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  1. Frank Frazetta's Adventures of the Snowman: this is more of a picture book than a graphic novel, but it's important as Frazetta's first published work. Racist as the times were with the yellow peril stuff, but it's an interesting pulp adventure with a snowman as the lead. Weird. Cosmic Ghost Rider #1: dumb and weird and un. I'll check out more. Death of the Inhumans #1: unreadable dreck. Hunt for Wolverine Weapon Lost #3: really good. Immortal Hulk #2: I want this as a low-key TV show. Each issue as an episode of quiet horror would REALLY work. Infinity Countdown Champions #2: not good. Judge Dredd Under Siege #2: not good. Lowlifes #1: also not good. New Lieutenants of Metal #1: sometimes I really look down on myself and think I'll never get anywhere. Then I see stuff like this getting published. Good lord. Project Superpowers Chapter Three #0: not the best, but I give these characters a long lead. Pumpkinhead #5: solid. Quantum Age #1: fuck. I love Black Hammer and this is Black Hammer a thousand years in the future. I'm in. Submerged #1: unremarkable. Literally forgot it entirely after reading it. Sword Daughter #2: very good. The Cape Fallen #1: good. The Last Siege #2: good, but not enough to continue. Comics: 67 Trades: 9 Graphic Novels: 1 Omnibus: 1
  2. American Gods is fucking great. Some unknowns and a selection of the finest actors of television's modern age. Also, Crispin Glover.
  3. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter: a huge step up from part 3. This is the first step in what would become to the proper modern Jason film. Still, he runs in this one. Really young Corey Feldman is great. Fucking Crispin Glover is a motherfucking revelation in this: Good shit. Features: 22 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 4 Rewatches: 2
  4. Deadly Class vol 7: really fucking great. Mage: The Hero Denied Book Three vol 5: this is the newer series, the one before the end. It's solid. I really like the updated world and what everyone from before is like, if indeed they're still alive. The Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite vol 1 & Dallas vol 2: These are good. They don't hold up from first reading, but each volume has its moments. Of the two, Dallas is probably stronger. Comics: 52 Trades: 9 Graphic Novels: Omnibus: 1
  5. Also, please: just one flashback of Namor fighting the Original Human Torch at the World's Fair. Just a few seconds of it. That's all I need.
  6. Exactly. This is their coming out party. They've clearly been doing good, but the implications of mind manipulation lead us right into a world that fears and hates them.
  7. One of the heroes having survived Endgame is taken into a room by Nick Fury and shown a video of a falling piece of debris about to flatten them and all of a sudden it's vaporized. Slowed down, the video shows a massive red beam. Another innocent is whisked away from Hulk and Thanos tumbling through a building. Slowed down, it's a guy with wings. A building on fire with people in it all of a sudden smoke turns to steam. Iceman. The X-Men have been in the shadows too long. They're here now.
  8. The smartest thing they could do is have reality shift slightly because of Endgame and return to a world where X-Men and fantastic Four are already a part of. Something about the idea of rebooting FF and X-Men from origin stories is so unappealing.
  9. Captain America #1: Coates has an uphill battle here. I feel like the whole "jump into the future" plot this is following up was a whole lot of inconsequential nothing. While there's not a lot going on here, I feel like they are laying some good groundwork here. Art is not my favourite, but as long as the story gets going, I'll check it out. Captain Canuck Invasion: *insert jerk off motion gif here* Comics: 52 Trades: 5 Graphic Novels: Omnibus: 1
  10. I enjoyed Apocalypse for what it was. None of the X-Men movies are "change your life" movies, but they all pack some kind of enjoyment. Except maybe the third one. Also I never saw the first Wolverine movie.
  11. Maybe I'll just cut my losses. I'm clearly behind on comics anyway. Might as well streamline.
  12. X-Men Masterworks vol 1: Jesus...this is the drizzling shits. It collects the first 10 issues of X-men by Stan and Jack. There is no through-line. It doesn't know what it is. It is a strike force? Is it a teen superhero book? Maybe. Is it a school? No. Not really. The only issues that have even an inkling of enjoyment are the Vanisher and Unus the Untouchable appearances. Those are pretty solid and remain some of the best, most unique X-villains. It will be a while before I check out volume 2. Batman #50: fuck this was awful. I'm a mediocre issue away from dropping. Comics: 50 Trades: 5 Graphic Novels: Omnibus: 1
  13. Witchcraft Through the Ages: this is a radical re-cut of Haxan. I've amended my count because these two films are basically documentaries rather than cinematic features. Also: review forthcoming. Features: 21 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 4 Rewatches: 2
  14. Yeah, it looks great. I still think the worst thing to happen to this round of X-films is the casting of Jennifer Lawrence. Not because she's bad, but because she became the world's biggest movie star after First Class forcing her into a bigger role going forward.
  15. Friday the 13th Part 3: we watched the first few minutes in 3D but it was awful so we switched. Other than a few 3D gags and the first appearance of the hockey mask, this is the first real stinker of the series. Right now, I'm putting it at second worse of them all. But I'll have to reorder when I'm done the rewatches. If it wasn't for a date, it would have been immensely boring. Features: 22 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 2 Rewatches: 2