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  1. Ian and Dave find themselves in something of a narrative wasteland with the three episodes of Twin Peaks they are covering this month. In episode 19, Cooper's search for a cabin to buy leads him directly to Jean Renault's hideout, Boring Mike finds himself humiliated in front of the wrestling team by Nadine, and Ben grows ever more eccentric. In episode 20, Major Briggs is debriefed after his return from the White Lodge, Denise goes undercover with Ernie to get the evidence to clear Cooper but things go wrong, and it leads to a final confrontation between Cooper and Renault. In episode 21, the widow of Dougie Milford is held at gunpoint by the Mayor, Leo Johnson wakes up in a foul mood, and Wydham Earle steps out of the shadows. They also recast scenes with actors from the Carry On films, marvel at the presence of David Warner doing not very much, and brave the terror of Jeddy! [ 2:33:05 || 55.1 MB ]


  2. This week, Dread Media again dives into the "weird heroes" realm. This time it's an all-Miike edition as Takashi Miike has his own little corner of weird cinema nailed down. First up, Desmond and Darryll reckon with his "family-friendly" superhero otaku film Zebraman. Then, they look at the decidedly un-family-friendly creepy prequel Ichi-1. Here are some weird hero songs: "Heroes" by Celtic Frost, "Heroes from Our Past" by Dropkick Murphys, "Street Fighting Man" by Rage Against the Machine, and "Hero of the Soviet Union" by The Dillinger Escape Plan. [ 1:21:38 || 39.4 MB ]


  3. This week, Dread Media presents an interview with filmmaker Steve Balderson about his brand new film, Hell Town, and his career in independent cinema. Then, Desmond unearths a previously thought lost review of the underground subway Canadian cult shocker End of the Line with Brittney and Jeff from 2011! Of course, as always, there is music: "Everyone I Went to High School with Is Dead" by Mr. Bungle, "High School Murder Case" by Kou Nakagawa, "End of the Line" by Pain, and "Well of Despair" by Skeletonwitch. [ 1:19:56 || 38.6 MB ]


  4. This week, Chris and Desmond sit down to discuss a season of television. But fear not, it's about Preacher, and the review is from the perspective of a fan of the comic and someone who has never read it. Then, Duane joins Desmond to discuss the latest Artsploitation Films release: The Perfect Husband. And, of course, there's music: "Blasphemy is a Blast for Me" by Party Time, "The Preacher" by Mercyful Fate, "Wifebeater" by Murdock, and "God Called in Sick Today" by AFI. [ 1:29:19 || 43.1 MB ]


  5. Donovan Morgan Grant traveled down to Comic-Con International: San Diego and had the opportunity to interview the cast and crew of Steven Universe! Coupled together are Zach Callison (voice of Steven) and Ian Jones-Quartey (former Supervising Director), Deedee Magno (voice of Pearl) and Michaela Dietz (voice of Amethyst), and Rebecca Sugar (series creator) and Estelle (voice of Garnet). Learn the inside secrets of the show's thematic compositions, what goes into the making of the songs, and how the actors approach voicing their characters! [ 43:10 || 21.3 MB ]


  6. This week, it's another packed episode of throwback greatness. First up, Desmond interviews filmmaker Joe Begos about his brand new 80s-tinged feature film The Mind's Eye. Then, Desmond and Duane review the brand new Bed of the Dead, a film about a bed that kills people. Finally, Rich the Monster Movie Kid proves it's better late than never when he throws his hat in last week's anthology ring with Amicus Films' Torture Garden. Even most of the music is a throwback this week: "Almost Human" by Kiss, "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" by Blue Oyster Cult, "Death Bed" by Patton Oswalt, "The Tell-tale Heart" by The Alan Parsons Project, and "Dethbed" by Alkaline Trio. [ 1:11:14 || 34.7 MB ]

  7. Welcome to a very special episode of Dread Media. The Unseen, a locally produced sci-fi / body horror film, is the toast of Fantasia Film Festival, and this episode is dedicated entirely to it. First up, writer / director Geoff Redknap talks all about the triumphs and troubles while filming the movie as well as his history in make-up effects stemming back 20 years. Then, an interview with the art director on the film: Darryll Doucette. Yeah, that's right. That Darryll Doucette. Of course, you gotta know what the stink is, so Duane and Desmond review the film, and Rich sticks to the theme of invisibility with his review of the best of the original Universal Invisible Man sequels: Invisible Agent. Of course, there's music: "Unseen Tormentor" by Early Man, "I'm Invisible Man" by The Meteors, "Invisible Kid" by Metallica, "Invisible Wounds (The Sulutre Mix)" by Fear Factory, "Invisible Empire" by Iron Mask, and "Les Invisible" by Blue Oyster Cult. [ 2:03:26 || 59.5 MB ]


  8. A planet of 20th Century Romans is discovered, complete with live gladiatorial battles ("Bread and Circuses"). Then a mysterious man transports aboard The Enterprise, leading to a Doctor Who-like adventure set on 1968 Earth with Teri Garr ("Assignment: Earth"). [ 1:29:35 || 43.5 MB ]


  9. The most left-field choice in the history of Hey, An Actor!, Ian and Pandy recover from game show humiliation and invasive surgery, respectively, to look at three entries in the career of Swedish elder statesman Max von Sydow! Shutter Island sees our subject oversee the greater mystery as Leonardo DiCaprio searches for truth within an island-based asylum. Then, Pandy's tolerance for black and white foreign films is tested as von Sydow portrays a chess-playing knight against the embodiment of Death in The Seventh Seal. And the choice of the people is for both Brothers Wilson to check out The Exorcist for the first time, some 12 months after they watched Halloween to decidedly mixed opinions. Along the way, the episode also includes a brand new Pandy Parody, a fan trailer reimagining The Seventh Seal as a romcom, and a plethora of beloved British celebrity mentions, from Seal to the likes of Anthea Turner and Peter Simon. Also, the content of the upcoming Episode 900 of The Show is exclusively announced! [ 2:56:51 || 85.3 MB ]


  10. Dave and Ian come to an important turning point in Twin Peaks. In episode 16, Cooper must draw upon everything he has learned in the wake of Maddy's murder in order to stop Bob before he kills again, leading him to a final confrontation which costs Leyland his life. In episode17, the town is left reeling at the news of Leyland's guilt and subsequent death. Cooper prepares to leave Twin Peaks, but an FBI internal affairs investigation halts his departure. In episode 18, a suspended Cooper stands by his actions and finds an ally in DEA agent Denise Bryson. Jean Renault makes his play for One-Eyed Jacks and Cooper's career. They also uncover more of Ian's sordid criminal past in Canada, and Dave's intro to The Log Ian really isn't trying that hard anymore. [ 3:00:59 || 63.5 MB ]


  11. You know, sometimes Dread Media doesn't mess around when it comes to themed episodes. This week, we go all out with anthologies. Desmond and Darryll got together last weekend and took in a theatrical double feature. That double feature spawned the two bookending film reviews they're doing this week. First up, Tales from the Crypt Presents Bordello of Blood which included a director / special effects artist / voice actor Q&A the fellas also discuss. Then in a special Stay Scary, Devil Dinosaur Jr. gives us a rundown of his favorite episode of every season of Tales from the Crypt on TV. You had to know that DD Jr. would come with the fire on an anthology episode. Then Desmond goes solo on a review of the brand new literary anthology Borderlands 6 after a short history of the series. Finally, Desmond and Darryll cover the grand-daddy of horror anthology films: Creepshow. There are tunes as well: "Devil's Whorehouse" by The Misfits, "Vampira" by Devin Townsend, "Tales from the Crypt" by Danny Elfman, "Over Borderlands" by Winterfylleth, "Run for Your Life" by The Creepshow, and "My Misery (Demon Knight)" by Machine Head. [ 2:03:04 || 59.3 MB ]


  12. It's improbable animal week on Dread Media. Things start off crazy and get even crazier as the show carries on. First up, Desmond and Duane take a look at what happens when a little boy accidentally gets a black mamba in the mail in Venom. Then, keep an eye on your kids because Devil Dinosaur Jr. is at the zoo when an animal rage virus breaks out in Zoombies. Then, one of the most improbably animals of all fights other giant improbably alien animals in the reprehensible Gamera Super Monster. Animalistic tunes headed your way: "Snake Church" by Ringworm, "Iron Mamba" by Skinflint, "I'm an Animal" by Neko Case, "Gamera" by Varga, and "Don't Feed the Animals" by Shooter Jennings. [ 1:07:08 || 32.4 MB ]


  13. Aaron and Damien are back with a very timely look at last month's E3, along with their usual ramblings. Aaron recalls his encounters with some naughty children, whilst Damien explains the plight of the unknown YouTuber. [ 1:23:06 || 39.9 MB ]


  14. This week Dread Media presents a feature-length conversation with cult filmmaker David DeCoteau. David's career began in the very early 80s working for Roger Corman, then with Charles Band, and continues to pump out B-Movies to this day. The interview discusses his career beginnings to the modern-day with a focus on the brand new Blu-ray release of his classic Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. To continue the theme, Desmond also reviews issue 11 of Delirium magazine. There are, of course, songs: "Take the Skinheads Bowling" by Manic Street Preachers, an excerpt from "Here in the Darkness" by Greg Stone, "Masked by Delirium" by Municipal Waste, and "The Absolute Center of a Pitch Black Heart" by -(16)-. [ 1:16:10 || 36.8 MB ]


  15. In the first Edge of Forever Special, Dan and Mike discuss the ramifications of the CBS / Paramount v Axanar lawsuit. Specifically, the guys look at the new guidelines fan filmmakers must follow, as outlined by CBS / Paramount. Which rules do they find to be fair, and which do they believe demand too much? [ 50:18 || 24.6 MB ]


  16. This week, Dread Media provides reviews of three very different films. First up, Desmond and Duane review the moody indie urban fantasy film He Never Died. Devil Dinosaur Jr. changes pace on the ultra-low-budget Troma film about alien monsters who are a... ahem... pain in the butt: Chubbies. Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid once again classes up the joint with his review of the big-budget theatrical horror sequel The Conjuring 2. There's music as well: "Twist of Cain" by Danzig, "Divine" by Rollins Band, "Livin' in the 80's" by Zero Boys, "London Calling" by The Clash, and "If I Was God... I Would Burn It All" by Kataklysm. RIP Robin Hardy. [ 1:22:04 || 39.6 MB ]

  17. The 30th episode of Hey, an Actor! sees The Brothers Wilson pay tribute to the celebrated Cockney actor Sir Michael Caine. Whilst The Ipcress File is a seminal non-Bond espionage movie of the 1960s and Harry Brown makes full use of Caine's military persona as an OAP vigilante, it's The Muppet Christmas Carol in which the hosts really gush their critical juices. But are they too lenient on this English acting legend? Will Ian's Crow analogy come unstuck? And can The Brothers Wilson overcome the challenge of Tom Hemmings to avoid Caine impressions? Also, bear witness to Pandy's potential last words before he goes into surgery. [ 2:41:44 || 78.0 MB ]