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  1. In the first Edge of Forever Special, Dan and Mike discuss the ramifications of the CBS / Paramount v Axanar lawsuit. Specifically, the guys look at the new guidelines fan filmmakers must follow, as outlined by CBS / Paramount. Which rules do they find to be fair, and which do they believe demand too much? [ 50:18 || 24.6 MB ]


  2. This week, Dread Media provides reviews of three very different films. First up, Desmond and Duane review the moody indie urban fantasy film He Never Died. Devil Dinosaur Jr. changes pace on the ultra-low-budget Troma film about alien monsters who are a... ahem... pain in the butt: Chubbies. Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid once again classes up the joint with his review of the big-budget theatrical horror sequel The Conjuring 2. There's music as well: "Twist of Cain" by Danzig, "Divine" by Rollins Band, "Livin' in the 80's" by Zero Boys, "London Calling" by The Clash, and "If I Was God... I Would Burn It All" by Kataklysm. RIP Robin Hardy. [ 1:22:04 || 39.6 MB ]

  3. The 30th episode of Hey, an Actor! sees The Brothers Wilson pay tribute to the celebrated Cockney actor Sir Michael Caine. Whilst The Ipcress File is a seminal non-Bond espionage movie of the 1960s and Harry Brown makes full use of Caine's military persona as an OAP vigilante, it's The Muppet Christmas Carol in which the hosts really gush their critical juices. But are they too lenient on this English acting legend? Will Ian's Crow analogy come unstuck? And can The Brothers Wilson overcome the challenge of Tom Hemmings to avoid Caine impressions? Also, bear witness to Pandy's potential last words before he goes into surgery. [ 2:41:44 || 78.0 MB ]


  4. Racism runs wild when Kirk and crew discover an alien world suffering from a version of The Cold War ("The Omega Glory"). Then a scientist attempts to prove that computers are more capable than humans ("The Ultimate Computer"). In other words, it's another day in Star Trek land. [ 1:06:15 || 32.3 MB ]


  5. Ian and Dave are back for three eventful episodes of Twin Peaks. In episode 13, Cooper brings Audrey back to Ben, Cooper's superior Gordon Cole comes to Twin Peaks with news of the mysterious Wyndham Earl, and Phillip Gerard is reveled to be Mike. In Episode 14, Mike leads Cooper to the Great Northern hotel in search of Bob, all evidence seems to point to Ben Horne, but the real killer is about to strike again with tragic consequences for Maddy. In Episode 15, Ben finds himself having to rely on Jerry for legal council, and Leland's increasingly erratic behavior hides the evil of Bob. Also, they now have to differentiate between two characters called Mike, reflect on the poor choices of Big Ed, and make a lot of 90s wrestling references (and some are even relevant). [ 3:06:08 || 67.4 MB ]


  6. Just as Arrow paved the way for The Flash, the success of The Flash signaled it was time for a show that didn't need to abide by the "no tights, no flights" rule: Supergirl. Donovan Morgan Grant and Chris Johnson return for a thorough discussion of the first season of the latest addition to the Superman Family on screen. Plus: what episode did Donovan leave unfinished? How many times does Chris fail to pronounce Melissa Benoist's last name? And what is the startling secret of Superman's boots? [ 3:12:45 || 94.8 MB ]


  7. After two of our three regular contributors apologize profusely for mistakes made in earlier episodes, the episode dives into sleaze as Darryll and Desmond review the 1972 giallo classic What Have You Done To Solange?. Then Devil Dinosaur Jr. covers an even sleazier film: 1969's The Babysitter. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews a film much newer than both of the precious films, but one that pretends its older than both of them: Christopher Mihm's Late Night Double Feature from 2014. Of course, there's music as well: "I Don't Wanna Be No Catholic Boy" by Dead Boys, "What Have You Done to Solange?" by The Browns, "(Gotta Get Some Action) Now" by The Hellacopters, "Science Fiction Double Feature" by Richard O'Brien, and "Dispatch" by Vhol. [ 1:31:51 || 44.3 MB ]


  8. Nearly one year into fatherhood, Pandy joins Christian for the first completely objective (or not) edition of List and Shout, focusing this time on parents: the good, the bad, and the embarrassing. Who should Pandy aspire to? Which lessons should be adhered to? All these questions answered and more! (Disclaimer: This podcast is in no way pedagogically sound, and should on no account be seen as actual parenting advice.) [ 1:18:05 || 37.8 MB ]

  9. This week it's an assortment of deranged insanity as Desmond and Darryll review the sequel to a film that may or may not even exist: The Executioner, Part II. In it, they discuss the cannibalism of Jehovah's Witnesses, and also make time to insult another religion. Then Devil Dinosaur Jr. makes us all uncomfortable in his Stay Scary of the sleazy exploitation film The Teacher to celebrate the end of the school year. Rich the Monster Movie Kid dives back into the Mihmiverse with his review of The Giant Spider. This episode also features the most diverse collection of music in perhaps the entire history of Dread Media: "Take this Job and Shove it" by Dead Kennedys, "Executioner's Song" by Loaded, "School's Out" by Hellsongs, "Boris the Spider" by The Who, and "I Wanna Fight Your Father" by The Rubberbandits. [ 1:30:51 || 43.8 MB ]

  10. This week, there's a bundle of varied works to get through from all genres and styles. First up, Desmond and Duane review a documentary about competitive tickling championships, but it's about so much more in Tickled. Rich the Monster Movie Kid dives headfirst into the 1950s homage-laden Mihmiverse in his review of Christopher R. Mihm's House of Ghosts. Then Desmond goes solo on two novels: Robert Dean's nihilistic western The Red Seven and James Waltzer's Hitchcockian thriller Of Sound Mind. Of course, there are tunes as well: "Can't Hardly Stand It" by Charlie Feathers, "NegativeCreep" by Machine Head, "Mr. Crowley" by Ozzy Osbourne, "Gunslinger" by Avenged Sevenfold, and "Devil Lurks on the Road" by Tiger Army. [ 1:11:56 || 34.7 MB ]

  11. He may be second fiddle in the daikaiju world, but Gamera is first in our hearts here at Dread Media. And this episode is dedicated entirely to that lovable badass turtle. First up, Duane joins Desmond to look at the three Heisei films form the 1990s Gamera revival: Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, Gamera 2: Advent of Legion, and Gamera 3: Awakening of Irys. Then Richard brings us back to the original run of the character with the second to last instalment in the original series: Gamera vs. Zigra. Then Devil Dinosaur Jr makes sure we stay scary with Return of the Giant Monsters, another original-era Gamera film. Of course, there are tunes as well: "Turtles All the Way Down" by Sturgill Simpson, "Flight of the Crimson Bats" by Kaiju, "The Hive" by Call of the Void, "Phoenix Rising" by Bleed to Sleep, "Gamera" by The Smarties, "Descending Upon Monsters" by Hot Peas N' Butter, and "Burnt to a Shell" by The Haunted. [ 1:43:28 || 49.9 MB ]


  12. It's a big episode for week 19 as Kellen and Tom cover In Your House: A Cold Day in Hell, featuring Undertaker v Steve Austin for the WWF Title and Ken Shamrock damn near crippling Vader. Also, on Monday Night Raw we see the son of a WWF Hall of Famer as well as a future Hall of Famer make their debuts, the 1997 King of the Ring tournament kicks off, part two of the Goldust interview, Paul Bearer threatens to reveal Undertaker's secret, and the Legion of Doom squash to end all Legion of Doom squashes. [ 3:41:37 || 103.2 MB ]


  13. Hey, an Actor! goes experimental as The Brothers Wilson truly take the plunge into Hollywood yesteryear and latch on to Audrey Hepburn as their featured subject. From the forum favorite of Roman Holiday to romantic comedy Sabrina and the film adaptation of the Broadway musical My Fair Lady, the hosts do what they can to avoid ruffling critical feathers due to their callow tastes. Along the way, Ian quotes some unusual philosophers, Pandy recounts what he did when he was purposefully left home alone for an actual holiday in Rome, and, once again, WCW wrestlers are referenced for seemingly no reason. And which host perseveres with a frankly amazing Humphrey Bogart impression? All this whilst Ian delights in the wholesale lack of prepared jingles for the month. [ 2:40:04 || 77.2 MB ]


  14. This week it's a tribute to several horror legends. First up, Peter Lorre's master class in psychotic acting in a review of Fritz Lang's M from 1931 by Chris and Desmond. They also discuss its 1951 American remake of the same name. Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid closes out his month-long tribute to birthday boys Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing in a review of Scream nd Scream Again, a film that features all three of them. Then Devil Dinosaur Jr. provides a Stay Scary on R Chetwynd Hayes' book The Monster Club, which was made into a film featuring Vincent Price and John Carradine. Songs, you ask? Yeah. There are songs: "I Kill Children" by Dead Kennedys, "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, "Scream and Scream Again" by Amen Corner, "Sucker for Your Love" by BA Robertson, and "Monsters Rule OK" by The Viewers. [ 1:24:47 || 40.9 MB ]


  15. Dave and Ian continue to make their way through season two of Twin Peaks. In episode 10, Audrey is being held for ransom at One Eyed Jack's by Blackie and Jacques Renault's brother Jean, there is desertion in the Scooby Gang as Donna meets the mysterious Harold Smith and become jealous of James and Maddy, and Leland is arrested for Jacques's murder. In episode 11, Leland confesses, Judge Sternwood arrives in town, and there are rumors that a well-known travel writer will soon visit. In episode 12, Cooper and Harry attempt to rescue Audrey while Donna and Maddy attempt to steal Laura's diary from Harold. They also discuss how awesome Deputy Hawk is, how dopey Deputy Andy is, and what Statistician Ian gets up to on his holidays. [ 2:35:24 || 58.9 MB ]


  16. Science gets weird this week on Dread Media. First off, an expedition for a group of scientists heading to the Arctic Circle goes horribly wrong (does it ever go right?) in Harbinger Down. Rich the Monster Movie Kid continues his tribute to horror legends with birthdays in May with a look at two Vincent Price films: Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine and Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs. Devil Dinosaur Jr. delivers a brand new Stay Scary on the early talkie, Doctor X. Then Desmond and Duane look at a totally underrated classic 80s film: Dead and Buried. There are tunes, of course: "Winds from the North" by Frozen Dawn, "Cosmonaut" by At the Drive-In, "Goldfinger" by Leningrad Cowboys, "Doctor #8" by Tobin Sprout, "Bodies" by Danzig, and "Weird Science" by Oingo Boingo. [ 1:43:00 || 49.7 MB ]


  17. A year ago, Mike tweeted the following: "Prepping for a new segment: Give me a number between 2 and 17,518. Go!" Today we finally see the result of that as he correlates the given numbers to comics in his database. And those books are: 52 #41, Gen13 / Generation X, and 52 #29. [ 46:51 || 22.8 MB ]

  18. In the first of two in-person List and Shout recordings, Christian joins Pandy and Kelly Wilson to play a variation on the Marry, Do, Kill game over tea and biscuits. Which character do both Kelly and Christian hate but Pandy swoons over? What is the best lesbian couple in all of fiction? And where do gay penguins and hammer humor fit into it? [ 1:09:45 || 33.8 MB ]