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  1. The kid who played young Barry Allen in the first couple of seasons, Logan Williams, has passed away aged 16. It's unclear whether it's COVID-19 related or from some other cause. Source
  2. Jim Cornette's going to be pissed. In other news, water is wet.
  3. I miss my long hair. I'm not re-growing it because I work in law and there are certain expectations etc etc. But man, it was a real aid in my student days in terms of getting female attention.
  4. Street Fighter vs Avengers: Infinity War
  5. **looks up Beautician and the Beast** You motherfuckers....
  6. Loved your reaction to The Fiend on the Oratory the other day btw!
  7. Yes, you can help influence not only the film Pandy & I use as the joint review, but the homework we assign each other to plot the range of their career. As announced in Episode 73, our subject will be Timothy Dalton. Pandy & I will take an executive decision on what makes the joint review by Friday 20 March so get your ideas in before then!  NB) We will not be covering his Bond films, Flash Gordon or The Rocketeer. NBB) Don't just post Hot Fuzz, people - we need other ideas.
  8. My issue, as was true when Lesnar squashed Kofi to regain the WWE Championship, is that it makes Rollins/Bryan look weak (I don't give a fuck about the Miz) and this has been done so Roman can win the title to reduced boos as opposed to him beating the Fiend (which I had anticipated). I don't care about the leukiemia - fuck Roman Reigns. HOW do you base a business model around pushing a guy no-one wants to cheer as opposed to being reactive to your audience's demands?
  9. Demolition Man vs The Avengers/Avengers Assemble
  10. I thought that was Eisner? Or is it just that he rubber-stamped them as it was during his era?
  11. Congratulations! And it's not like you can really choose when your relatives have sex in any case. I'm 34 and my cousins were all born between 1967 and 1995 (So they'll be 25-53 this year?). And I'll bet that is far from being the widest age disparity for board users either.