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  1. This is going to be the least amount of comics I've read in a year in a very long time, I think. Time to up the standards of what I read to get rid of the chaff. I've got a stack of trades and stuff I've read too on top of these single issues, but I'm too lazy to add them right now. Haha!

    Infinity Wars #4: solid. Way better than any of the tie-ins thus far.

    Justice League Dark #4: way better than the previous entry in this arc. I really dug this one. I like this team.

    Marvel Zombie #1: nice to see what ol' Simon Garth was up to in the Marvel Zombies universe. Great issue. Steffano Raffaele did one of my all-time favourite zombie comics, so his art here is extra appreciated.

    Murder Falcon #1: a guy summons a heavy metal murder falcon to fight monsters by playing his guitar. Yes, I like this.

    Ninja-K #12: consistently the best thing Valiant has done in the reboot.

    Old Man Logan #49: only one more issue left. Will be sad to see it go. One of the best things Marvel's done in years.

    Quantum Age #3: not bad. 

    Red Hood Outlaw #27: really fucking good.

    Scream! & Misty: this is a 2000AD horror anthology. Not bad. 

    Shuri #1: not bad, but not good enough to keep reading. 

    • Issues: 119
    • Trades: 9
    • Omnibus: 3
    • Graphic Novel: 7

  2. Kung Fu Hustle & Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky: I did it. I found the best double feature ever. There was thunder and lightning last night and Kirby was freaking out, so we went into the basement to watch kung fu films. It calmed him right down. I had fun too.

    • Features: 57
    • Shorts: 2
    • Documentaries: 9
    • Rewatches: 1

  3. Jesus...is this the first time one of these threads has been dormant for almost a month? I haven't been reading much either.

    Dread Gods #4: loved this weird little series. Don't know if it will return.

    Exorcsisters #1: not for me

    High Heaven #1: I like the concept. I'll read another.

    Infinite Dark #1: almost unreadable convoluted sci fi dreck.

    Infinity Wars Weapon Hex #1: this is awful. Love the main series, but these Warps tie-ins are horrible.

    What If? Classic vol 1, 2: these are great. I still prefer the 90s series, but a lot of these are fun. There's a couple here that are now canon, as far as I know (the Avengers of the 50s one that is Agents of Atlas and the Invaders continuing on after Captain America and Bucky dying). Looking forward to reading more.

    • Issues: 109
    • Trades: 9
    • Omnibus: 3
    • Graphic Novel: 7

  4. Satanis: The Devil's Mass: what a weird documentary about the Church of Satan from 1970. I watched it drunk to provide a watch-along commentary to Patrons and essentially was blind drunk at the end, but it's crazy seeing the weird arguments these people have against the CoS: "I don't care what they do inside, but they need to start mowing the lawn!" It's crazy.

    350 Days: this is a wrestling doc that is remarkably flat. It isn't as extensively depressing as most docs about the tolls wrestling takes on wrestlers, and for that reason, I found it kind of odd.

    • Features: 55
    • Shorts: 2
    • Documentaries: 9
    • Rewatches: 1

  5. The Invisible Man: I semi-coherently talk about it in this week's episode of Dread Media. Long story short: it feels like the perfect jumping off point for a Cinematic Universe even though there's literally no reason to expect one to come from this.

    • Features: 55
    • Shorts: 2
    • Documentaries: 7
    • Rewatches: 1

  6. Essential Godzilla King of the Monsters: Much of this deals with SHIELD trying to capture Godzilla and it's at its best when it doesn't stray too far into the Marvel Universe beyond that, but it is a blast when The Avengers and Fantastic Four show up. 

    Cable & X-Force vol 1: This was ok. I'll try the next one.

    Lollipop Kids #1: Yeah, not bad. I don't need more though.

    Shatterstar #1: this was pretty good.

    Sparrowhawk #1: completely forgettable.

    Star Wars Adventures Tales from Vader's Castle: awful. Unreadably awful.

    Taarna #3: pretty solid.

    The Lone Ranger #1: this is good. Amazing art.

    The Superior Octopus #1: I didn't really get it but kind of liked it.

    These Savage Shores #1: pass

    Uber Invasion #15: still great

    United States Vs Murder Inc. #2: I gave it two issues. It still isn't very good.

    Weapon H #8: this is awesome.

    Weapon X #24: this was rad. It's really taken on its own tone after Wolverine left.

    What if Flash Thomspon became Spider-Man #1: this was a hell of a lot of fun. Very much the look and feel of a classic What If story.

    What If The X-Men were... #1: I couldn't even tell you what happens in this. It is the fucking worst. Cable and Domino pulling off something and there's an anime bullshit interlude. The worst. The polar opposite of the Spider-Man one.

    Wonder Woman Justice League Dark The Witching Hour #1: this is not good.

    X-Men Black Magneto #1: awesome

    Zorro Swords of Hell #1: Zorro versus demons? Ok.

    Astonishing X-Men #16: great. Maybe a little too goofy, but still great.

    Bedtime Games #4: kind of fizzles out here

    Black Hammer Age of Doom #6: the art is so bad it's distracting. Off. What happened here?

    Captain America #4: not bad.

    Captain Ginger #1: sure, I'll give it another look.

    Cemetery Beach #2: not good. I'm out.

    Cover #2: I just don't care.

    Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1: not bad. Harmless

    Daredevil #609: really fucking good.

    Deadpool Secret Agent Deadpool #4: dumb fun.

    Devil Within #1: didn't grab me.

    • Issues: 104
    • Trades: 7
    • Omnibus: 3
    • Graphic Novel: 7