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  1. Dave and Ian continue to make their way through season two of Twin Peaks. In episode 10, Audrey is being held for ransom at One Eyed Jack's by Blackie and Jacques Renault's brother Jean, there is desertion in the Scooby Gang as Donna meets the mysterious Harold Smith and become jealous of James and Maddy, and Leland is arrested for Jacques's murder. In episode 11, Leland confesses, Judge Sternwood arrives in town, and there are rumors that a well-known travel writer will soon visit. In episode 12, Cooper and Harry attempt to rescue Audrey while Donna and Maddy attempt to steal Laura's diary from Harold. They also discuss how awesome Deputy Hawk is, how dopey Deputy Andy is, and what Statistician Ian gets up to on his holidays. [ 2:35:24 || 58.9 MB ]


  2. Science gets weird this week on Dread Media. First off, an expedition for a group of scientists heading to the Arctic Circle goes horribly wrong (does it ever go right?) in Harbinger Down. Rich the Monster Movie Kid continues his tribute to horror legends with birthdays in May with a look at two Vincent Price films: Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine and Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs. Devil Dinosaur Jr. delivers a brand new Stay Scary on the early talkie, Doctor X. Then Desmond and Duane look at a totally underrated classic 80s film: Dead and Buried. There are tunes, of course: "Winds from the North" by Frozen Dawn, "Cosmonaut" by At the Drive-In, "Goldfinger" by Leningrad Cowboys, "Doctor #8" by Tobin Sprout, "Bodies" by Danzig, and "Weird Science" by Oingo Boingo. [ 1:43:00 || 49.7 MB ]


  3. A year ago, Mike tweeted the following: "Prepping for a new segment: Give me a number between 2 and 17,518. Go!" Today we finally see the result of that as he correlates the given numbers to comics in his database. And those books are: 52 #41, Gen13 / Generation X, and 52 #29. [ 46:51 || 22.8 MB ]

  4. In the first of two in-person List and Shout recordings, Christian joins Pandy and Kelly Wilson to play a variation on the Marry, Do, Kill game over tea and biscuits. Which character do both Kelly and Christian hate but Pandy swoons over? What is the best lesbian couple in all of fiction? And where do gay penguins and hammer humor fit into it? [ 1:09:45 || 33.8 MB ]


  5. This week we delve into your intrepid host's longtime fascination with the occult and rock and roll by interviewing the guy who literally wrote the book about it. Peter Bebergal, author of Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll, comes on to talk about the history of occultism in popular music from the days of slavery up to modern heavy metal. Then Duane and Desmond review one of the best films from last year, Deathgasm. Devil Dinosaur Jr. gives us a brand new Stay Scary on Satan's Slave, while Rich the Monster Movie Kid continues his month-long look at the more obscure horror films from genre legends with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in Nothing but the Night. There are always songs, and this week would be a really stupid week to change that: "Season of the Witch" by Donovan, "The White Witch of Rose Hall" by Coven, "Bad for Good" by Skull Fist, "Satan Prayer" by Ghost, "Nothing but the Night" by Grave Cross, and "Deathgasm" by Bulletbelt. [ 2:08:50 || 62.1 MB ]

  6. In this bonus episode, Dave and Ian return to the world of The Middleman with the Indiegogo-funded "The Pan Universal Parental Reconciliation." In the comic book world of the Middleman, Wendy Watson meets her new boss: her long-missing father, Wally Watson. When a zombie Middleman runs amok they find themselves in the TV universe and must work with their counterparts to put a stop to the environmental devastation caused by Ivan Navi's vacuum cleaner business. [ 53:28 || 25.5 MB ]


  7. The delayed April episode of Hey, an Actor! sees The Brothers Wilson metaphorically tackle their second Dame: Helen Mirren. Rolling back the years from her Oscar-winning titular role in The Queen to her good-natured naturism in Calendar Girls and her turn as the villainess Morgana in the classic Arthurian legend yarn Excalibur, Mirren's varied career gives Ian and Pandy a lot to talk about. Be it the legacy of Tony Blair, dodgy Yorkshire accents, or the sheer number of British TV series that they can namecheck, the hosts spend the best part of three hours bringing you some St. George's Day cheer. But who is the actor that necessitates the power of editing when the C-bombs start flying, and which is the film that Pandy is adamant that he hasn't seen, to the extent that he brings Mother Wilson in to make her podcast debut? [ 3:00:45 || 87.1 MB ]


  8. This week, it's a menagerie of different reviews. First, Chris and Desmond look at the first film to feature contentious superheroes fighting each other this year: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Then, our friend, Rich the Monster Movie Kid returns in the first instalment of films honoring horror legends with birthdays in May with Peter Cushing in The Land of the Minotaur. Devil Dinosaur Jr. takes a shot at Terror in a brand new Stay Scary. Then Desmond goes solo on reviews of Scott O'Dempsey's debut gothic horror novella Mortemain, and two wildly different slasher films: Suspension and Lumberjack Man. And, of course, there are songs: "I Don't Wanna Be (a Superhero)" by Roadrunner United featuring Michale Graves, "Justice for All" by Social Distortion, "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath, "Prophecy of the Lazer Witch" by Brendon Small's Galaktikon, "Dead Memories" by Slipknot, and "Crooked Red Line" by Ihsahn. [ 1:43:21 || 49.8 MB ]


  9. Ian and Dave embark on season two of Twin Peaks. In episode eight, on top of having just been shot, Cooper is visited by a spectral giant who makes cryptic predictions. Albert returns to town to investigate Cooper's shooting and deliver some news about Cooper's ex-partner, Maddie is having strange nightmares, and Leland Palmer undergoes something of a transformation after his murder of Jacques. In episode nine, the Horne brother continue to scheme, Audrey continues to get out of her depth at One Eyed Jacks, and the Scooby Gang sing a song for apparently no other reason than to annoy Dave. Also the Twin Peaks tree of douchebaggery is laid out and there is much discussion of cheese. [ 2:03:53 || 47.3 MB ]


  10. Jim and Hannah have a lot of things to say. In this episode, they tackle more Valiant, a comparison of price points on recent comics, ECCC announcements from Image and Vertigo / DC, and a whole wide array of topics. Comics discussed in detail include Quantum and Woody volumes 1-3; The Delinquents; Faith #1-3; X-O-Manowar volumes 1-3; Ivar, Timewalker volume 1; Black Panther #1; No Mercy #9; and then some. [ 2:54:05 || 84.1 MB ]


  11. This week, Dread Media welcomes author and podcaster Jason White to talk about what happens to the weak in a zombie apocalypse in his novel The Haunted Country. Then Desmond goes solo on a review of The Boy. And the good news is: Richard is back! The bad news is: he's paying tribute to a friend and podcast legend who suddenly passed away this week. There's music, as well: "Sister" by Devin Townsend, "Black Mass" by Electric Wizard, "Evil Boy" by The Dead Boys, and "B-Movie Babylon" by Wednesday 13. RIP Vince Rotolo, host of the B-Movie Podcast. [ 1:18:08 || 37.7 MB ]


  12. Jim and Hannah delve into the two demos for Final Fantasy XV ("Episode Duscae" and "Platinum"), that develops into a discussion about Square Enix, the Final Fantasy series in general, two amazing crossovers that will never happen, a dash of Persona, and a slightly spoilerific discussion of Life is Strange! [ 1:21:45 || 39.6 MB ]


  13. First up, Mike looks at the Star Wars crossover Vader Down. Then, in this yet-unnamed segment, Hannah Krueger and Jim Hepplewhite dive into the world of Valiant! Covered within are Archer & Armstrong volumes 1-3, Bloodshot Reborn volume 1, Dead Drop, The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage, The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage: Second Lives, Divinity, Harbinger volumes 1-3, Harbinger Wars, Imperium volume 1, and Rai volumes 1-3! [ 1:50:45 || 53.4 MB ]


  14. This week, Jay Lender and Micah Ian Wright, the co-writing / co-directing team behind the brand new found-footage horror film They're Watching, stop by to discuss their film, their work in every medium from video games to comic books to children's animation, and their jaunt into Eastern Europe for filming. And yes, there's a lengthy discussion of fire stunts. Then Desmond goes solo on reviews of House of the Witch Doctor and All Hell Breaks Loose. There's a gaggle of tunes, as well: "TV Casualty" by The Misfits, "Boonika Bate Doba" by Zdob si Zdub, "All Hell Breaks Loose" by Sick of it All, and "We Finally Go Back to 1915 (Extended)" by Serj Tankian featuring David Alpay. [ 1:26:56 || 46.0 MB ]


  15. The final installment of The Twelve Labours of Comic Reel-lief sees Ian Wilson return to give a final recap of the comic book movies of 2015 and to preview all of the ones due out in 2016, which will be subject to future reviews. But has he done enough to appease the PanDemon and get rid of him for good? [ 28:20 || 14.0 MB ]

  16. The penultimate segment of The Twelve Labours of Comic Reel-lief requires Ian Wilson to review another really awful movie: Catwoman. Along with the host's thoughts on the Razzie award-winning, oft-derided spinoff to Batman Returns, Ian also marks a milestone and drops a big announcement regarding Comic Reel-lief. [ 32:05 || 15.8 MB ]


  17. It's a loose theme of family this week as Chris and Desmond explore how a father plans to protect his family against a gang of escaped psychotics who believe he killed and replaced their psychiatrist in the under-seen classic Alone in the Dark. Then a brother and sister deal with the loss of their parents and the fallout of a vicious attack at their lake house in The Horror. Then, singer Kat Katz exorcises the loss of her mother and Desmond exorcises his constant listening of Agoraphobic Nosebleed's new EP in a review of ARC. There's some fun family tunes as well this week: "We Destroy the Family" by Fear, "Chop Up Your Mother" by The Sic Fucks, "Brother" by Alice in Chains, "Not a Daughter" by Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and "Family Tree" by Megadeth. [ 1:12:41 || 35.1 MB ]


  18. Everyone is talking about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Dan and Will would like to remind everyone of an earlier and greater team-up: Batman and Scooby-Doo. Okay, probably not, but join them regardless as they take a look at this oddly enduring crossover. [ 51:00 || 25.0 MB ]