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    Episode 56: Salma Hayek

    The rape allegations came out 2 days after we recorded, and we didn't want it hanging over that future episode. I'm not saying that we will shy away from known miscreants in the acting fraternity (see our Mel Gibson episode), but this was TOO close/fresh as a news item. Same reason we're unlikely to cover Kevin Spacey next year (at least) - never say never, and I won't speak for Pandy on this subject, but I don't want an actor's baggage to overwhelm the film reviews or entertainment factor.
  2. slothian

    Help Influence Episode 58!

    Yes, you can help influence not only the film Pandy & I use as the joint review, but the homework we assign each other to plot the range of their career. As announced in Episode 56, our subject will be Jean-Claude Van Damme. Pandy & I will take an executive decision on what makes the joint review on Friday 21st September so get your ideas in before then!
  3. slothian

    Episode 56: Salma Hayek

    We may have been too subtle there, admittedly.
  4. slothian

    The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    Rush Hour vs Weekend at Bernie's
  5. And on the seventh day, Ian rested. Use this thread to flag up difficult choices you've had to make and the various pros and cons of ranking films in such an OCD way! What's currently your top film? What's currently your bottom-most film? And what decade have you ranked the most often? Also, why not post your own Flickchart handle on here? It's a given that, in the near future, your list will very much be a work in progress and no-one will seriously think that you regard "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" as the best film of all time. Mine is slothian205.
  6. This thread is designated to gather up suggestions of actors (gender neutral term for the political correctness win!) to feature on future episodes on HAA! Ideally, I would like suggestions of actors who have tried to many different films so that Pandy & I can examine the dramatic range of the subject, so that rules out Rob Schneider for a start. Also, for the time being, the Brothers Wilson would prefer to limit the scope to actors who were prominent from the 1970s to the present day, as neither of us did "film studies" (we're British) and have only seen so many films that are beyond 40 years old. I'm hoping to address this as I expand my film horizons gradually, but for the meantime, let's cap the suggestions to people active between the 1970s and the present day - I'll allow leeway if the actor was doing films in the 40s/50s/60s right up until the 80s/90s/00s but it very much depends on who said actor is. Actors used: 01: Jim Carrey 02: Jodie Foster 03: Brad Pitt 04: Christian Bale 05: Reese Witherspon 06: Samuel L. Jackson 07: Amy Adams 08: Bob Hoskins 09: Will Smith 10: Whoopi Goldberg 11: Robin Williams 12: Uma Thurman 14: Jack Black 15: Julianne Moore 16: Arnold Schwarzenegger 17: Heath Ledger 18: Winona Ryder 19: Dame Judi Dench 20: Jamie Lee Curtis 21: Sandra Bullock 22: Nicolas Cage 23: Halle Berry 25: Bill Murray 26: Dustin Hoffman 27: Meryl Streep 28: Dame Helen Mirren 29: Audrey Hepburn 30: Sir Michael Caine 31: Max von Sydow 32: Sigourney Weaver 33: Morgan Freeman 34: Dame Maggie Smith 35: Sir Christopher Lee 36: Paul Williams 37: Mike Myers 38: Jennifer Connelly 39: Dame Julie Andrews 40: Denzel Washington 41: Tom Hanks 42: Kirsten Dunst 43: Kate Winslet 44: Burt Reynolds 45: Mel Gibson 46: Nicole Kidman 47: Marilyn Monroe 49: Dan Aykroyd 50: Keanu Reeves 51: Dame Angela Lansbury 52: Michelle Yeoh 53: Charlize Theron 54: Jackie Chan 55: Rutger Hauer 56: Salma Hayek
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    Suggest future actors for the HAA! spotlight

    Will's beaten you to this one, because of course he has. Also, check your PMs (plural).
  8. slothian

    Episode 56: Salma Hayek

    I try not to let a bad ending sour me on films, but it does happen, so fair dos if you felt the same for that one. I wouldn't worry about that.....
  9. slothian

    The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    Halloween (1978) vs Scott Pilgrim
  10. slothian

    RIP Jacqueline Pearce

    The woman who immortalised the role of Servalan has passed away at the age of 74. RIP, you evil goddess.
  11. slothian

    Random wrestling thoughts

    If he were booked decently rather than Cena mark II, no-one would have much of a problem with Roman. The fact that he's pushed to try and get everyone to love him the way Vince does is simply tiring and nonsensical. It's why Smackdown is hands down the better show than Raw is.
  12. slothian

    Help Influence Episode 58!

    There we go...
  13. slothian

    Random wrestling thoughts

    He's as over as everyone at All In, right Kellen?!
  14. slothian

    Help Influence Episode 58!

    Neither of these posts, whilst welcome, feature the most obvious possibility....
  15. slothian

    Everything DC

    Doom Patrol features Brendan Fraser, Alan Tudyk and Timothy freakin' Dalton!!
  16. slothian

    If I Ran Star Trek, part one

    Holy shit - an article!
  17. slothian

    Top Ten Comic Book based films

    In fairness, I was drinking, but fair dos!
  18. slothian

    Top Ten Comic Book based films

    As far as I'm concerned, Thor Ragnarok should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell. #lacesup
  19. slothian

    Football - of the soccer variety

    Here's the lie of the land: - I support Leicester City, who are the division below the top English football league. Mock them, and you shalt pay. - Arsenal (a London club) are in the lead, on course to take their 1st Premier League title since 2004. Behind them are the current champions, Manchester United. They won their first title since 2003 last season and have the squad to retain the title. - Also in the "Big Four" are Chelsea & Liverpool. Chelsea won the 2005 & 2006 titles, but the manager who saw them to such success fell out with the Russian billionaire owner and has since left the club. Whilst the team can get away with results due to their expensive side, Avram Grant remains under pressure to perform. Liverpool haven't won the league since the turn of the 1990s, but a great squad and winning the European Champions League in 2005 have kept them in the frame, despite their league form being a step behind their "Big Four" rivals. - Managers to respect: Martin O'Neill (Aston Villa), Sven Goran Eriksson (Man City) - Managers to partially admire, even though they're probbaly crooked: Harry Redknapp (Portsmouth), Sam Allardyce (Newcastle) - Managers to loathe with every inch of your being: Neil Warnock (Crystal Palace: Not in the Premiership, but still an absolute tosspot).
  20. slothian

    Everything Marvel

    Interesting article on the 20th anniversary on Blade with insight from Snipes, Dorff, Logue, Goyer & more, which I found through @Donomark's Twitterings
  21. slothian

    Top Ten Comic Book based films

    MEGA-BUMP: This is an interesting thread to revisit! In that this was all pre-Iron Man, and thus pre-MCU, it'd be interesting to get people's thoughts 10 years on, says I. And I'm a Super Admin or whatever. NB) I won't contribute as it would spoil the return of Comic Reel-lief. And no-one wants that spoiled.
  22. slothian

    Bond 25

    It was pretty glorious!
  23. slothian

    The All-Purpose Flickchart thread

    Insomnia vs Die Hard 2