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  1. Ian and Dave bring The Year of Cheese to a close with the final three episodes of Manimal. In "Scrimshaw," Chase finds himself on the hunt for treasure when Brooke discovers a walrus tusk with clues to a hidden fortune etched on it. In "Breath of the Dragon," Chase comes to the aid of an old family friend when his Chinese restaurant comes under threat from a local gangster. And in "Night of the Beast," Chase and pals go on a camping trip and end up foiling a plan by the mob and a corrupt sheriff to pressure a small town to legalize gambling. The also discuss the series as a whole, look back at the past year of cheesy goodness, and look forward to a very different show for 2016. [ 2:34:55 || 57.3 MB ]

  2. The seventh of Ian Wilson's Twelve Labours of Comic Reel-lief is here, with the Pandemon calling for the return of The Soapbox, which was last used to allow Adham Fisher to wax lyrical about Man of Steel. This episode's discussion takes in the development of the comic book movie and how much of a future the sub-genre has. It's a broad topic and a long conversation to boot. But who is Ian's colleague-in-chat? Will Ackerman? Hannah Krueger? Dave Probert? Donovan Morgan Grant? It's definitely one of them! [ 2:46:20 || 80.2 MB ]

  3. Last year, The CW used the success of their grounded take on Green Arrow to launch a TV show that needed to be much more embracing of its comic book roots: The Flash. Chris Johnson and Donovan Morgan Grant cover everything in the first season from the cast to the villains to individual episodes, examining how well this incarnation of The Scarlet Speedster translated to the small screen. And, since it's a CW show, you can expect more than one reference to Smallville along the way. [ 2:44:20 || 79.3 MB ]

  4. We end Yellow Christmas in style with a slew of films from the sleazy history of giallo. From 1972 all the way to 2015, five films outline the blood, black gloves, and boobs that we all love so much. First up, Desmond and Darryll dust off their film-reviewing prowess in Sergio Martino's sleazy Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key. Then, Desmond and Duane discuss the violence against women and the storied and confusing history of Goblin in their review of Dario Argento's Tenebrae. In the first of an unprecedented two Stay Scaries, Devil Dinosaur Jr. looks at Lamberto Bava's failed television project that he turned into a feature film: A Blade in the Dark. Then another Argento film gets covered as Richard the Monster Movie Kid wades into the loaded question that is Argento's Phenomenon (AKA Creepers). Devil Dinosaur Jr. returns for another Stay Scary, taking a look at the Canadian filmmaking collective Astron 6's homage to giallo: The Editor. All this, a giveaway and music: "Carol of the Bells" by Steve Moore, "Vices" by Slayer, "Tenebre (live)" by Daemonia, "Flash of the Blade" by Iron Maiden, "Locomotive" by Motorhead, "From the Back of the Film" by Thrush Hermit, and "Silent Night, Deadly Night (acoustic)" by The Browns. Merry Christmas! [ 1:52:02 || 54.0 MB ]

  5. Labour number six of Ian Wilson's Twelve Labours of Comic Reel-lief sees another new gauntlet thrown down to be picked up: an opinion piece! It's unedited fun as the off-colour Englishman decides to step back and analyze the relative merits of Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and to what extent it has been a success. Think of it as a Previews episode, except that it looks backwards instead of forwards and covers films that have already been reviewed under the banner of Comic Reel-lief. [ 50:15 || 24.7 MB ]

  6. To round off 2015, The Brothers Wilson have their say about two films from the British writer / director Richard Curtis. Is there more to Four Weddings and a Funeral than a bungling Hugh Grant and a very clear structure? Would Love Actually work better as 10 individual films? Which brother will abuse his role as guest editor? There's also the massive thrill of the first HAA! Awards (The Tomlinsons)! And, because it is Christmas, there are also some hilarious and revolting outtakes from the first two years of the show. [ 3:18:34 || 95.7 MB ]

  7. The 2015 The Show Advent Calendar wraps up with an episode like no other. Join Ian, Dave, and Mike as they discuss Darkman in this completely unedited yuletide treat. As you listen, ponder two questions: Why is this episode nearly seven hours long when the discussion is only three-plus hours in length? And, what does Garfield Minus Garfield have to do with anything? [ 6:57:12 || 200.7 MB ]

  8. Mike introduces a brand new segment entitled Silver Linings, in which he attempts to find the best in the worst. First up for Silver Linings? The 2015 Jem and The Holograms movie! Following that, the final three Star Wars Read-Along Adventures are presented, and they are the Special Editions of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. [ 1:10:45 || 34.3 MB ]

  9. This week, Dread Media is proud to present a conversation with film composing legend Fabio Frizzi. The Maestro talks about his working relationship with Lucio Fulci, the lasting qualities of his music, and his work on two gialli in particular: Seven Notes in Black and The Scorpion with Two Tails. On top of all that, we've added a full-length episode to the end of that interview as Chris joins Desmond to discuss the film that started it all: Mario Bava's Blood and Black Lace. Rich the Monster Movie Kid gives giallo another shot as he takes in a viewing of Black Belly of the Tarantula. Then Devil Dinosaur Jr. jumps in to take the show home in a review of Short Night of the Glass Dolls. It would be silly if there wasn't music, right? "Sette Note Pt. 1 (Film Version)" by Bixio - Frizzi - Tempera, "Fear's Melody" by Fabio Frizzi, "Without a Face" by Rage Against the Machine, "Paralyzed" by Ruby the Hatchet, "Is It My Body?" by Alice Cooper, and (one more for good measure) "Verso L'Ignoto" by Fabio Frizzi. [ 1:43:29 || 49.9 MB ]

  10. Will Ackerman and TV 101 bring you a couple of stocking-stuffers. First, Will celebrates 50 years of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Then, he looks back on some lesser-seen holiday specials, including one that tends to be more than a little reviled. Grab some eggnog and take a listen. [ 34:40 || 17.1 MB ]

  11. Labour number five of Ian Wilson's Twelve Labours of Comic Reel-lief sees our British protagonist tasked with reviewing two films within the same continuity. As such, Ian sits down to review the exaggerated pulp noir nonsense of Frank Miller's Sin City, via the 2005 original movie and the 2014 follow-up Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Which does Ian prefer? Also, can he resist the temptation to respond to Will Ackerman's throwdown from the The Show 10th anniversary episode? In a word, no. [ 46:25 || 22.6 MB ]

  12. Between reminiscing about the 1990s and condemning Black Friday shoppers, Pandy and Christian cap-off the first year of List and Shout by celebrating their favorite holiday haters and fake Santas. Also, to reward their nice listeners for all the feedback they've provided over the year, Pandy opens up a bagful of extra-naughty outtakes. [ 1:05:40 || 31.8 MB ]

  13. This week, a double feature of reviews praising the work of the Belgian purveyors of art-house Giallo homage: Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani. First, Darryll and Desmond are not creeps in their discussion of female sexuality in their review of Amer. Then, Duane and Desmond take a look at madness in The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears. Songs included: "Full Bloom" by Early Man, "Dark Blue(s)" and "Love and Hate" by Goblin, and "Dark Horse in the Wind" by Primordial. [ 1:35:29 || 46.1 MB ]