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  1. slothian

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    It was always a risk casting the actual guys involved. I mean, good on them and if I were in the same position, I'd have done the same thing (i.e. taking the film deal - I'm probably far too cowardly to actually tackle a suicide bomber), but a filmmaker of Eastwood's ilk should know better.
  2. slothian

    The "Good news, everyone!" thread

    Wilson babies: we make our dreams come true!
  3. slothian

    Every Film You've Watched in 2018

    According to Wikipedia, The Worlds End - which I've just watched - gets generally 4 out of 5 stars. Even with Rosamund Pike involved and liking everyone else in it, I just don't see it.
  4. slothian

    The "Good news, everyone!" thread

    ....making me a double uncle!!
  5. slothian

    The "Good news, everyone!" thread

    Good stuff! Is that akin to a city council on this side of the pond?
  6. slothian

    Random Star Trek thoughts

    Like Hellraiser 3?
  7. slothian

    Help Influence Episode 54!

    Yes, you can help influence not only the film Pandy & I use as the joint review, but the homework we assign each other to plot the range of their career. As announced in Episode 52, our subject will be Jackie Chan. Pandy & I will take an executive decision on what makes the joint review on Friday 25th May so get your ideas in before then!
  8. slothian

    The Flickchart Forum - join in!

    Your PM doesn't actually specify a single topic, but by all means PM me again!
  9. slothian

    The Flickchart Forum - join in!

    Along the right lines, but a list of 4 is going to make for a very short segment (based on the understanding that Prince has been in 4 movies according to wikipedia).
  10. slothian

    The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    2001: A Space Odyssey vs Avengers: Infinity War 300 vs Avengers: Infinity War Black Panther vs Avengers: Infinity War Spider-Man 2 vs Star Wars: The Force Awakens Clue vs Carrie (1976)
  11. Hopefully you've all had a chance to listen to Episode 1005 and the debut of the Flickchart Forum. Now, to be clear, the idea behind the segment is to have two guests join me per topic, and the guests are to revolve, rather than ALWAYS record with Pandy and Stavros - as fun as that would be. So as for topics, if you have something you'd like to list and discuss on the Forum (as opposed to forums) then let me know! They can either be franchises, such as the MCU, Robin Hood films, Fast & The Furious movies etc, or the filmographies of directors, or the Top 10 films of specific actors, or some other criteria. If you'd like to throw your hat into the ring, then do it here!
  12. slothian

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Pratt viewed his role as a cameo?!? He had roughly 10x the lines that Cap did. Aside from that scene in which he's chewing out Ross, Steve is virtually monosyllabic throughout.
  13. slothian

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Black Panther = Roman Reigns?!?! Dude, seriously.......people *like* Black Panther. Just seen it. As a film, it has too many subplots to properly focus upon and is overly long, which will lose anyone who hasn't seen the majority of the MCU films that came before. As an experience, it ranks up there with one of the Lord of the Rings movies in terms of spectacle. Still processing the film as to where I would rank it within the MCU. Random question: why is Chris Pratt now the end credit? Has his non-GOTG career warranted this?
  14. slothian

    The "Good news, everyone!" thread

    Well done sir!