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  1. Train of the Dead: review forthcoming, but yikes.

    Paper Tiger: this is classic Bill Burr. So good.

    Lucy: somehow managed to never watch it. The premise turned me off because the "humans only use 10% of their brain capacity" thing is just plain made-up bullshit. If I recall, this was around the time of Under the Skin, so I guess Scarlett wanted to go for the "alien" character during this era of her career. It's a stupid movie, but it's beautiful. It's also very scattershot in its editing. I guess I understand what they were going for injecting the images of the wild, but it felt very unnecessary. Min-Sir Choic is always rad.

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  2. 7 hours ago, The Master said:

    After the news broke this weekend that Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix named their newborn son River, I decided to watch Stand by Me. At the moment I'm an hour in, and, man, I always forget how much of this movie River Phoenix shoulders. He's elevating everyone around him, and the kid was only 15 / 16 here. He plays the adult of the four boys, but he's still such a child himself. There's so much power in his performance. So much unsaid about this life. Without him, I'm not sure this movie would be as fondly remembered as it is.

    Something I noticed this time around is the scar Eyeball has next to his, well, eye. When Ace pins Chris to the ground and threatens to burn his eye out, the camera cuts to Chris' brother, Eyeball, and that's where you can see the scar. This little thing tells you so much about Ace and Eyeball's relationship -- and how he got that nickname.

    It's a perfect movie.

  3. El Diablo #1-6: this was the miniseries from several years back, re-establishing the character in the DCU as more of a Ghost Rider analogy. It's quite good in parts. Hester and Parks on art is, as always, a delight. 

    Pestilence A Story of Satan #5: low-key contender for one of the best horror comics of the past few years that no one knows about. Finally got to the end. Good shit.

    Spider-Force #2: this is incomprehensible.

    The Last Space Race #2: still pretty good.

    Punisher #4: still fucking great.

    Uncanny X-Men #2: not the greatest. Hope it evens out.

    Weapon H #10: still a sleeper for Marvel.

    Weapon X #26: this is not where I would have guessed this series goes, but it's fun.

    Books of Magic #2: pretty decent. I'll give it another issue or two.

    Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three Complete Collection: This veers into the magical side with Constantine (on Batman's side) has to deal with Superman who has The Spectre's support. He does so by kidnapping Raven (on Superman's side) and then telling Trigon that it was Superman who kidnapped her. It's kind of the perfect Constantine story in the bigger DCU.

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  4. Thor Ragnarok: having watched it again, I'm certain it is the most comic bookish of all the MCU films. It takes Planet Hulk, Contest of Champions and about seven separate Thor storylines and combines them into a fun movie that moves at a great clip. Solid.

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  5. Honey Boy: Shia Labouf wrote a movie about his relationship between him and his dad during his days as a child actor, and a second timeline of the fallout of such an existence.And he's playing his father. Lucas Hedges is playing grown up him and it really feels like he's doing a bit of an impression. Still pretty great though.  On top of headlining two of my favourite movies of the year, he's really stepped up front as a great actor and filmmaker. The ending is a little abrupt, but a beautiful film nonetheless.

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  6. We Summon the Darkness:reviewed on this week's episode. Regardless of how good it is, it gets the Daddario bump.

    Babysitter: Killer Queen: probably reviewing this soon, but Will ain't wrong.

    Bill Burr Walk Your Way Out: It wasn't lighting me on fire, but the second half is VERY strong. Some of the best of Burr's work, IMO.

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  7. The Stone King #1: forgettable.

    Uncanny X-Men #1: A decent fresh start. I just hope it's more cohesive going forward.

    William Gibson's Alien 3 #1: The only good version of this movie is the original theatrical version, and even that kind of sucks.

    Smooth Criminals #1: also forgettable. Awful art.

    Black Hammer Age of Doom #7: Kirby homage is Kirby homaging

    American Carnage #1: Nawww...I'm good.

    Bettie Page #1: This is the last BP comic I'll ever read.

    Crimson Lotus #1: ugh...not good.

    GI Joe Silent Option #2: ok

    High Heaven #3: this should be up my alley, but it just isn't good.

    Infinity Wars Ghost Panther #1: terrible.

    Infinity Wars Sleepwalker #3: still not bad.

    Justice League Dark #5: really fun.

    LIghtstep #1: forgettable

    Marvel Knights #2: this better end well because it's building incredibly well.

    Thunderbolts vol 2 Red Scare: fuck, this series was a sleeper. It's so good.

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  8. 23 minutes ago, The Master said:


    The Karate Kid (2010): A very solid remake. While taking many elements from the original, this movie can be viewed as its own experience.

    Jaden Smith's Dre Parker is absolutely charming. He's clearly his father's son, but Jaden has his own style and acting flourishes that shine through. He too is angry, but it's very much the anger of a child, rather than that of a teenager. That tiny difference very much sets Dre apart from Daniel and Julie.

    Jackie Chan's Mr. Han is absolutely depressing. From the jump one can clearly see something is deeply broken in his soul. He looks so tired, as if death is late and he's angry about it. When we learn where his pain stems from, it breaks your heart. And Dre's reaction does a wonderful job demonstrating how much he has grown, as well as how much he loves Mr. Han.

    At two hours twenty, it's longer than it needs to be, but still a movie that's worth a watch.

    I contend the only thing wrong with the remake is it not being titled Kung Fu Kid. Setting it in China and having him practice kung fu is peak Hollywood "they're all the same-ism." That said. Taraji P. Henson. So it's balanced out.

  9. 6 hours ago, Molly said:

    I don't understand how someone can not like Ricochet. Dude is an incredible athlete that oozes charisma. 

    Oh well, he'll be great in AEW. 

    I first saw him as Prince Puma in Lucha Underground and I was shocked (and still am) about his standing suplex. It's the most amazing physical feat I've seen other than The Mountain beating strength records set during the eddaic sagas. Here, he's doing it to Rey Mysterio, but he did it to guys who were a lot taller and heavier than him. A lot.


  10. 6 hours ago, Koete said:

    1. Good on you, Don, get paid. 

    2. "Release the Snyder Cut" could have been a statement about how superhero movies have shifted further and further toward commerce and away from art in the ever-present balancing act for movies, but instead became the poster child for toxic fanboy entitlement.

    3. I'm still glad Snyder is getting the opportunity to release his version.

    Note that Chris and I are agreeing about a superhero movie.


  11. 5 minutes ago, Molly said:

    Also, does Killer Kross just bore the hell out of anyone else?

    I thought he was cool as White Rabbit in Lucha Underground, but I haven't checked out NXT yet. I realized I get that too, so I'll be watching this week. 

  12. 1 hour ago, James D. said:

    Yeah, that one is fantastic. Another one I loved was, "The sea giveth and the sea taketh away...and this time, the sea......tooketh......my sword...."



    On 8/18/2020 at 8:06 PM, Molly said:

    The second season of that show is miles better. 

    It definitely gets better animation and story-wise halfway through season one (with the introduction of Doom).