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  1. It's a loose theme of family this week as Chris and Desmond explore how a father plans to protect his family against a gang of escaped psychotics who believe he killed and replaced their psychiatrist in the under-seen classic Alone in the Dark. Then a brother and sister deal with the loss of their parents and the fallout of a vicious attack at their lake house in The Horror. Then, singer Kat Katz exorcises the loss of her mother and Desmond exorcises his constant listening of Agoraphobic Nosebleed's new EP in a review of ARC. There's some fun family tunes as well this week: "We Destroy the Family" by Fear, "Chop Up Your Mother" by The Sic Fucks, "Brother" by Alice in Chains, "Not a Daughter" by Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and "Family Tree" by Megadeth. [ 1:12:41 || 35.1 MB ]


  2. Everyone is talking about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Dan and Will would like to remind everyone of an earlier and greater team-up: Batman and Scooby-Doo. Okay, probably not, but join them regardless as they take a look at this oddly enduring crossover. [ 51:00 || 25.0 MB ]

  3. This week we celebrate 450 episodes with a retrospective on the flagship series of the greatest independent film company of all time: Troma Entertainment's Toxic Avenger. First up, Desmond and Duane pick their way through The Toxic Avenger, The Toxic Avenger Part II, The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie, and Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV! Then Devil Dinosaur Jr. gives us a Stay Scary on the special features found on the brand new Toxic Avenger Blu-ray boxset. Desmond's sons Cade and Davin join him for a brand new Growing Up Geek segment to discuss the 13-episode cartoon series from the early 90s: Toxic Crusaders. Then, Desmond goes solo on overviews of the two Marvel Comics series form the early 90s: The Toxic Avenger and Toxic Crusaders. Of course, there's some Toxie tunes: "Who Will Save New Jersey?" by the cast of the Toxic Avenger Musical, "The Toxic Avenger Theme" by Scott Casey, "The Toxic Waltz" by Exodus, "Sacrifice" by Motorhead, "The Toxic Crusaders Theme" by Dennis C. Brown and Chuck Lorre, "Toxic Garbage Island" by Gojira, and "Toxic Revolution" by Municipal Waste. [ 2:08:47 || 62.0 MB ]

  4. This week, Dread Media presents an hour-long conversation with producer and screenwriter Stephen Scarlata about his origins doing a multitude of jobs on Roger Corman films in the 90s, producing the award-winning documentary Jodorowsky's Dune, writing scripts for Final Girl, and his upcoming film Beyond the Gates. Strap in! It's fun, and there's music: "Parallel World" by Kurt Stenzel, "Blood Stains the Circle" by Gorgoroth, and "Nebëhr Gudahtt" by Magma. [ 1:21:52 || 39.5 MB ]

  5. You've been wAiting a long time, but the PRoprietors of For Your Ears Only are back to officiaLly cover the 24th entry into the ofFicial BOnd canon: Spectre. But as the reboot meets the mOst enduring aspect of the Connery era, how will Ian WiLSon and, especially, ADham Fisher react to the blend of the original franchise and the era of Daniel CrAig? Further, how manY recurring characters cut the mustard? What's to be made of our new wave of villains? And just what has three years away from podcasting done to the Fisher? All will be revealed in our full episode coverage of Spectre! [ 03:43 || 3.6 MB ]

  6. This month, the great Meryl Streep's filmography is in the Hey, an Actor! spotlight. Ian's at his talkative best, which is just as well as Pandy's dog-tired and this has affected not only his analysis but also his jingles. But The Brothers Wilson pull through to review Streep's first Oscar-winning role in Kramer vs Kramer, her central role in 1985's Best Picture Out of Africa, and her lead in the big screen adaptation of the ABBA musical Mamma Mia!. Along the way you'll hear tales of The Parents Wilson, a gag resurrected from the fifth episode, and the sacrifice Pandy made to facilitate one of the very first Dark Knight Discussions on The Show. Meryl Streep probably deserves better. [ 2:56:45 || 85.2 MB ]


  7. Dave and Ian come to the end of season one of Twin Peaks. In episode five, Cooper and his team search for Jacques Renault but find the Log Lady instead, while Audrey starts work at her father's department store to find out what happens to girls who work on the perfume counter. In episode six, Waldo the minor bird is taken in for questioning and Cooper asks the Bookhouse Boys to assist him in an investigation, not knowing that Audrey has also found her way there. In episode seven, Donna, James, and Maddy investigate Dr. Jacobi, Leo burns the lumber mill with Shelly inside, Catherine learns of Ben's true plans for her, and someone gives Cooper a lethal visit. They round up where every character is at the end of the season, Ian's suspect watch continues, and Dave establishes the podcast's official policy on the pronunciation of the word gif. [ 2:23:58 || 54.1 MB ]

  8. Just binge-watched season two of Daredevil and now you're sitting at home lamenting the lack of ninjas in your life? Dread Media's got you covered. It's weird ninjas this week as Darryll and Desmond dive into the sleazy zombie ninja epic Raw Force, and the 1980s gymnastics-instructor-ninja-possession film Ninja III: The Domination. Ninjas are the silent assassins of The East, but even they like to get down once in a while: "Last Ninjas Unite" by Gama Bomb, "Island of Domination" by Judas Priest, "Enter the Ninja" by Die Antwoord, and "Shadow Warrior" by Blue Oyster Cult. [ 1:24:24 || 40.7 MB ]

  9. Captain Kirk pushes war on an old friend ("A Private Little War"), and three godlike aliens attempt to build android bodies ("Return to Tomorrow"). Also: Impassioned speeches by Kirk and Doctor McCoy, Spock acting like a man possessed, Nurse Chapel being useful, medicinal punches, and Diana Muldaur before she was Doctor Pulaski. [ 1:09:40 || 33.9 MB ]

  10. Shotgun Saturday Night sees both one of the nastiest injuries in wrestling in a Legion of Doom / Godwinns match, but also a surprisingly good match pitting Crush, Savio Vega, and the debuting D'Lo Brown against the future ECW team of Aldo Montoya, Freddie Joe Floyd, and Steve Corino. From there Raw is War steps things up with Brian Pillman at his Loose Cannon best, Bret Hart cuts one of the best promos of his life, Owen Hart v Rocky Maivia for the Intercontinental Title, and Undertaker v British Bulldog. [ 2:36:29 || 70.2 MB ]


  11. This episode is all about love, and it is dedicated to the late Geri Chamberlain who left us suddenly this week. Chris and Desmond take a look at teenage love gone very wrong in Some Kind of Hate. Rich the Monster Movie Kid gives an in-depth review of Guillermo del Toro's gothic romance, Crimson Peak. Devil Dinosaur Jr. takes on the zom-rom-com Boy Eats Girl. Of course, there are some love songs to go along with the selections this week: "Little Love Song" by Andrew WK, "Some Kind of Hate" by Murder by Death, "Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, "Spitting Games" by Snow Patrol, and "You Don't Know What You Mean to Me" by Sam and Dave. RIP Geri, and please keep Richard in your thoughts. [ 1:13:43 || 35.6 MB ]

  12. The end is in sight as Ian Wilson has reached the tenth of his Twelve Labours of Comic Reel-lief. But it isn't going to be an easy ride as the PanDemon has decreed that the subject of the Labour be a review of one of the worst comic book movies ever created: The Spirit. [ 31:25 || 15.3 MB ]

  13. This week it's a double feature of reviews from Darryll and Desmond as they take on Larry Blamire's homages to 1950s drive-in schlock sci-fi films: The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra and The Lost Skeleton Returns Again. Then Desmond goes solo on a review of the first season of Fear the Walking Dead. Then there's music: "Skulls" and "Green Hell" by The Misfits, "Inferno Finale" by Keith Emerson, and "Lost Skeleton" by Michale Graves. RIP Keith Emerson. [ 1:02:29 || 30.2 MB ]

  14. It's been a few years, but The Real Protagonists have finally returned to the wonderful world of Nicolas Cage films with 1993's Deadfall. It's every bit as enjoyable as watching Cage snort a metric ton of cocaine could possibly be. Well, until they kill him off, anyway. [ 2:10:03 || 65.5 MB ]

  15. This week we are once again joined by Aaron Allen, festival director and lead programmer for the Fright Night Theatre Film Festival in Hamilton, Ontario. Aaron and Desmond have a fun conversation about each of their involvement in the festival over the past few months and the amazing films that are screening there. Maker sure to head to Hamilton, Ontario on March 11th and 12th if you're in the area to check it out and be supremely entertained. Then Desmond goes solo reviewing the first five issues of Carnage from Marvel Comics by Gerry Conway and Mike Perkins. There's a slew of new heavy metal tunes to guide us through the episode, as well: "Dark Reflections" by Exumer, "Things to Come" by Michale Graves, "Carnage" by Entombed, and "Sudden Death" by Holy Grail. Check out [ 1:34:07 || 45.4 MB ]

  16. Rev your engines! Pandy and Christian investigate the world of fictional vehicles. Which vehicle sends Pandy into fits of childish giggles? What is a hover-twat? As the curse of the middle list strikes again, join them as they discuss mechanized beasts that traverse land, sky, sea, and space and the people who pilot / control them. Also, visit the forum thread for the episode to answer our listener question: What is the worst vehicular collision in fiction? Ready, set... LIST! [ 1:10:25 || 34.1 MB ]

  17. This week, we end Feral February in style as Darryll and Desmond look at the senior citizen werewolf epic Late Phases. Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid suffers through that other Lon Chaney Jr. werewolf film: Face of the Screaming Werewolf. Then, Desmond goes off-theme and discusses a few solo reviews: Black Creek (Gregory Lamberson's newest novel), the Martyrs remake, and A Place in Hell. There are, of course, some werewolfy tunes, this week, many of them programmed by listener Eric Wieladek: "Medieval Werewolf" by The Dave Brockie Experience, "Sorrows of the Moon" by Celtic Frost, "Night Wolf" by Krokus, "Lycanthropy" by Six Feet Under, and "The Wolf Man Kindly Requests..." by Clutch. [ 1:37:11 || 46.9 MB ]

  18. As Hey, an Actor! continues its coverage of veteran actors in 2016, The Brothers Wilson cover Pandy's desired pick for the year: the double Academy Award-winning Dustin Hoffman. One of his Oscar wins is covered in the review of Rain Man, whereas the other films amount to the acclaimed political biopic All the President's Men and Hoffman's breakout role in The Graduate. Along the way, Simon & Garfunkel punctuate the episode, whilst questionable references are made to children's TV show Zzap and Robin Thicke, Ian explains how Booker T would improve The Graduate, and Pandy makes the songs of Morrissey utterly profane. Also, Statistician Ian meets the PanDemon. [ 2:27:43 || 71.3 MB ]