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  1. This week on Dread Media, Desmond and Duane take a look at A Taste of Phobia, an anthology film based around obscure fears. Is it any good? We're afraid not. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews The Curse of La Llorona. Of course, there are tunes: "Fear" by Heaven & Hell, "Apopathodiaphulatophobie" by Igorrr, "Screaming in the Night" by Krokus, and "Truth is Dead" by Mark Morton (feat. Randy Blythe and Alissa White-Gluz). [ 1:14:09 || 35.8 MB ]


  2. The Flickchart Forum returns, with Ian Wilson hosting another two guests as they take on the very first character-based subject matter: Batman. As The Caped Crusader celebrates his 80th birthday, his cinematic outings between 1966 and 2017 are examined, with more than a few nods to World's Finest Podcast and The Dark Knight Discussions. Also: find out who gave up time on their birthday to record this episode, who is Batman's most generic villain, and whether or not Sir Michael Caine has a cockney accent. [ 2:04:20 || 61.1 MB ]


  3. Let's get weird! First up, Tom joins Desmond to discuss Russia's answer to the Marvel movies: Guardians. Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid continues Martian Mondays to take a look at John Carpenter's greatest failure: Ghosts of Mars. And, of course, there are tunes: "Guardians" by Halloween, "Mother Russia" by Iron Maiden, "Mars Need Women" by Rob Zombie, and "Russian Sleep Experiment" by Broken Hope. [ 1:08:30 || 33.1 MB ]


  4. After the slow-moving visual spectacle that was Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the guys spend nearly three hours gushing over the epic that is Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Themes of life, death, aging, and rebirth are explored, as are thoughts of space-flutes and keytars. (Notes: Guard your ears around 1:56:10. This is also a repackaged version of The Edge of Forever 48.) [ 3:04:20 || 90.2 MB ]


  5. Ian and Dave are back for three more episodes of Firefly. In "Ariel" Simon hires the crew to help him and River break into an advanced hospital to scan River's brain. In "War Stories" Wash and Zoe's marital difficulties lead to Wash joining Mal on a drop, only for them to both be captured by a vengeful Niska. In "Trash" Mal comes across Saffron during a smuggling job and she offers to let them in on a profitable heist if they can put aside their past. One episode fails the Probert Test, they sing the praises of Alan Tudyk, and invite speculation about Ian's fetish. [ 1:58:45 || 58.2 MB ]


  6. This week on Dread Media, it's a science fiction double feature! First up, Tom and Desmond take on the regrettable Netflix production, Extinction. Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid continues his Martian Mondays with a review of Mission to Mars. There are out of this world tunes too: "Extinction Event" by Ramming Speed, "Countdown to Extinction" by Megadeth, "Life on Mars" by David Bowie, and "Science Fiction Double Feature" by Mary Shelley Overdrive. [ 1:00:39 || 29.3 MB ]


  7. It's an Ask Me Anything episode of Dread Media! In this episode, your intrepid host fields questions from you, the listeners, on topics such as music, movies, podcasting, writing, and the appeal of Glenn Danzig. There are tunes too, culled from Desmond's favorite recent records: "I Want to Tear the World Apart" by Ringworm, "Fought the Line" by Dub Trio feat. Troy Sanders, "My Kinda Movie" by The Wildhearts, "Wolf God" by Grand Magus, "Done Bleeding" by Mountain Goats, and "Watch the Time" by Melissa Nadler and Stephen Brodsky. [ 1:10:52 || 34.2 MB ]


  8. Liv Tyler is The Brothers' featured actor this month of The Year of the Rings. We explore her role in low-budget, art-house, indie classic Armageddon, early career music shop romp Empire Records, and spooky stalker flick The Strangers. You will also hear how ridiculously tired Pandy is, discover why Ian developed a phobia of The Cure's Robert Smith, and hear how Heather Graham helps jog Pandy's memory of the ending to The Strangers. Plus: What song does Michael Bay use at all of his film pitches? Why does Pandy mention Bugs Bunny in a discussion of a horror film? And where did Robin Tunney's hair go? All these questions answers, as well as the results of our first Hey, an Actor featured actor audience poll of Sean Astin v Orlando Bloom. [ 2:20:57 || 68.1 MB ]


  9. This week on Dread Media, Tom Deja and Desmond take a look at two unique women-in-peril films. First, in Cam, a sex worker is beset upon by sinister forces that just might be a lot closer to home than she initially thinks. And describing the psychedelic occult horror / Giallo-influenced / 1974 classic would do a great disservice to The Perfume of the Lady in Black. Don't forget to get your Dread Media AMA questions in by Wednesday! Songs included: "Leave Me Alone" by Two, "Watch Me" by Total Abuse, "A Tale They Won't Believe" by Captain Tractor≤ and "Sadistic Rituals" by Venom Prison. [ 1:36:54 || 46.7 MB ]


  10. This week on Dread Media, travel back to 1988 with us as we discuss two very different films. First, Desmond and Darryll take a look at Penelope Spheeris's look at the excesses of the Sunset Strip's sleazy glam scene in The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years. Then, Devil Dinosaur Jr.'s sleaze is a little more DIY in his review of Jim Van Bebber's Deadbeat at Dawn. Songs included: "Bathroom Wall" by Faster Pussycat, "In My Darkest Hour" by Megadeth, "Safety Week" by Electric Eels, and "Eighties" by Killing Joke. [ 1:25:02 || 41.9 MB ]


  11. In an The Show first, we dedicate an entire episode to wrestling! Dave and Mike sat down for well over three hours to discuss the superb NXT TakeOver: New York card, and the feel-good show that was WrestleMania 35! Personal backstories with wrestling are discussed, as are the in-ring storylines, Randy Orton's ability to hit the RKO out of nowhere, and the future stars that are Johnny Gargano, Kofi Kingston, and Becky Lynch! [ 3:23:10 || 100.3 MB ]


  12. This week on Dread Media, it's a classic double feature review of two films that have nothing to do with each other. But first, the announcement of an upcoming Ask Me Anything episode of Dread Media. Then, an assassin finds that retirement isn't quite what it was chalked up to be in Des and Tom's review of Polar. Then, a bunch of people are trapped in a Spanish bar in the midst of some kind of plague in Duane and Des's review of The Bar. There are also tunes: "Better Off Dead" by Polar Bear Club, "Your Ontario Town is a Burial Ground" by Woods of Ypres, "The Bars" by Black Flag, and "Plagueborne" by Cattle Decapitation. [ 1:33:16 || 45.0 MB ]


  13. This week on Dread Media, our old friend Greg Lamberson stops by to talk about his latest film (Johnny Gruesome), his recently finished film (Widow's Point), and the late great Larry Cohen. Speaking of Cohen, Tom Deja comes by to review a Cohen classic: The Stuff. There are songs too: "Closed Coffin" by Gruesome, "Widowmaker" by The Black Dahlia Murder, "(Do You) Want Some of This?" by The Stuff, and "Titan" by Ancient Ascendant. [ 1:09:57 || 33.8 MB ]


  14. This week on Dread Media, Desmond steps aside to let guest host Derek M Koch of Monster Kid Radio interview Christine Parker, the director of the brand new movie Blood of the Mummy. Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid takes on the most talked about horror film of the year thus far: Us. Songs: "Can't Stop the Monster Kids" by The Other, "Mummy Dust" by Ghost, "The Mirror" by Dream Evil, and "I Got 5 on Us" by Luniz featuring Damon Elliott and Krayzie Bone. [ 1:13:17 || 35.4 MB ]


  15. Dave and Ian cover another three episodes of Firefly. In "Our Mrs. Reynolds" the crew of Serenity defends a settlement from bandits, and after their work is done Mal discovers that he has been given a wife in lieu of payment who may be more than she appears. In "Jaynestown" a simple smuggling job becomes more complicated when the crew realizes the town they are planning to sneak the goods through idolizes Janye as a folk hero. In "Out of Gas" Serenity becomes stranded when a part malfunctions, and while Mal struggles to stay alive / repair the ship he recalls how he met each of his crew. They muse on character introductions, enjoy Robin Hood parallels, and Ian develops The Probert Test. [ 1:58:33 || 59.5 MB ]