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  1. I'd need to rewatch Mean Girls, but probably that.
  2. I honestly can't remember. My brain wants me to think that the SOTL film was such a success that Harris just went into full fan fiction mode with his own damn characters.
  3. I am by no means the guy to speak with any authority on trans issues, but I'm willing to bet this is more on Thomas Harris than the filmmakers. I read the Hannibal trilogy in my teens and the actual Hannibal novel is SO appalling in terms of characterisation, that I retroactively dislike the preceding novels.
  4. I did an early career Kevin Smith marathon (Clerks to Jersey Girl) when I first subscribed to a mail-order DVD rental agency about 9-10 years ago. I'd be interested to first watch J&SB Strike Back to see if it holds up as a film where I don't really remember the early film call-backs, then actually watch the early films again. Clerks may not hold up, I despised Mallrats at the time anyway and I have to assume Chasing Amy is as dated as Mike makes out. Turd-monster aside, you'd think Dogma would hold up and Jersey Girl is more meh than offensive IIRC. It's almost a Flickchart Forum pro
  5. Hannibal is a shitty book to begin with - Harris buys into the success of the Silence of the Lambs film adaptation, and basically goes nuts. Terrible, indulgent story and I have to assume the movie is bollocks too. If it was half-decent, you would assume that Jodie Foster would reprise her Oscar-winning role, but clearly it wasn't.
  6. Definitely TNT Champion. And I think if the stars align, then Sonny could definitely be the main champ in the next 9 years. The Fight for the Fallen shot at Cody and Sonny's entrance clearly suggest that AEW are fans, but are going for a more organic groundswell push. By which I mean, Sonny is not currently on the Jungle Boy trajectory (which is slow enough as it is), but enjoying finding some footing in teaming with Janela (who has more of a ceiling). Or more concisely, Jungle Boy's a regular on Dynamite, Sonny is a regular on Dark. I think with AEW, not only have they not had a full yea
  7. Jaws vs John Carpenter's The Thing Alien vs Muppet Christmas Carol
  8. Probably the opportune time to ask: Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs Blade And having just rewatched Blade, I am NOT expecting a walkover - it's a film that has SO much going for it aside from the effects of the villain death, which is 5 seconds of a near 2 hour movie.
  9. The bit that truly shocks me is WWE insisting they have the rights to wrestlers' actual names, notwithstanding 95% wrestle under a WWE-chosen name so that they can own the rights to that moniker. I have NO idea how that is enforceable legally, even without knowing the nuances of American Intellectual Property law.
  10. Awful. Just awful. And my Twitter timeline is almost universally about this.
  11. That's something I'm saving for the review on the next HAA. That and my stopwatch analysis of Richard Pryor's total screen time.
  12. Yeah, my understanding is that Vince actually likes Black (unlike Riccochet and other Heyman projects) but thinks that his current gimmick is "limiting". So, I'm steeling myself for Aleister Black, the clog-dancing Dutchman*. *I'm not really - I don't watch WWE anymore as I refuse to give it money.