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  1. Will and Dan take a look at some classic holiday sitcom episodes, when they're not going over the city of Boston's fascination with Shelley Long, building the Hasbro Cinematic Universe from the ground up, or gushing about a 90s children's show in a way that will surprise no one who's ever paid any attention to Dan. [ 1:18:15 || 39.6 MB ]


  2. Skyler and Will are back for more festive hijinks as they talk about the Jonathan Taylor Thomas vehicle I'll Be Home for Christmas. Will goes on multiple tirades, Skyler brings up some good points, and they learn the true meaning of Christmas. Or, they watch some rich kid get a Porsche. Whichever. [ 1:28:50 || 45.1 MB ]


  3. Merry Christmas, and welcome to the Christmas special that almost wasn't. Instead of just defaulting to a regular episode and being a regular old bah-humbug, the Dread Media crew got together to present reviews of three new Christmas-themed horror films. First up, Desmond and Duane review the Norwegian Santa-slasher flick, Christmas Blood. Then, Tom goes solo in his review of the Christmas anthology film, All the Creatures Were Stirring. Finally, Rich the Monster Movie Kid takes a look at what happens when a family Christmas dinner goes horribly wrong in Mercy Christmas. Here are some crazy carols to get you through the season: "Because I'm Santa" by The Dollyrots, "Slay Rider" by Thor, "We Wish You a Protein Christmas" by The Fall, "Eat Steak" by Reverend Horton Heat, and, of course, "Silent Night, Deadly Night (acoustic)" by The Browns. [ 1:16:55 || 37.1 MB ]


  4. Doctor McCoy is accused of committing genocide ("Albatross"), a godlike alien being wants credit for assisting humanity's growth ("How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth?"), and everyone begins to de-age upon entering a backwards-flowing universe ("The Counter-Clock Incident"). And thus ends Star Trek: The Animated Series. Dan and Mike discuss the series as a whole, and a special guest brings us the Star Trek: Babies theme song. [ 1:21:35 || 39.6 MB ]


  5. This episode of Dread Media is cursed. The Old Gods, the Universe, and Apple computers tried to keep it from you. But still, Desmond persisted. And he's glad he did because three cinematic masterpieces get reviewed this week. First, our old friends Brittney and Jeff return to the show to review the brand new Netflix film Apostle with Desmond. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews Leaf Blower Massacre and Leaf Blower Massacre 2. Okay, "masterpieces" may have been the wrong word. There are tunes, too: "Blood of the Heretic" by Lonewolf, "Sacrifice" by Motorhead, "The Monster Within" by Sinister Fate, and "The Fallen Leaves that Jewel the Ground" by PG Six. [ 1:00:37 || 29.3 MB ]


  6. This week, Dread Media gets sadistic. First up, Desmond and Tom take a look at Mario Bava's gothic horror meets S&M failure The Whip and the Body. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid takes in a viewing of Lars Von Trier's controversial serial killer flick The House that Jack Built. Of course, there are some sadistic songs: "The Ambassador of Pain" by Kataklysm, "Whip It" by Powerman 5000, "Fame" by David Bowie, and "The Sadist" by Brain Tentacles. [ 59:51 || 29.0 MB ]


  7. Dan and Mike discuss the exciting immediate future of The Edge of Forever, cover some Star Trek news, then they dive into three more episodes of Star Trek: The Animated Series. First, Spock is critically ill, but the medication he needs to survive has been stolen ("The Pirates of Orion"). Then, some moron named Bem needlessly makes trouble for Kirk and Spock ("Bem"). And, lastly, the ship comes to life and plays rather deadly jokes on the crew ("The Practical Joker"). [ 1:19:00 || 38.4 MB ]


  8. This week we recommend taking a weekend away. Just go and explore a place you've never been. Darryll and I did. We watched a movie we'd never seen before. While we did, we stayed in room 1408. Rich the Monster Movie Kid went on a road trip and found a Tourist Trap. Enjoy your vacation. You may never return! Road trip mix tape: "Horror Hotel" by The Undead, "Last Night Radio 11:01 PM" by Stephen King, "Triskaidekaphobia" by Shooter Jennings, "Die, Die My Darling" by Metallica, and "Holiday" by Ginger Wildheart. [ 1:05:38 || 31.7 MB ]


  9. Dave and Ian conclude their coverage of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) with the final two episodes. In "The Glorious Buntranek," Jeff and Marty's old secretary is in trouble, so Jeff and Jeanie travel to Eastern Europe to help her find her lost child who has been taken by a cult. In "Two Can Play That Game," an old school friend of Jeff asks for help when he believes that his father may not be dead. and Wyvern sends Marty to a spectral seaside resort to heal his connection with Jeff. They also discuss what they would have liked from a third series, defend the nation of Latvia, name their MVPs for the series, and Statistician Ian returns to tell them what they will be watching next. [ 1:37:13 || 70.6 MB ]


  10. Dan and Will are back to discuss the 1994 Fox Kids Saturday morning line-up. What they find includes some dubious voice acting, a couple of things that don't live up to Will's memories, and one of the best superhero cartoons of all-time and it's not what you think. [ 1:18:35 || 38.8 MB ]


  11. This week on Dread Media we present a feature-length conversation with our old friend Tony Wash of Scotchworthy Productions. Since the last time we talked, he's completed two films, The Rake and Skeletons in the Closet, and he's here to talk about them, directing Robert Z'Dar in his final role, and plans for the future. It's bookended by some good tunes, too: "Rake" by Wino, "Skeletons in the Closet" by Alice Cooper, and "5 Shots of Whiskey" by Hank Williams III. Enjoy! [ 1:39:07 || 47.8 MB ]


  12. The 10th anniversary episode of Bigger on the Inside is here! Today Dan and Mike look at what happens when two mid-regeneration Doctors cross paths ("Twice Upon a Time"), Peter Capaldi's run as The Doctor, and Steven Moffat's tenure as the force behind Doctor Who. Then, as a bonus, the guys discuss the original unaired pilot of "An Unearthly Child." [ 2:16:00 || 65.6 MB ]


  13. Hold your horses, listenership. The Brothers Wilson have a short announcement on the fate of Cate Blanchett month, and the (most excellent) reasons behind it. So please use the next few weeks productively and re-listen to all of our 2018 output to compile your ballot for the 2018 Tomlinson Awards which are now open! Ian and Pandy will be back before Christmas to bring you the featured subject of International Year, with Pandy dropping a very subtle hint as to who it may be.


  14. Get ritualistic with us this week. Whether your supernatural conjuring is done with just a prick of blood, a lengthened sequence of self-mutilation, or whether your ritual is meant to keep something away, we've got it all this week. First, you may want to rethink trying to conjure the Goddess Ishtar after listening to Desmond and Duane's review of American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice. Then, don't be a dummy and try on random masks in a movie theatre! Rich the Monster Movie Kid knows that now that he's seen Lamberto Bava's Demons. Finally, wrestling fan metalheads try to rescue a poor girl with symbols carved in her body, but are they doing the right thing? Read Adam Howe and James Newman's Scapegoat to find out. All that, plus some great music for your pre-ritual get-together: "Body and Blood" by Ghost, "Accept My Sacrifice" by Suicidal Tendencies, "Save Our Souls" by Motley Crue, "Sin and Sacrifice" by DevilDriver, and "The Ritual" by Testament. [ 1:27:56 || 42.4 MB ]


  15. In his effort to rehabilitate Missy, The Doctor drops the TARDIS into an unwinnable predicament. And Bill pays the ultimate price ("World Enough and Time"). Then, to save Bill and a handful of Mondasians, The Doctor attempts to persuade Missy and The Master to join him in one final battle ("The Doctor Falls"). [ 1:14:05 || 35.8 MB ]