ 3:14:23 || 95.5 MB ]


  10. Desmond can't decide whether the two films covered this week are similar or very different. First Duane joins him to review the latest Full Moon film: Puppet Master: Axis Termination. Then, in a Dread Media first, a Dread Reel-Ief segment hits the main show as Ian joins him to review The Return of Swamp Thing. Of course, there are appropriate (or inappropriate) songs to accompany these reviews: "Principle of Puppet Warfare" by Wormrot, "Hell's Handpuppet" by Broken Hope, "Born on the Bayou" by Creedence Clearwater Revival, and "John Carpenter Powder Ballad" by Turbonegro. [ 1:04:59 || 31.4 MB ]


  11. As episode 1000 approaches, Dave and Mike debut a new segment in which they each examine television programs from their respective lands that the other has never seen. In this first installment, Mike introduces Dave to Gilligan's Island, then Dave introduces Mike to Rentaghost. They also discuss the horrors British children were subjected to on television, which leads to a live / stunned reaction by Mike. [ 1:23:50 || 42.3 MB ]


  12. This week, Dread Media welcomes you to come with them to descend into a podcast underworld from which you may never return. First, the loss of a father leads family members to explore the netherworld of the seemingly supernatural board game Beyond the Gates. Then, the search for justice becomes the struggle for survival as Turkish police officers accidentally stumble through a doorway to Hell in a Stay Scary of Baskin. There are songs to take with you on your journey: "Roll the Dice" by Panzer, "A Game We Shouldn't Play" by Helloween, "Anne Ve Babanın Ölümü" by Ulaş Pakkan, and "Descent into the Maelstrom" by Holy Grail. Don't forget to email for the chance to win a Blu-ray of Don't Torture a Duckling. [ 1:08:42 || 33.2 MB ]


  13. Hey, an Actor! kicks off a new themed year! Once more, The Brothers Wilson take on a comedic thespian for January, focusing their energy on Canadian and original Saturday Night Live cast member Dan Aykroyd. The silver screen adaptation of Dragnet throws up a frankly amazing rap partnership between Aykroyd and former HAA subject Tom Hanks. Whilst Grosse Point Blank has such a magnificent soundtrack that the hosts stop recording to settle a background music dispute. Capping everything off is a review of the seminal music-based comedy caper: The Blues Brothers. Along the way, Ian expresses irritation at the relentless memory-flogging of dead celebrities, Pandy blames two British contributors for theoretically cock-blocking his brother, and the theme of 2018 HAA programming is spelled out in full. What is it? Listen in to find out! [ 2:59:55 || 86.7 MB ]


  14. This week on Dread Media, we sadly say goodbye to the horror literature legend and former guest of the show, Jack Ketchum, with a Dread Media Top Five of Desmond's favorite Ketchum books. Then, Duane joins him for a review of the amazing The Ninth Configuration. Songs include: "The Evil that Men Do" by Iron Maiden, "New Identity" by Hank Williams III, and "The Girl in the Slayer Jacket" by Pig Destroyer. RIP Dallas Mayr (aka Jack Ketchum). [ 1:05:49 || 31.8 MB ]


  15. Mike flubs the intro but leaves it in because he thinks it's funny. Then you'll hear "Batman's Great Mystery," from The Adventures of Superman radio program. In this radio drama, Bruce Wayne goes missing, and it's up to Robin, the Boy Wonder and Superman to find The Caped Crusader! [ 2:06:43 || 63.2 MB ]


  16. This week, it isn't Women in Horror month yet, but Desmond and Duane provide an episode featuring two feature reviews of women-centric films. First, they take a look at the anthology film XX, which had only two rules: each segment must be directed and written by a woman. Then, they take a look at Patchwork, a modern reworking of Frankenhooker. Check out some great tunes as well: "Blood Sisters" by Huntress, "Skeletons of Society" by Hellsongs, "Girls Go Chopping" by Lordi, and "Dead French Mathematicians" by Mares of Thrace. [ 1:20:21 || 38.8 MB ]


  17. Ian and Dave start the new year with a new show: Brian Fuller's Wonderfalls. In "Wax Lion," Jaye Tyler is just a normal person living in a trailer and working in a Niagara Falls gift shop. Then one day a malformed wax lion starts to talk to her, and soon multiple inanimate animals start speaking and urging her to get involved in the lives of strangers. This leads her to learn something new about her sister Sharon. In "Pink Flamingos," Jaye has no intention of running her father over with a car or attending her high school reunion. The animals have different ideas, however, so her father ends up in hospital and high school queen bee Gretchen Speck asks her to help organize the reunion. Dave has trouble pronouncing names, Ian identifies the two minutes of the show he has seen previously, and they reward one listener's loyalty entirely by accident. [ 1:31:14 || 32.2 MB ]


  18. This week on Dread Media, we highlight some recent extreme horror from overseas. First, Darryll and Desmond look at a listener-recommended little Irish head-fuck called The Canal. Then Devil Dinosaur Jr. does what any good horror fan does when looking for extreme horror: he looks to France. In particular, the Inside team's latest film: Among the Living. And, of course, there's music: "The Scene of the Crime" by The Stooges, "Haunted" by King Diamond, "Chemical Warfare" by Slayer, and "Couldn't Move Far Enough Away" by Polkadot Cadaver. [ 59:22 || 28.7 MB ]


  19. This week, Dread Media finally gets a look at Dario Argento's calling card: Suspiria. Desmond and Darryll go deep on the film. Then, Devil Dinosaur Jr. gives us a Stay Scary on Creep 2. Of course, there are tunes: "Dwellers in Dream" by Sigh, "Witch" by Goblin, "Botanica de Los Angeles" by Xiu Xiu, and "Furor Diabolicus" by Watain. [ 1:16:19 || 36.9 MB ]