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  1. It's also interesting as a post-Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon film. There's fucking wire work in one of the fights between Freddy and Jason. And the moment of Freddy leaping out of Crystal Lake awash in red light is about as beautiful as anything got in the horror genre in the 00s.
  2. Freddy vs. Jason: this is crazy cartoony and a hell of a lot of fun. It's a Friday movie with a Nightmare sense of humour and it works for the most part. Some regrettably very 2003 CGI here. I know a lot of people in this movie as it was almost entirely filmed within 10 minutes of where I grew up, but I noticed Evangeline Lilly as an extra at the high school for the first time. Yes, I knew her. Fucking hell. Always ridiculously hot and didn't really seem to know it. How I never recognized her in this film before is beyond me. Features: 51 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  3. Bad News Bears: Boy, this was a blast from the past. I love how pure thesis. It doesn't give a fuck about anything outside the baseball team. There's a machination at the league level to get this team out of there, but the film doesn't give a fuck. There's a former love story with a player's mom, but the film doesn't give a fuck. It's just about alcoholic Walter Matthau coaching a bunch of nerds, Oscar Winner Tatum O'Neal and young Rorshach even though he's not really interested. Loved it. Boys did too. It actually took me to the credits to realize it was Jackie Earl Haley. I'd completely forgotten. So I showed the boys the "You're locked in here with me" scene from Watchmen. I may have to watch that with them next. Always Be My Maybe: this was really fun. It's pretty standard romantic comedy until Keanu Reeves shows up and it kicks into wildly hysterical comedy territory. He's a treasure. Randall Park is a legitimate movie star too. Features: 50 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  4. Really slowed down on my comics reading lately. Locke & Key vol 1 Welcome to Lovecraft: wanted to do a reread of this for a while until I get to the new stuff I haven't read yet. A very solid little weird supernatural horror comic. Beauty and the Beast: a late 80s graphic novel featuring the amazing art of Jordi Bernet. Definite influence on Sin City here. It's undeniable. Bone Parish #1: I don't remember much from this read-through, to be honest. So, I think I'll drop it. Lots of stuff to catch up on. Brittania Lost Eagles of Rome #1: not lighting me on fire. I'm out. Brothers Dracul #4: still great. Good stuff. DC's Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special #1: I almost skipped this. But how often have you read an anthology comic where every story is good? Fucking rare. This might be the best one shot of the year. Lots of different styles of story here. All are interesting. Comics: 115 Trades: 11 Graphic Novels: 7 Omnibus: 3
  5. So, I think it is an adaptation of the book, but on further thought, it only really makes sense to incorporate elements of the Kubrick film into the film version of the book. Otherwise, it's a pretty intensely missed opportunity. Just visually, I mean. And the staggering amount of people who have seen The Shining versus those who have read it would probably agree. I'm willing to bet there's very little if anything that is rehashed from Kurbick's film beyond what was shown in the trailer. I could be wrong though.
  6. Looks like maybe they're reconciling Danny's past with the events of the film, but then just adapting the novel. I'm not sure how much the book references The Shining as I haven't read it yet.
  7. Us: review forthcoming Features: 48 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  8. Point Break: this is pure, perfect trash cinema. Davin loved it. Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: not bad. But it suffers from the exact problems the comic it's adapted from does. The boys seemed to enjoy it for the most part. Features: 47 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  9. Because North Carolina fucked them on the tax credit. It was supposed to be half the budget. It no longer exists. The show was bankrupted immediately.
  10. Jesus...weird order this month:
  11. Jason X: probably the fourth best film in the series. Complete dumb-fuckery. Very much a post-Matrix, post-Scream film. Features: 45 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  12. Widow's Point: getting to see a friend's movie before anyone else is peak podcast perk. Features: 44 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  13. Hot Fuzz: Youngest wanted to watch this, and since it's probably in my top 5, I jumped on it. The movie is perfect. The direction, the editing, the performances...everything. It's maybe the smartest and most compact comedy script I've ever seen put to film. Even if it wasn't all that good, I would still love it for the singularly brilliant comedic performance of Paddy Considine. Features: 43 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  14. Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday: "I know what this series needs: a brand new incomprehensible supernatural mythology and a random bounty hunter character who somehow knows all about it!" - New Line Cinema suits in 1993 probably. Features: 42 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  15. Forgot to log these: Slaughterhouse Rulez/The Man Who KIlled Kitler and then The Bigfoot: reviews forthcoming. Features: 41 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  16. The X-Files Case Files Hoot Goes There #1: fucking solid. Weapon H #5: Marvel's most consistent new character. From the Weapon X run and this series, this is great. X-Men Gold #32: not the best X-Men Red #6: same as above A Walk Through Hell #3: not bad, but not as good as the previous issues. I'm out. Bedtime Games #2: not bad at all. Buffy De Mentia/Mara Celtic Shamaness/Yuppies Rednecks and Lesbian Bitches from Mars/Naughty Knotty: all Eros graphic novels. The Naughty Knotty is by far the best as a collection of Wally Wood's sleazy strips. Good shit. Comics: 111 Trades: 10 Graphic Novels: 6 Omnibus: 3
  17. Black Sheep: this is a much better film than Tommy Boy. It's more stereotypical, but that works for it. Farley is at his peak here. Spade is not super-annoying. Gary BUsey is in it. Features: 39 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  18. Yes, her acting talents were appreciated. Both of them.
  19. Thought episode 5 was one of the best of the season too. I don't get why people are upset. I'm almost upset in its predictability. It's exactly where this has all been heading. I would put it at second best of the season and one of the very best of the entire series.
  20. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan: a.k.a. Jason spends 80 minutes "taking" a graduation cruise and then 20 minutes "taking a Manhattan that looks a lot like Vancouver. Man, other than the amazing Jason vs. Julius the boxer fight, this is a really fucking snooze. An almost bloodless and ultimately tame beyond reason instalment in the series. Tales form the Crypt: Demon Knight: review forthcoming. Features: 38 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  21. Didn't read a lot due to the move. Trying to get back into it. Peek a Boo #5: this won't be the best horror comic of the year, but it was fun as fuck, and way better than The Hills Have Eyes which it totally steals from. Saga Valta 1: a GN that wasn't worth reading. Stellar #1: plodding. Teenage Wasteland #1:not very good. The Life of Captain Marvel #1: also not very good. Comics: 105 Trades: 10 Graphic Novels: 2 Omnibus: 3
  22. Thought so. It was the only character I could think of who would be there that I didn't recognize (hated that movie, haha!).
  23. That trailer does not look good.