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  1. Okay. Casa de Zilla has made it up to The Vampires of Venice* and I have to say that, so far, I have enjoyed every episode. Some are clunkier than others (Venice had some wince inducing moments and was the first ep that had the lady love spewing snarky talk back to the screen) but, on the whole, I would rate this current season as "above average." I like to think that the "off" feeling is more rooted in my foolish "Oh, this is going to be the scariest Dr. Who season in the history of ever, because the GREAT GOD MOFFAT is in charge!" expectations. My hopes for something akin to the Philip H
  2. Chadzilla

    Episode 143

    Just finished the interview with Vincenzo Natali (someone my fuzzy brain insisted was VINCENT Natali for a few years) and it was AWESOME. Excellent work Des. Natali comes across as a really smart and down-to-earth (as well as HONEST) artist.
  3. Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Damn episodes are like potato chips.
  4. He had a meeting with his doctor yesterday and I just decided it wasn't worth it. He cannot handle mainstream school and, even worse, he is evidently in the crosshairs of some little attention loving vixen that adores stirring shit up (the emotions from which are difficult even for an average kid to understand, much less cope with). So I talked with the district and my son is going into "Home and hospital" care for the remainder of the school year. That means he gets to stay home and the teachers come to him to tutor him. That takes some of the stress off, as we (lady love and I) don't wal
  5. Tales from the Darkside season three arrived last week and I was able to give the first disc a spin. Ah, that show was cheap, shoddy and uneven, but it was fun nonetheless.
  6. He was officially diagnosed last year (by our medical provider, NOT the school district) and the district has been really slow on 1) admitting that autism is the cause of his emotional disturbance (which is how the district has chosen to classify him) and 2) moving him into a more restrictive (and structured) educational environment, which is something that he is sorely in need of. Now, he HAD been in a more restrictive Special Ed class from 2nd through 7th grades, in 8th he had an aide that stayed with him in class, but when he went to High School (when all the really serious issues started)
  7. Oh, it could (and should) be a very good thing. (I do love me some Cannon Group goodness, at times: Lifeforce, Death Wish III, Invasion U.S.A. et al) But in the case of The Losers, no. I just found the movie bland and lifeless, especially after having seen Kick-Ass the week before. Kick-Ass is no classic of cinema, but the movie had energy to it that made it a hoot to watch. Even my fiance loved Kick-Ass, and that is saying something.
  8. I am just really tired of having to deal with the school district in regards to the special needs of my teenaged (and autistic) son. I really need a vacation.
  9. The only Who I have on DVD (at this time) are a sampling of the Tom Baker episodes: The Ark in Space Pyramids of Mars Robots of Death The Talons of Weng-Chiang and Horror of Fang Rock.
  10. On the genre front: I enjoyed Shutter Island, Kick-Ass & Mother very much. Non genre: La Mission was excellent and Oceans was rather nice. The Losers should have put the Cannon Films logo at the beginning, as it was indistinguishable from the low-rent drive-in dreck it was releasing in the 1980s.
  11. While I doubt that it will be slavishly faithful to the source material (although that certainly would not hurt) there is at least a good two or three seasons of material in the first 50 issues alone.
  12. Yeah, my fiance is totally into that. She buys the discs, then downloads the digital copies into the computer, then transfers them onto her iPhone.
  13. Watched The Hangover last night. Moderately funny, I think I laughed all of three times. Maybe. What was it about that movie?