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  1. Episode 01: ECW Barely Legal

    I'm about half way through listening now. This show has been great so far. It's nice to hear a wrestling show that's actually, y'know, enthusiastic about what they're watching. Just in regards to Dick Togo; he "retired" a few years back, but has made a few comebacks since then. He opened a wrestling school in Vietnam and helped create their first wrestling promotion. He actually returned to the US last year and had a really fun match with Chris Hero (which is available for free on Floslam http://www.floslam.tv/video/1019677-evolve-74-chris-hero-vs-dick-togo#.WNsyA52Q9aQ) and I know he's announced for an upcoming PWG show.
  2. What games are you currently playing?

    Nier is a fantastic game, but it's got a ton of flaws. It's really drawn out and repetitive, and not everything it attempts ends up working. If you can't get the game for a reasonable price, I wouldn't stress. I think Nier: Automata will ultimately be a much better game to actually play (since it's being made by Platinum), but I hope they've made a game with a similar level of wacky gameplay ideas.
  3. Suicide Squad

    Well, I've already got tickets to see it with friends. Wasn't super hopeful about it in the first place, but my wife was super excited for it and my friends wanted to see it. But man, I'm kind of dreading it now.
  4. Topic Suggestions

    Yes. Yes these are all things I can talk about. For sure.
  5. Episode 01

    Oh man, I only just saw that this exists. I am terrible at keeping track of this stuff. Anyway, I didn't say much on this one. Will probably say more in the future. Glad you enjoyed the show Kellen.
  6. The assault on video games

    I know she’s dry and abrasive, and she sometimes seems uncompromising on her points to the point of absurdity. But whatever sliver of influence she's had on the industry seems mostly positive. She may be opportunistic, but ultimately she's just another person on a soapbox; she's not trying to censor anyone, she's just putting her opinion out there. And the article in question reads like a witch hunt. Yeah, I get that she's judging other people over what they enjoy, but was also very careful about how she worded it. Saying she finds it "troubling" just doesn't seem all that offensive to me. It seems like a bunch of fervour over nothing.
  7. The assault on video games

    A person on the internet finds gameplay footage from a violent videogame unsettling. Also finds the reaction from it's fans troubling. Tweets about it. Internet reacts; an article is written. How can this person find violent videogames troubling? Why do they want to stop other people from enjoying a videogame? Wait, did they say that? Well uh... they probably implied it. Y'know, indirectly. The internet reaction dies down. Nothing changes. The world continues to turn.
  8. What Podcasts are You Listening To?

    I think JR just isn't that great at interviews. He has a wealth of knowledge and I'll always respect his work on commentary, but he'll constantly talk over the top of the person he's interviewing, and it makes it hard to listen to. I think Stone Cold is quite a bit better than JR and Jericho, which is something I never thought I’d say. I still skip over the monologue and the ads, but the more casual atmosphere is great.
  9. Pacific Rim

    Based off what? The handful of sentences he's said about it? The casting? The few photos from the set? Nothing about it screams typical hollywood fare. Maybe it will suck, but I doubt it would be because of studio meddling. It seems like the guy's making the exact kind of movies that make him happy. I don't give a shit about Pacific Rim, but I think he made the exact movie he wanted to make, and something that a ton of people were happy to see. I just wasn't along for the ride.
  10. Pacific Rim

    Crimson Peak?
  11. New live action TMNT movie announced!

    It looks like butt. Not good butt. Nasty butt. And not nasty in a good way. In a bad way. You know; like a butt that's not good. .... What I'm trying to say is that it looks like a movie I wouldn't enjoy. So I will not be seeing it. Good day.
  12. Hercules

    I watched the trailer this morning hoping to find something fun. Or if not that; at least an entertaining trainwreck. But I think I can sum my feelings up as; ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I guess it's in line with everything else Brett Ratner has done.
  13. Random wrestling thoughts

    Oh my...
  14. Random wrestling thoughts

    I thought Devitt coming out of the coffin in full Zombie-Demon makeup was amazing. There were a lot of great entrances at Wrestle Kingdom this year. The production was fantastic.
  15. Random wrestling thoughts

    We always tape our matches, but that's mainly for DVD releases and highlights. I'll post it if it ever makes its way to YouTube. It went well. I was basically there to make Elgin look like a monster, and he's pretty good at doing that himself. A few little things went wrong, but we recovered pretty easily.