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  1. Oh, also, Davin dropped his bagel and cream cheese this morning, and, after it obviously landed face down, he said "This is most untriumphant."
  2. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure: I think I'm coming around on this film being perfect. Watched it again with the boys last night and we were all laughing our asses off. Also got the bonus fun of explaining what an Oedipal Complex is to my twelve year old this morning. The Curse of Valburga: feature for the festival. Features: 111 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  3. Bullets for Justice/To Your Last Death: features for the festival, but wow. Natzee Zombie Carnage/Mr. Deviltree: other features for the festival Between Two Ferns: not good. The blooper reel was funnier than the entire movie. Really> The chicken strip joke? What is this, 1965? Features: 109 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  4. Rendel: Dark Vengeance/The Wailing: reviews forthcoming Features: 104 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  5. Sasha's Hell/Rise of Valhalla: features for the festival Features: 102 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  6. Tales from the Darkside: Joe Hill was set to head up a reboot of Tales from the Darkside with a series of interconnected scripts all written by him. He only finished three or four before the show was dropped, so IDW adapted them into comic book form. Fun, creepy, great concept. Wish the show went forward. The Tipping Point vol 2: nowhere near as good as the first volume of stories, and even that volume wasn't something that knocked my socks off. The Complete Ghita: Frank Thorne REALLY wanted to do a porno version of Red Sonja, but it neither has a decent story or decent porn. Lame. Haha! The Sandman Universe #1: decent collection of stories. Comics: 162 Trades: 14 Graphic Novels: 11 Omnibus: 3
  7. Fantastic Four #1: this was solid. I'll read more. Hunt for Wolverine Adamantium Agenda #4: good ending. Old Man Logan #45: this series is so damn good. Love the artwork. Red Hood and the Outlaws #25: I was kind of stale on this series for a few issues, but I'll check the tone change a little in the next arc before giving up. Robocop Citizens Arrest #5: really good. Suicide Squad #45: really good, but don't know if i'll be reading the Aquaman tie-ins. Comics: 161 Trades: 13 Graphic Novels: 9 Omnibus: 3
  8. IT: the second film is in the local theatre this week, so I thought I'd test the waters with my sons on a rewatch of this to see if they wanted to go. Asked youngest first and he said no, so that's that. He wants to see it at home when it comes out. Which is fine for me, because I can pause it to get another drink or go to the bathroom. This one didn't hold up as much on a second watch. Skarsgaard is great as Pennywise though. The kids are pretty solid too. Good Will Hunting: watched this last night and was floored at how amazing Robin Williams, Matt Damon and MInnie Driver all are.While the writing gets a little sanctimonious at times, the emotional core of those actors make this a great film. Features: 100 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  9. Card Subject to Change - Extended Edition: this was a really solid documentary that covers a slice of indie wrestling from 2006-10. Lots of guys covered on the way down and up, but it's shocking to see how many of them are dead since this film was made. Check it out if you have Prime. The Legend of the Stardust Brothers/Invisible Mother: films for the festival Features: 98 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  10. Dread

    DC reboot

    Why even review comics when they review themselves on the cover?
  11. Yeah, I'm taking it slow as I love the reveals. Binging doesn't often sit right with me.
  12. Multiple Man #2: This series is really fun. Immortal Hulk #4: so fucking good. Infinity Wars #1: after all the bullshit lead-up, this was actually a great issue. Project Superpowers Chapter Three #1: another not great revival of these guys. I'll give it one more. Quantum Age #2: ooh, I love this. Red Sonja #19: just drab. I'm done with this one. The Seeds #1: jesus...awful. Weapon X #21: solid end to this run. X-Men Gold #33: this was kind of interesting. Storm's not my favourite, but I love her origin, so I'm intrigued to see where this storyline goes. X-Men Gold Annual #2: awful. Hot Lunch Special #1: weird, I'll give it one more. Champions #23: this was solid. Daredevil #606: great. I loved this. Felt a bit like Brubaker's run. Comics: 155 Trades: 13 Graphic Novels: 9 Omnibus: 3
  13. She's amazing in Mayhem and The Babysitter. Both fun, violent romps.
  14. Last night was an impromptu Dreadmediapalooza. Reviews recorded for the following: The River's Edge The Devil's Rain Dawn of the Dead (European Version) Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans Features: 96 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 6
  15. Brightburn: review forthcoming Features: 92 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 6
  16. Instant Family: g/f and I took our kids away for a couple days and vegged out to watch this. It's typical manipulative schmaltzy fare, but is incredibly elevated by Rose Byrne and relative newcomer Isabella Moner. Decent watch for a family movie night. Features: 91 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 6
  17. For some reason I always peg Hot Fuzz to 2005. Weird. That's the year I saw Shaun of the Dead I guess. Yes, I am now aware of the pun.
  18. Jackass: The Movie: this has to be the first time I've watched a movie three times in a year since we've been counting on this forum. I am sure I watched School of Rock 297 times in 2010, but anyway. I watched this with my oldest and my dad. I don't think a theatrical comedy has been made since this was released that is anywhere near as funny. Features: 90 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 6
  19. Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest Of Your Life: this was a really fun vaudeville throwback musical revue show from two very talented funny guys. I really want to rewatch Three Amigos now. Oh Hello on Broadway: still the funniest performance film I've seen in ages. Laughed until my face hurt and my throat was raw on the second viewing. Features: 90 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 5
  20. Repossession/Flesh City/Hager/Nefarious: features fo the festival Features: 90 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 7 Rewatches: 5
  21. Mr. Frost/A Perfect Getaway: films for review Dawn of the Dead (2004): rewatch for review Features: 86 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 7 Rewatches: 5
  22. The Tipping Point vol 1: the first of two OGN anthologies of worldwide talent. Pretty decent. Hunt for Wolverine Weapon Lost #4: solid ending. The Realm #8: this is getting tired. I'll give it one more. The Silencer #7: still going strong. The Terrifics #6: this descended into shit pretty quickly. X-23 #2: solid. X-Men Wakanda Forever #1: barely readable. Horrible stuff. X-Men Blue #32: this was great. Astonishing X-Men #14: ok...I LOVE this lineup. It's basically all of my favourite X-Men on a team. I'm in for a while. Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Blood Suckers #2: this is terrible. I am curious as to why Joe Lansdale's name isn't attached at all in the credits. Makes me think he thinks it's terrible too. Captain America #2: the Cap shame train continues. If this doesn't get good, I'm gone after next issue. Cosmic Ghost Rider #2: this is terrible. I'm out. Fissure #4: solid ending. Mister Miracle: ok. I finally got around to reading this. I'm as behind on my TPBs as I am the monthlies. First thought: Mitch Gerads is a brilliant artist. Looks beautiful. My second thought: I wish I could see it in some other format than a 9 panel grid EVERY PAGE FOR TWELVE ISSUES. I'd say this comic is smarter than it needs to be if they didn't tell you that with every scene. Fuck, I hated this. Darkseid eats a fucking baby carrot with ranch dip. Kirby is turning over in his grave with this shit. Birthright vol 7 Blood Brothers: still brilliant. Probably high up on my favourite comics of the year again this year. Comics: 142 Trades: 13 Graphic Novels: 9 Omnibus: 3